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Merciless Death in Katherine Anne Porters The Jilting of Granny Weathe

Merciless Death in The Jilting of Granny Weatherall In The Jilting of Granny Weatherall, Katherine Anne Porter gives readers a glimpse of the thoughts of a woman about(predicate) to die. Lying in her bed in her daughter Cornelias house, eighty-year-old Granny Weatherall drifts in and out of consciousness. Through her thoughts of events both current and bygone, it is learned that Granny has worked leaden all her life, and frequently tells herself that she did a good job. She thinks of events that made her stronger digging holes for turn over posts, riding country roads in the winter when women had their babies (311), taking anxiety of sick animals and sick children. Though Granny Weatherall tries to assure herself that her life has been rewarding, she is in fact unsatisfied in her last hours because of things left(a) undone, being do by like a child in her old age, and loved ones she has lost. When it becomes evident to her that her time is running out, Granny realizes there are many things left undone that she meant to do. Granny thinks of tomorrow, a time that is far away and ...

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How does Austen convince the reader that Lizzy is right to reject Mr.Collins’ proposal?

From the first sentence of the passage, Austen demonstrates that Mr collins is not a satisfactory husband for Lizzy when she says Mr collins was not a sensible man. In Chapter 15, Austen describes the character of Mr collins in more detail reinforcing the statement do in the opening sentence. Mr collins is then described as being stupid and his natural stupidity has not been helped by education or society. Although Mr collins had been to university, he had totally kept the necessary terms. so he had not improved himself as a result of attending.Mr collins was brought up as by a stingy father who gave him no direction and gave Mr collins a grand humility of manner opineing he was backward to involve himself in society. When Mr collins is recommended to the living of Hunsford by fortunate chance he is forced into society and his early and unexpected prosperity has g cardinal to his head. He venerates his protagonist wench Catherine de Bough, and Austens use of the word vene ration suggests the religious awe menuh which Mr Collins regards noblewoman Catherine. It is ironical that a clergyman who prides himself on setting an example to his parish a lot worships his patroness.Austen describes him as a mixture of pride and obsequiousness, self-importance, and humility. Mr Collins intends to marry one of the Bennet daughters, but Austens description of Mr Collins convinces the subscriber that his behaviour makes him inapposite for whateverone. Before arriving at Longbourn, Mr Collins had decided he would marry the firstborn of the five daughters, Jane. However, Mrs. Bennet tells him that Jane is likely to be engaged so Mr Collins decides to marry Elizabeth instead. This decision to change his affections was made while Mrs. Bennet was brainchild the fire, which highlights the absurdity in the s plug-inch in his affections.Chapter 19 shows Mr Collins at his most well intentioned, but also at his most stupid. Lizzy feels inapt when Mr Collins asks to s peak with her, and she is torn between distress and diversion, meaning that she didnt hold out whether to laugh or cry. Mr Collins however, implements this awkwardness as a match of a good upbringing and shows his insensitivity by failing to externalize Lizzys unhappiness at the inter forecast. Mr Collins then claims he will be run away with by (his) feelings which brings Lizzy to the verge of laughter at the rattling notion. Mr Collins solemn composure would ever lead him to be romantic.Mr Collins gives ternary movements for marrying, but none of them consider Lizzys feelings, they only satisfy him. The first reason is to set an example to his parish the second is to ensure his happiness, without considering Lizzys, and the final reason is his patron, noblewoman Catherine de Bough told him to marry. Mr Collins shows his absurd veneration of Lady Catherine by recalling the whole confabulation when she told him to carry a suitable wife. So part of the reason Mr Collins is ma rrying is to satisfy his patron, who, according to Mr Collins, will think Lizzy a suitable wife.Mr Collins assures Lizzy that were she to marry him, she would be able to meet Lady Catherine, something he put ons as a real privilege. Mr Collins explains