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Evidence-based Practice Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Evidence-based Practice - Assignment ExampleThis seek will begin with the statement that PICOT refers to a formula that is designed to answer focused clinical questions concerning a given target population or a fundamental issue for nurse look. PICOT was developed to evoke the efforts of establishing an evidence-based practice in nursing. PICOT calls for continued research to improve the body of knowledge and base the current nursing practice on sound scientific research. PICOT will help to maintain the status of nursing as a professional and autonomous career. PICOT is an acronym that is used by clinicians when carrying out clinical research. This method of evidence-based clinical research promotes understanding among the researchers. The letter p stands for the study population. The letter I refers to the clinical intervention and its variables. The letter C is the comparison with a placebo while O refers to the outcome of the process after a particular intervention. The letter T refers to the time taken for an outcome of a nursing intervention can achieve an objective. In a patient with an abscess that has been recurring for six months, does prophylactic antibiotic treatment, compared to no treatment, reduce the rate of takings?The PICO (T) elements areP = Patients with recurrent abscessI = Prophylactic antibiotic treatmentC = No antibiotic treatmentO = Decline in the high rate of recurrence of the abscessT = Six months

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Research Proposal Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Research design - Assignment Example4-5). This means that HR has broadened its function from the administrative work to the payroll processing, cookery and discipline and various others. This has led the managers and supervisors think about how to utilize maximally the employees with their competence that can significantly tin to the execution and flourishing of the overall enterprise (Mathis& Jackson, 2011, pp. 1-3). Therefore, the hypothesis statement with respect to this research proposal is The act of HR management on the victory of organization, since it is one of the most imperative aspects to measure. Brief writings Review The human capital for any organization is the amalgamation of the skills set that they have attained from the duties and responsibilities, their attitudes, knowledge, training and experience (past and current) that sets the value of the employee within the marketplace. Therefore, the human management is not only a function, as the exercise of workfo rce has be make sense vital in the contemporary times that add the competitive advantage for the enterprise. This has come under numerous research and investigations (Sims, 2002, pp. 2-5). According to one of the empirical studies, it has come to notice that those organizations have been to a greater extent successful and thriving that value their employees (HR), in contrast to the enterprises, which have not given much greatness to their employees and have considered them of negligible worth. This is because when the employees feel that their participation and involvement towards a particular task is being recognized, the train of motivation amongst the employees boost, thus they tend to be more productive and efficient in producing the outputs, which facilitates in accomplishment of the company goals and missions (Sims, 2002, pp. 2-5). In fact, few of the research studies have concluded that the organizations that are generating more profits utilise various universal things tha t include providing job security to the employees, having active participation from the workers, involving them in self-managed teams, training and educating the advanced and current staff. Creating a collective organizational culture, sharing of sufficient company information with the members are as well few of the aspects that the successful organization practice as their routine procedures (Pynes, 2009, pp. 23-26). Studies also luff that the traditional place that the HR personnel enlightened was the acquiescence and fulfillment of the rules set by the organizational executives, where they kept the track of the records of the employees through simple matrices such as number of hired workforce, number of training hours completed by the employees and so forth. However, this traditional role of HR transformed and now they have a broader vision and focalise on outcomes and results of the employees and not just figures and compliance, which have come under evidence in the curren t researches. Indeed, investigations indicate that HR professionals also pursue the employees skills sets that they are using to the achievement of the company goals that can provide success and benefit to the overall organization and to their own personalities as well (Storey, 2008, pp. 153-156). To put it in nutshell, the organizations

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An Analysis of Fairies as a Literary Device In Medieval Folklore Essay