to Lizzy how Lady Catherine will enjoy her wit and vivacity, that also says how Lady Catherines high social rank demands silence, so it is a mystery how Elizabeth will be able to demonstrate wit and vivacity when she is required to remain silent It is evident from Mr Collinss attitude that he views Lady Catherine as being more important than his intended wife, but he further compounds his errors by telling Lizzy on that point are many amiable young women in his neighbourhood.He also believes the wedding is right as a reconciliation because Mr Bennets estate is entailed away form the family line to Mr Collins. So far, the reader has not seen a motive of love at any point in this proposal, Mr Collins has talked of pleasing himself and his patron. However, from chapter 15, the reader can see that there is no depth to Mr Collinss affections he had simply resolved to choose a wife, almost for the sake of having one. Mr Collins, however, assures Lizzy of the violence of his affection. He also claims that at as soon as he entered the Longbourn house he had singled out Lizzy as the follower of his future life.The reader knows this to be untrue as Mr Collins only chose Lizzy when he was told Jane was likely to be engaged. Austen convinces the reader here that Lizzy should reject Mr Collins because it is evident that there would be no element of love in the conjugation, and Mr Collins is portrayed as being selfish and dishonest during this conversation. Austen shows the reader that Mr Collins has a complete lack of self-knowledge. Mr Collins claims to be absolutely indifferent to Lizzys fortune as she is not entitled to a large inheritance, yet he knows the precise details of her inheritance and speaks at length on the subject.It is evident although Mr Collins professes to have no interest in her fortune, that he is interested enough to research the exact nature of Lizzys inheritance. Mr Collinss blundering would make Lizzy unconstipated less likely to marry him than she was before the start of the proposal. He tells Lizzy there are plenty of pretty girls in his Parish, and speaks at length more or less the death of Lizzys parents, further demonstrating the fact that he had no idea near the correct way to behave in society.Whilst making his long speech, outlining the benefits of the marriage for himself and venerating Lady Catherine, Mr Collins had not considered that Lizzy expertness revoke him which shows great(p) arrogance and complete lack of thought. When Lizzy is finally able to reply, she replies politely, thanking Mr Collins for his compliments, and unsurprisingly, refuses Mr Collinss proposal. Yet, Mr Collins further shows his complete ignorance of society by refusing to let in Lizzys refusal Mr Collins, claiming to have great knowledge of society, believes that it is usual for young ladies to reject the man they secretly mean to accept. He does not understand society and the idea that young ladies would refuse to marry a man they loved is ludicrous. Lizzy tries to convince Mr Collins to accept her refusal by referring to Lady Catherine, claiming she would find me in every respect ill-qualified for the situation. Mr Collins however, thinks exactly the opposite believing Lizzys modesty and economy make her a suitable wife. These were two of the qualities Lady Catherine instructed Mr Collins to look for in a wife. Mr Collins continues to persist and he outlines the reasons why he is convinced Lizzy secretly loves him.These entangle my situation in life, my connections with the family of de Bough. He further insults Lizzy saying she might not get another chance of marriage largely because her portion is so small meaning her lack of wealth will ruin her cha nce of marriage and he is probably the only man who will accept her. He still refuses to accept Lizzys refusal, and Lizzy leaves the room to appeal to her father whose negative might be uttered in such a manner as must be decisive. Austen does not make the reader feel bad for Mr Collins, but portrays him as a totally unsuitable husband for Lizzy.The sign description of Mr Collins in chapter 15 tells the reader what Mr Collins is like, and Austens view of him as not a sensible man is totally accurate. In chapter 19, we see Mr Collinss stupidity during his proposal to Lizzy, and it is obvious Mr Collins does not know how to behave, nether does he have any understanding of peoples feelings. It is Austens description and portrayal of Mr Collins that convinces the reader that Lizzy is right to reject Mr Collins and that she deserves a much best husband.

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Learning Strategies Essay

In the poem Students by Tom Wayman, it reviews quaternion theories with context on different encyclopedism methods. The first supposition is the inoculation hypothesis of Education, detailing how once you have knowing a subject, you never have to review or touch on the topic again for it is lodged in ones brain for in all eternity. However, such a nameing technique looks foolish because as time goes on, materials tend to fade in ones brain unless occasionally reviewed. With this in mind, material previously learned would reckon from ones memory and would leave them lacking of knowledge on the subject.For the beat out learning, many people including myself would prefer the knowledge once learned to be forever held by the beholder, to use in future situations. The following(a) scheme is The Dipstick Theory of Education. This scheme relates learning to that of a car locomotive only needing oil to a certain line, therefore only needing to learn to a certain degree. This a gain seems unrealistic to the many dreamers out there, who atomic number 18 constantly trying to extend the limits, the ones who do not want to be blocked by barricades.Countless material is available for the publics access, which means the learning a person stub achieve is limitless. This theory seems adequate for those individuals who only want to initiate by in life. However, the legal age of the population who want to succeed and be proud of their success be going to want to stray away from this theory, for it will only prohibit you from following the path you truly want to go down. The Adopt the Kung Fu Theory of Education, is the theory that follows next in the poem. It reviews the idea that one hobo use knowledge as a self defense mechanism.This theory clear ups complete sense to me. How else would a person be able to keep going up their statements, ideas and opinions break away, than with knowledge? Not only does the knowledge help in that area, it canister help a person grasp a better understanding of the world around them, as well as it can improve their common sense. Use knowledge as a supporter, to liquified the bumps in the road before you, so you can travel on a trouble free path. The last theory is The Easy sense of hearing Theory of instruction. It proposes that if a person sits back and observes their environment, they can achieve optimal learning.This type of learning seems only achievable for those who learn best through visual or auditory aids in settings where they learn to the highest degree efficiently by viewing or hearing material. However, for those individuals who learn best through hands on tasks, The Easy Listening Theory of Learning, would not be in their favor. It would put them at a disadvantage, and make them fall behind the rest. This theory does not accommodate e rattlingone with learning in the same fashion therefore, it cannot be used as a popular learning technique for optimal learning in everyone.My own theory however, differs greatly from any of the learning theories displayed in the poem Students. My theory to look into my learning exceeds my own goals is I put in a upper limit effort. The goals I set myself are extremely high and almost seem unrealistic. Nonetheless, this is what give me the motivation and strive I need to put in a great deal of effort. Postponing undesirable activities is what I seem to be a natural at, cramming to get them completed when time is limited. It is in that speed state that I feel my mind works most efficiently.However, we all know this is a poor work method and that is why I set such high goals to make it seem unrealistic. By doing that, I insure I start the activity at a in the beginning time because it feels as if I have more to complete than in truth necessary. That way, I can keep my eye on the target at all times because it makes me feel as if I have very much work to do to achieve it still. In reference to this course, the date I began was much later than any applicants should have started. By doing that, it has given me very limited time to get this course completed.It is now that I can truly test out my theory for all that it is worth, because it is now that I feel the completed course expectations are very unrealistic found on the vast material I have to cover by a certain date. However, I plan to be vigilant to get through this course so I can walk the starting time stage at the end of the year. When that dream of mine comes true found on my goals of completing this course, it is then that my theory has once again proven me right in its successfulness.

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Positive Negative Impacts Of Globalai Essay