An Analysis of Fairies as a Literary Device In Medieval Folklore - Essay ExampleA number of saints holidays (that happened to accept with older holidays) help to ease the laypersons transition from pagan beliefs into a much Christian view of the world. These beliefs in the old sorcerous evolved into literary devices when incorporated into folk tales, frequently used to either juxtapose the overbold and old beliefs, to distinguish between the two, to either reconcile them or to show the superiority of the new religion, as Christianity soon became omnipresent in medieval life. These Christian elements came to be exhibited retroactively through romantic tales of chivalry, for what was once an ethos of might makes right soon were thought to exemplify such Christian ethics as the decently defending the weak, or the application of mercy. The reverence of the Virgin Mary developed into a reverence of all(a) women and the notion of courtly love. However, these patterns spread slowly. T o examine these elements in an evolutionary, if not exactly chronological, orderone can focus on such examples as the lais Bisclavret and Yonic by Marie de France and the J. R. R. Tolkien translations of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and Sir Orfeo.Marie de Frances lais Bisclavret, or The Were animal, approaches the notion of magic through the epithet characters curse of transforming into a werewolf. A brief summary of the plot describes Bisclav atomic number 18ts curse, his wife discovering it, and then her subsequent subversiveness of her husband in favor of another man which results in Bisclavret being trapped in wolf form. As a wolf, he eventually wins the respect of the king, who allows the wolf to stay at the castle. The wolf is sanitary behaved until he meets is betrayers, at which point his animosity is so great that the court recalls the womans lost husband. She confesses, Bisclavret is restored and the couple are exiled. In the context of this story, the author holds n o implicit distrust of magic it is viewed as a tally pre-dating the arrival of Christianity (paralleling evils of human nature), and while it proves a cursed inconvenience, it in no way prohibits Bisclavret from acting nobly while in wolf form Hes never touched anyone, / or shown any wickedness, / except to this woman.1 The plot instead focuses on Christian moralizing, i.e. the evils of the wife and knights betrayal of their lord (thereby breaking the holy compact car of marriage, as wel as the knights forswearing of fealty to his lord) , and their subsequent punishment. The loophole provided by magic actually provides a more satisfactory retribution than mere Christian conscience would allow, for the Church would undoubtedly promote the notion of mercy, lenience and leniency. The couple are allowed this to an extent, as they are merely exiled with no other pronouncement of punishment. But magic allows a more telling retribution when the wolf attacked the woman, he bit off her no se. Not still is she nose-less for the rest of her life, but several of her daughters were also born without noses, thus continuing the medieval tradition of a flawed character revealing itself in physical defect.While Bisclavrets condition proves the means of his eventual revenge, the flummox of the title character Yonec uses magical transformation for different reasons and with different results. This

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Develop a Literature review Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Develop a Literature review - Essay ExampleThis thereof means that there is a big responsibility for teachers and instructors to yield the art and science of schooling and inclusion body to students and pupils at all stages of their academic lives. Whereas reading is primarily concerned with the decryption the message of a assumption text, comprehension goes a step further to attempt to translate and apply the information written in the text appropriately (Ganske & Fisher, 2010). Nation & Angell (2006) make a clear distinction between reading and comprehension. To them, reading seems to be a form of communication but comprehension requires further under patronizeing and clarification. apprehension involves inferring the intend effects of what is read and identifying and explaining the cases written in the discourse for producing the effects (Finder, 2003). This therefore indicates that the core idea fag end reading, is to enable the reader to grasp a message, idea or informa tion put together by the encoder and then take action on it. This is practically the aim of formal communication that most students will apply in the future, when they begin to work. It is therefore essential that these students get a good ability to understand the basics of decoding messages and understanding them fully in the wider sense. The central role and the formative nature of auxiliary education can never be ignored. Thus, it is essential that secondary education focuses on some cardinal factors that can enable an individual to grasp and understand the concept of reading and comprehension. However, this effort of teachers to achieve this is sometimes frustrated by some challenges that makes it difficult to teach students how to read, analyse and understand texts. Challenges in Teaching variation & Comprehension in Secondary Students In practice, there atomic number 18 several difficulties that stand in the counselling of teaching students to read and understand text. S nowman et al (2010) identify that inherent disabilities and challenges in students, like down syndrome, carnal disabilities like hearing, sight and speech impairments as well as cultural differences and language barriers can stand in the way of a child who attempts to read and decode messages. This therefore makes it difficult for the teacher to impart the art and science of reading to children with such inherent challenges and fusss. Also, unequal comprehension can result from poor teaching methods used to team students about reading and comprehension at the primary and lower grades of education. Comprehension difficulties often go unnoticed by teachers in primary schools and are discovered later by specialist professionals at the secondary levels (Nation & Angell, 2006). This implies that some of the problems and challenges that the secondary school teacher faces in teaching students to comprehend what they read is carried in advance from their primary education. This is link ed to the fact that most primary curricula are focused on simply decoding and not comprehension (Ellis & McCartey, 2009). However, in spite of the focus of primary education being on decoding, Ricketts et al (2008) state that the problem with reading challenges carried forward from the primary school is in two folds the decoding problem and the comprehension problem. Aside these issues that are brought into the secondary school classroom, there are some other challenges that are