What is meant by Hesperian market-gardeningWestern shade, approximatelytimes equated with Western finish or European civilization, is a term apply very gener wholey to refer to a heritage of hearty norms, ethical values, traditional customs, religious beliefs, political systems, and specific artifacts and technologies. The term has come to apply to countries whose history is strongly marked by European immigration or designatetlement, such as the Americas, and Australasia, and is non restricted to Western Europe. Western kitchen-gardening stems from cardinal sources the chaste Period of the Greco-Roman era and the influence of Christianity. The artistic, philosophic, literary, and legal themes and traditions the heritages of especi eachy Latin, Celtic, Germanic, and authoritative ethnic or linguistic groups as healthy as a tradition of intellectualism in various sp presents of life, developed by Hellenistical philosophy, Scholasticism, Humanisms, the Scientific Revo lution and Enlightenment and including, in political thought, widespread rational arguments in favour of free thought, human rights, equality and democracy. The facts of bengali bulk which be affected by horse opera sandwichalization-1.Cultural forms2. Festivals and celebrations3.Acculturation theory4. pertain on language5.Impact on education6.Impact on food habit7.Impact on dress image8.Impact on family9. Impact on social customs and values10. Impact on rcommunication and technology12.Impact on film and literatureeligion11.Impact on13. Impact on profession related issuesPositive concussions of westernizationDue to globalization, westernization is spreading out all over the world. Westernization has been placed in antithetical countries because of globalization and needless to say, it has had an impact on the lifestyle of Bangladeshi peopl. It has out-rooted the traditional Bengali culture and the tramp at which westernization is happening to Bangladesh is surprising. Reg ional languages argon on the process of redefined. In many a(prenominal) ways instating of regional language tidy sum shake up been used to English especially in urban aras youngsters.It had started get fixing with western clothing, western languages, western mannerisms and everything else westernized.Bangladeshi culture is influenced by terzetto great religions- Hinduism, Buddhism tintinnabulation Islam in successive order, with Islam having the most pervading and lasting impact. Like a bl separatelyed montage, the heathenish tradition of the country is a happy blending of many variants, unique in diversity but in essence greatly symmetrical. Be office, the festival of PohelaBaishakh, mint is now celebrating like other(a) western cultural festivals especially in young group such as- Valentines Day, acquaintance Day, Mothers daytime, Fathers day. And other international celebrations. at a time a day people are concern roughly(predicate) how we cipher intimately globa lly, what the other country are doing in their cultural issue, secure we observe and absorbing them. there is lot of issues that we automatically know about it til now he/she has a little knowledge about westernization. But, people are moving with it in all the way.Now a days every country in this world is treated as village, you can imagine whatever you can. Thats the way people are communicate easily to each other make things differences. Globalization has tho one overarching featureintegration. It is all about collectiveness and ever increasing interconnectedness. It in effect influences everything, whether it is a company or a country. But here is a fact, is globalization all the way keeps help to connect to each other or build a strong communication in borderless world? If it is a question, then how it impacts in our society as well as in our culture? The Cable television has made different attraction in around the world as well as in Bangladeshi household. Foreign movi es have come and have reflected their culture in it. This has made a huge impact on the minds of the Bangladeshi people.Not to mention the easy availability of Internet whose reach even extends till rural areas? The internet has opened up opportunities for people to fall upon more about foreign cultures and places. It has made Bangladeshi more pleasing and open-minded towards change. Globalization has broken all borders. As a result, the impertinently coevals of Bangladeshi is more knowledgeable, more aware and more provoke in the world around them. In our society, women who were once the exploited and snub part of the population, now assert their rights of being a woman. Women now have more access to education and know more about their rights and their identity element as a woman. Nowadays, you find women in the society who work on base men. Men-dominated fields see the coming up of the woman. Men and women are late being treated equally. Negative impacts of westernization At the side of the positive, Bangladeshi people are involving day by day with forbid activities which is destroying our own culture because of following western culture. However no matter have occurred by this way, what people are doing in our society.western dress is a nonher factor that creates an instability in our society especially for woman group (whenever girls wear a shirt, t-shirt, and pant in our society, due to feel or sensation of comfortable) which does not permit within our culture as majority of Muslim nationality. For have on that kind of dresses men are mostly thinking in negative sense. Children are involving some bad works which derived from western culture especially from cable connection at their home. In some cases, young multiplication forget to respect their elder one., boys and girls are very much fire on going to DJ party at different night club. And, sometimes they want to live together before marriage which is extremely prohibited by our culture.Bo ys are using Tattoos on their body also. Bangladeshi people are now a days changing their behavior and habit in food. Easily converted to western ideas some cases it makes a question mark in our ethical perspective also. We referred those western materials by like fast food which is harmful for our health. Mostly, the young generation is very much interested on English movies, western music, dresses, foods and other things rather than Bengali culture. Now, young generation and even also snapper age people are not that much conscious about Bengali culture because of the globalization. In this way, Bengali culture is now no more originated by own culture, even it is losing her own value. Culture is the set of patterns of human activity within a society or social group and the symbolic structures that give such activity significance.Customs, traditions, laws, social standards and pop styles mainly constitute the cultural elements. There are many cultures before long existent in todays modern world. Some cultures originated about a hundred of years back and are still surviving, whereas a few have evolved by absorbing the exciting and major elements of these already existent cultures. In this article, i am mainly going to center on on the two most talked about cultures of the world, the western culture and the Indian culture. The strength that this topic has been holding and the endless number of debates held over it has attracted me to exhibit my opinion on it too.Undoubtedly, western culture and Indian culture are poles apart. There is a significant difference between the two in all aspect. Amongst all others the most noticeable difference between the two is that India has been a family oriented society, whereas America has been an individual oriented society. Openness and egotism dependency are a few words that define western culture, but Indian culture is the complete opposite of this. Globalisation and bus media has laid the basis of the merger of western culture with Indian culture and this collision can better be termed as westernisation.The damage that Indian culture has experienced can be broken down into three parts which are, pursuit of wealth, complex of the west and the most essential of all the power of western media. Cinema is the most powerful media, hence it is not only an entertainment industry, but is also seen as a mapping model. According to me, majority of the western ideas such as cohabitation, etc, have travelled through this medium. In other words, Hollywood has definitely influenced Bollywood and is responsible to a large extent for this clashing of culture.Respect for human rights, democracy, free oral communication and womens rights are concepts which have had a wide ranging influence on Bangladesh. Even if they have not as yet completely permeated to the level of the masses.The media is an effective way of influencing people. But unfortunately, in Bangladesh, always the negative side of all good things seems to influence people the mostBangladesh Television, which actually aired really good US TV serials, the Bangladeshi people soon began to become addicted to the Indian culture. They ate, drank, walked, talked, shopped, and slept like Indian people. They still do. As days passed, the number of Indian channels began to increase. Now there are more channels than there were channels on a TV set back in the 90s.The strongest influence of this culture is on children and women. There was a time when teenage boys never watched a single Hindu movie. Nowadays, from child to men all watch Hindi programmes including movies.This success is not for the Bangladeshi culture, but for Indian culture.Indian culture is eating up the creativity and productivity of many talented Bangladeshi individuals.

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Love what you do and do what you love Essay

If you love what you do and do what you love every man would find his life a joyful encounter and thus would agree to what Helen Hayes says, if we rest, we rust. Everyone has an concupiscence, a life-wish as they say, which fuels us to unveil the magnificent canvas of our dreams. If Mr. gate-crash Chandran, a top notch management adviser, whose daily planner inflects that he has appointment even when he is airborne with the person seated contiguous to him, did even imply that he requiremented rest, he would abide to rest for a five good years As his calendar entries atomic number 18 occupied till indeed. When asked for his stress and mental strength levels due to his use up register all that he advised to the young generation was that if you presumet have time to get bored, you pretty much arrogatet been need rest If we have a planned schedule for today and tomorrow, why should there ever be a need where in our listens say Enough for the day, I am loosing it all, I thi nk i need rest.I wish to see myself precept at one of the finest universities across the globe, and in order that i come upon what i have visualized, an equal amount of hard work and persistence is required. If you are an employee you take leaves to take rest, but when you are functional for none but yourself you are the employer and employees and self- believers believe in one honey oil inner will which says, if it takes madness to reach, where you want , be mad Our mind is considered to be one of the most dynamic substances existing today To let it rest would be to subject it to the vulnerabilities, which not only will walk out our sea captain lives, but also our inner strengths and abilities Things have their value, when they are opera hat put to use Things have been their value, when they are constantly being demanded for And it holds veritable even for one body.Then be it for the attainment of luxurious professional lives or satisfying ones soul, a constant up gradation , an undeniable change, a relentless dynamism is critical I altogether agree with this statement If you rest, you rust. In fact, I had seen my friend who had failed to the test by his sluggish. Also, I had been seen two of South Korea Presidents Mr. Noh and Mr Park. My friend was top 10 student at Korean High School. He and I had competed each another(prenominal) in Academics since I was top 10 as well. He always, however, had surpassed me by two or three place until he indulge himself in indolence. I saw depravity of my friend he was too positive(p) by himself and did not study as hard as  in the lead he did. He thought he can still be top 10 without study hard. He always played game, met girlfriend, and smoked even during the final period.I felt as if a demoralise settled over him. After final, a teacher gave the students their transcript. He failed. I got top 10. Another example, there were two South Korea Presidents who had succeed and failed. Mr. Park, at first, wh o was the President in 1970 was army in South Korea, and he got antecedent by a military coup. He, at that time, was condemned by nation. However, Mr. Park did so m any good things during his period. Especially, his project, known as New Region visualise, was praised by all nation. This project had brought up South Koreas economy. agree to Jo Sun Il Bo, which is the famous newspaper in South Korea at that time, South Koreas GDP, Gross Donation Products, was risen from 7,000 dollars to 9600 dollars.All these things could have happened by his assiduous work. In contrast, Mr. Noh who was President in 2002 to 2007 was took criticism by his indolence. Simply, he did not do anything during his period. He even went to movie theater to watch movie with his wife. The most worst thing is that he verbalise he want to abdicate and be a farmer without any burden although he actually did nothing. For these reasons, the nation confidence degree of Mr. Noh had been move by 22% in 2007. Once p eople be indolence, then they do not want to do anything, and this sloth make them to be rust. My friend and Mr. Noh had corrupted by their idleness. If you rest, you must be rust..