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What are NGOs How do they help and hinder development Essay

What are NGOs How do they help and hinder development - Essay Examplerity organizations, and while their neighborly aims may have political undertones, or political support, they are non created or run for political purposes (Ahmed & Potter, 2006)NGOs stooge be aimed towards a very diverse array of aims, ranging from environmental benefits, social benefits, poerty alleviations, cognisance campaigns, health benefits, or educational reform. They can be very large, ranging across cities or countries, or they can be small, run by and consisting of only a handful of people. For example, in his book Three Cups of Tea, indite and NGO worker Greg Mortenson describes his efforts at working in areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan, aiming to alleviate poverty and in particular centre on educating young girls. The benefit of NGOs is that they are very easy to set up and do not require government grants or tedious official proceedings in order to set up. Mortenson, who was ab initio a nurse a nd mountain-climber before directing his efforts towards social benefits, managed to educate over sixty thousand children, pop of which more than 50,000 were girls, a remark open feat in a place where women are rarely allowed to get by their houses, much less acquire education (Mortenson, 2007).As a result, one can conclude that NGOs maximize developmental efforts for two reasons. Governments tend to focus on geographically significant areas, that is, either areas that are importantly underdeveloped, or areas that are significantly developed. NGOs, being more personal in nature, can focus over a wider array of areas and subjects, which the government might not otherwise be able to focus on, owe either to a lack of resources or distribution of priorities. Secondly, they can be set up on any scale, and provide help on any level, be it small or big. Because it is the vision of common, utilize individuals, not obligated by their jobs or other responsibilities, yet choosing to do so a nyway, they are able to focus in a more converged environment and seek out greater

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Quality in health care administration Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Quality in health sustentation administration - Essay Example good maintenance management strategies (Upshaw, Kaluzny & McLaughlin, P192) The Process Component involves a faultfinding assessment of the factors required for the delivery of effective patient care that is individualized to meet the needs of for each one patient, and the effective management of resources and professional associations required to address patient needs. Primary Outcomes addresses issues such as whole step care from the perspective of patient and health professional. Strategic Outcomes involves a broader perspective of outcome in coitus to health organizations and healthcare consumers.The passkey Model has a more(prenominal) restricted counsel than the Transformational Model as it concentrates on the professional health care delivery system from the vantage point of the caregiver (Upshaw, Kaluzny & McLaughlin, P193). The focus is more traditional, based on the autonomous decision-making role of the individual caregiver. The Transformational model is collaborative and reflects the increasing organizational complexity of the healthcare delivery system. This model incorporates many aspects of professional development that are critical to flourishing health care delivery, and many aspects of the Professional Model are included in the Professional design Component of the Transformation Model. The major areas of focus in this area of the Transformational Model overlap the Professional Model, including Professional Growth, Transformational Leadership, Collaborative Practice and care Delivery. The Professional Practice Component is the most burning(prenominal) area of the Transformational Model, and is more dynamic and expansive in its professional goals and overall global perspective on health care delivery than the Professional Model.The Transformational Model contains many elements that are central to CQI. Continuous Quality Improvement is an important management concept that has been applied to the delivery of health care services to achieve the most effective practices from

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Dream for Case Study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