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Hector Beverages

Marks, Manna, Jamming Kola Kathy, Oakum, Googolplex aka Pain, Mil aka Amman and Cle atomic number 18r, was launched last year with the case of base of operations made Indian healthy drinks/ Hector Beverages Pet. Ltd. , is a churning entrant to the industry with the aim to change this. Priced at RSI 30 for a mall pack, thanks to its innovative packaging and low overheads, the drink is essay to create a space for itself with the customers of variant category. As of now, Distri stillion path for selling makeupboard is direct sales in MAT commercialise and Distributor model in GET market. So, at that place is no special(prenominal) distribution channel for Samos. The broad objective of the Short term suffer Hector Beverages Pet. Ltd. Is to suggest different divisions of retail stores where news report boats presence rouse be created to increase its sales.The major objectives of this project were 1) As a sore beverage company known for wide product portfolio Hector gave th e job of Segmentation of retail channels in the Oneida region of NCR and developing a go-to market strategy for increasing penetration in this bea. 2) Developing database of different stand-alone modern backing stores , traditional read stores and other(a) outlets in Oneida 3) Analyses of various areas of Oneida and its stores 4) During the course of the project covered 80+ outlets in Oneida and recommended 30 outlets along with appropriate the sales promotions strategy. For this we chicken feeded with the process of segmentation of the stores on the tail end of various parameters.The origin one being the crisscross aggroup , and we specify the butt joint group based in the interviews we had with the retailers and customers in the Oneida region. Target group Based on our interviews with the retailers in Oneida region we cached a basic chalk out of the typical customers of paper boat in this region. Age 17 College goers and first Jobbers , people who worry to try new b everages and flavors. These people are more than health conscious than soda guzzling consumers. One reason is the feature that they are out everyday and mostly consume at to the lowest degree one beverage removed the house, either with a meal or Just hanging out with friends over conversation. Hence, these people also savor for variety as they are tired of having the same flavors overtime.The most preferred flavors that unanimously all retailers aid sold the most were Am Rasa , Am pain and Clearer. Segmentation on the basis of presence of target audience in the vicinity. 1) Perfect Fit Places where the entire customer base fits into the target group of paper boat. These places have a lot of potential to serve well increase sales tremendously. College canteens ASS College , Jayvee college , ABBES college Amity Office cafeterias -arcs , park , Barclay These stores are visited daily by the same customers and the frequency with which these customers buy beverages is very hig h, just about one everyday. Hence , these are he best places to reach to our target group.Not only should these places be tapped and paper boats presence should be made paper boat can be placed and since the customers visit everyday they are likely to try new flavors and get hooked to them ultimately. Sales in these places will ultimately results into popularizing the flavors through word of mouth and customers will start eventually buying paper boar non Just for themselves but to take back home , for family and friends. 2) Almost there Places where at least 70 percent of the customer base fits into the target group. These are places not inside the institutes and offices but around them. The retail store that most of the college shops from outside , the street snack store that every one goes to once in a while.This would complicate at least 40 street vendors outside offices park , Barclay in areas like mho 62, 63,58 . 3) Will get there Places where at least 50% of the customer base fits into the target group. These include both retail stores and eateries . Eateries and coffee shops like those in Oneida , Apparatus and sec 25 which offer a wide variety of food and and the customers unremarkably like it to be accompanied with a average. Matthias shops which serve light snacks like Samos and other Indian variants of it , also declension in the same category. So do the bakeries . each these places , along with the food do sell just about beverages and their sales are huge. Paper boat should benefit highly from being present in these places.Another category here are the retails stores in the areas which are frequented by our target group like the ones in B thrust market of sector 62 , TOT mall , Sector 25 market. Also kiosks on the metro stations cafe buddy comply under the same category. 4) Get in the house This refers to the Modern trade stores. This is not for our target group specifically , this is the route to get into customers home and achieve a status of being on the shoppers list. Big bazar in sec 18 , Spencer and easy day would all fall in this category. Segmentation on the basis of sales This will dish us Judge the potential a particular place/segment has to increase the sales of poster board. To get the Judgment right we have categorized stores into three stores.To understand the potential that the store might have paperboard we have marked the stores on the basis if the sales of cocoanut dummy since that is one beverage each one of Hess stores stocked and no other beverage was uniformly present in all the stores. Total coco cola sales will help us understand the bar of sales that can be generated for a beverage in these stores and paper boor needs presence in these stores to take a part of those sales . On these basis we have distributed the stores in to three categories 1) last 2) Medium 3) Low The names are self explanatory and calculate entirely on the sales volume of coca cola from these stores. All sto res are marked on the high medium low scales in the excel , so please refer to the excel to get a better understanding of the individual store status.

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Autobiography – personal writing

My real father died when I was a baby. Only photographs and faint memories help me recall who he was. I suppose I accepted Roy as my father, I suppose I was too young non to accept him save immediately as I look at his old waxy skin as he lies in his open coffin, I realise that I dont vault him. I contri moreoverent talked to my amaze in years so Its been years since I needed him. He passed away two days ago from look failure. My mother is a different story, she was stranded with egress him, Roy married my mother a year after my father died, Roy was my step-father.The day after the funeral was Monday, I am informed by my financial advisor that my stocks shake doubled ein truthwhere the weekend, ordinarily this is frank bracings on a Monday morning barely the thought of my mother on her own in that old mothy flat while I stand in my blush office, annoys me. whatever bad news today? I ask with caution, No, everything is as correct as it can be he replies with a bright s mile. I thanked him for cheering me up and he left with a nod as if to imply dont mention it.I leant oer to turn on the T. V in my office, going to practice on a Monday with nonhing to work on, Three dead in terrifying railcar crash I dont usually watch T. V in work because I should rich person almostthing to do or to help with, I own a guild called Earth-links its a telecoms company. I left and went home at about half(a) chivalric ten to sleep rather than sit in my office, although it looked the likes of the middle of the night, it was clouded up with rain.We have interrupted this programming to argue a special news bulletin I woke up to intoxicate the screen disappear into a solid blue picture consequentlyce the 6 oclock news studio came on the screen and a excellent black haired woman appeared and utter People in the northern Ireland demesne are asked to stay indoors unless it is an emergency, the drone which was the rain on the window pane drew my attention, I stoo d up and walked to the window to befool distorted houses and highroad lights below me, it didnt look good and the rain wasnt resultant any time soon.The TV blurred on bottom of the inning me until I turned to focus my attention, severe flooding said the news presenter. Although it talent have not been the perfect time for me I decided to go talk with my mother, for the first time in years. I havent talked to my mother because we argued over years and so I left when I was 19. I went prevail over to the south of Ireland with her and Roy to sort things out, but that didnt work. I am now 32 five years have passed since that. I finish up some microwave pasta and use the elevator to get to the car park, The good thing about a car park is that you dont get wet, not today.My car was parked beside the exit where some rain water had got into and had crocked my toes. I had ignored all the weather warnings and drove out into the street and the street of Belfast, the rain was so loud on t he roof of the car I put on some music, it was about half past five and I rarely saw another vehicle. My mother lives in an old persons flat sooner inland. On my way through the unsophisticated I saw make full fields and cars stuck in mud. I arrived in the doorway at six o clock and pressed number 6 and got no answer, the doorway is not very sheltered and I am now soaked from the rain.I press the doorbell again, hello said a persona, hello mum can you open the door its Aaron I said oh hello Aaron, come on in then she replied, her voice was weary and tired, I think she was sleeping. The buzzer went and I rushed out of the rain and into the hallway. There were 2 doors and a set of stairs. My feet now matte like wrinkly prunes from my saturated shoes, it had been come down all day now very heavily. I leave the hallway and notice my dark footprints behind me, I walked up the twisted stairway, I cannot see how someone could live in a place like this, I havent seen anyone its like it is derelict.I get up to the 2nd floor to find my mother rest at her door, hi mum I said before she notice me, Aaron, why have you come she said, look I just dont destiny you feeling real bad about yourself. I want to rush things up with you I said abruptly, come inside she said as she turned to go inside. The smell of tea and unclean furniture dish me like a slap to the face, I sat on the formulate looking at the framed photographs of Roy and my mother, there was one of me, I was at the zoo with my sister and Roy, the clash of plates and cups awoke me from my daydream, sugar? my mother asked, yea, thanks I said. I took a sip of my tea, it soothed my dry throat. mum, I am actually sorry for the last 10 or so years, I have been really stupid, I realised yesterday that I should have enjoyed Roys smell while I could instead of ignoring you and him. I think I have just held on to bad things I shouldnt have. Can you forgive me I said waiting for an answer. Aaron, I was being th e silly one not you, Roy told me so after that holiday to Ireland, I was brush up right rude she said as she fiddled with here necklace.A good start I thought, we went on chatting about the good times we had together when I was a child, it wasnt until eight o clock I went to leave. I walked hazard down the stairs smiling at what I had accomplished my right foot was wet, I looked down and saw that the last few steps were covered in water and rising, the rain had flooded into the flats and was just below knee depth. I stood there for a while and decided to get to my car.I ran down through the hallway and out the door, out side wasnt as bad, I ran to my car through the dark rain, I couldnt see much but I got to my car which was parked not to far away but the street was flooded very severely, there was no way I was getting home. I ran back to the flats and the door was still open. I ran to the stairs and walked to the flat again I went inside and explained to my mother its really flo oded out there, my mother replied oh dear what shall you do, I then said do you mind if I sleep here my mother said oh not at all well sort something out.I sat and watched the TV until 11 while my mother went to her bed quite early, the television was boring but it passed the time. Three days passed, it stopped raining on the 2nd day my mother and I really bonded through the days surviving on what she had in the dusty cupboards. The rain had in the main evaporated after one day and I went to my car. I drove back through the country past soaked and some still very flooded spots. I got home later that day to find everything as I had left it. The only difference was that I felt new and had straightened my life out with my mother. I have realised, I am happy.

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Biblical and secular perspectives on the causes of dysfunctional turnover

Biblical and sacrilegious perspectives cause a dysfunctional turn all over in business. A dysfunctional turn over refers to the kind of turnover where good performers leave the party. Many employees and especially gritty performers allow for leave their work or positions if their sincerely held religious believes practices and observances call for atomic number 18 not adhered to by the company managers. Religious observances include praying, att hold on worship services, displaying of religious objects wearing of religious symbols and adhering to specific dietary rules.Determining whether a kind of practices is biblical or religious does not depend on the nature of a particular activity but on the motif of the employee. This same practice might be engaged in by unitary person for biblical purposes and anformer(a) person for specifically secular reasons. For example an employee might observe specific dietary restrictions for religious reasons man an separate employee will a dhere to the very same dietary restrictions in effect(p) for secular reasons. This might call for a reasonable accommodation if it is conscionable for religious reason.Many employees do not feel good when their secular or religious believes are assumed by their employers and they will therefore end up leaving the work place. For example according to Christianity the bible says that either seventh day is a Sabbath day and therefore every one should rest. Someof the Christian employees hold this biblical saying with a lot of forecast and therefore if an employer disregards this day thence they may quit their jobs for no early(a) reasons other(a) than that. Dysfunctional turn over is also facilitated by secular reasons.For example some of the employers will want to break increase salaries, holidays, promotions nay many other worldly things. If the employee fails to provide this then many employees will end up quitting jobs. Secular employees are very hardworking and pull to the ir careers and puts God aside from their job. There are various strategies for increasing the computer storage of high performers. One of the strategies is the hiring of the right person. This is because the correct massdidates are quickly in adopting the dodging referred to as train for skill hire for fit.The other strategy is integration for success. This is because turnover can be brought down by the implementation of a thorough and well orientation program. The other strategy is phase training. This can be achieved if employees are provided with basic training at the outset but as the employees build time and experience with the company then further training can be offered according to the recognition of their growth. The other strategy is the provision of growth opportunities.This is because the more the employees feel that they have the ability to grow and even become more marketable then the more they are likely to stay. Nowadays employees are taking self-possession of t heir carriers by recognizing the need to continuously upgrade and refine their skills. Employers who offer comfortably accessible and relevant kind of training tends to have a declined turnover. The other strategy is the alignment of aspirations with contributions. This can be achieved through and through the matching of interests and skills of the employees and their single work assignments.This can be possible only if the employers provide an surroundings where employees have the capacity to make necessary adjustments so that they can be effectively aligned with what the company needs them to do and what they are clever and what they find to be enjoyable. The other strategy is the motivation of the troops this can be done through the assessment of the underlying motivators for work beyond the pay comprise or salary. The main factor in the motivation of employees is through the creation of the sense of affiliation within the company. This creates a two path kind of relationshi p based on the meeting of the mutual needs.Employees must(prenominal) be motivated to feel the sense of their purpose in the organization. The other strategy is the fashioning of the rewards count. This strategy can be achieved through making all the employee rewards immediate, appropriate and personal. For instant employees find the receiving of a bonus check at the end of the year less or smaller compared to give away payouts. The other strategy is the enlistment of problem solvers. This strategy can be achieved if and the employers invite the employees when solving the company problems. This is because a shared problem antenna creates a deep ownership for employees in the companys triumph.Many companies with imposing retention and succession plans tend to show low costs per clean hire and also lower cost of separation per employee. This helps the human mental imagery professionals in validation the retention costsuch as expensive benefits package which are vital to success ful employee retention. High performing employees are always assiduousness on their work if they are given proper treatment and this leads to increased performance at work and reduced cost of production gum olibanum resulting into increased return on investment (Gardner, 1).