Dream for Case Study - Essay Example erst I am up, everything in the room appears in clarification, and perhaps even gets smaller as I struggle to find my teach uniform.When I eventually find my school uniform it is, of course, too small. I tuck it under my arm and leave my bedroom - only honest managing to fit through the door. I call out to my get, telling her that my clothes get hold of shrunk. I opinion as though my mother moldiness have done something wrong the last time she washed my uniform, and expect her to somehow be able to fix the problem.As I walk down the hallwayway of the house that leads to the eat room, the hall begins to shrink, and it seems to get longer and longer. The hallway stretches out for about 800 metres, and at different times I know tired and disillusioned and smell as though I may never reach the completion. As I walk I continue to call out to my mother. At first I am angry, then sad, then pleasant, trying different strategies that I feel migh t get her attention. I feel aw atomic number 18 that she can hear me - but is just ignoring me.There are wild cats running natural covering and forth across the hallway in front of me, going from rooms on one status of the hall, into rooms on the other. The cats are mangy and feral and look very startled to see me. At one time I can see around five of them gathered at the land up of the hallway in the distance - but by the time I am near to the end they have scurried away. I am glad they are gone because, even though they seemed afraid of me, I was equally wary of them. I notice clumps of cat hair on the floor and think that the cats must have had a fight in the hallway. I feel even more relieved that they are gone.Eventually I reach the dining room door and squeeze through. Once inside the dining room, everything appears relatively normal. I am still fully grown, but the room is its normal size, and so are my parents, who are both at the table eating their breakfast.I hold up m y tiny school uniform and try to tell my mother it has shrunk - but cant speak. She looks up and sees me holding the uniform and looks angry. She stands up and slams her move on down on the table, saying What have you done, misterMy father looks up disapprovingly and shakes his head, then returns to eating his breakfast. He is eating sausages and eggs, and I notice he is trying to cut them up using a tiny, miniature knife and fork. I look down and notice his right hand shrivel. I think Oh no, hes shrinking too - its starting again. I look away and try to pretend I didnt see it. I am scared my mother will blame me for shrinking him.My mother grabs the uniform off me and throws it in the garbage disposal. When she turns on the garbage disposal it makes a loud shriek - like a cleaning lady screaming in agony - but noone seems to notice the sound except me. My mother says You will just have to go to school bare-assed - again. I look down and realise that I have no clothes on and pani c and feel embarrassed, then I notice that she said again - and feel even more humiliated.I start struggling to recall when I had previously been to school naked - but cant remember any such incident. I start to feel compelled to correct my mother, and explain that I had never been to school without my clothes on - but she refuses to listen and gets angry - telling me to hurry up and eat my breakfast. I steal a glance at my father and his hand is back to normal, I feel relieved and start to eat my breakfast - which is also sausages and eggs.As I start to eat, it

Rhetorical analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Rhetorical analysis - see ExampleThe article is in response to the issue of world(prenominal)ization and the need to for a common style to facilitate it. This relates to the concept of culture and its influence, as well as difficulty in communication exploitation non-standard natural terminology. This is by revealing the need for the global society to communicate with ease whether it is in melody or cross cultural as seen in the case of Sweden. This is also in terms of new(prenominal) languages having increased occurs of native speakers, as Chinese, but the need to communicate on a cross-cultural basis. Ergo necessitating a common language a position slope has proven capable of modify as is demonstrated in the discourse. Concerning ethos, Seth creates credibility in his article by showing absolute command of the topic at hand and citing credible experts in the fields of linguistics and English. The experts include linguists and skeptics such(prenominal) as Nicholas Olster and David Crystal who give expert opinion on issues regarding English as a global language (Mydans). Nicholas Purports that while Latin might consume appeared set to dominate the world in the fifteenth century, English is the language to watch in post-20th century times. Crystal on the other hand agrees that English is no doubt paramount in the world than any other language has ever been nevertheless, he does not commit himself to predict its relevance as interminable. In addition, the author pays attention to other aspects of unalike language such as Hindi, Phoenician, and Chinese to show cultural differences and their impact on English as a global language these work towards building a strong base for making his claims and facts solid. This is because he presents them as languages that could have a claim to global dominance by virtue of the number of native speakers. He however explains that many parents teach their children English as a second language to alleviate them beco me citizens of an increasingly intertwined world. Basic knowledge of linguistics is sufficient for one to understand that a language gains prominence not due to its intrinsic structural or lexical configuration but the number of people accepting and learning it as a second language. By conceding to this fact, and undertaking to bring home the bacon a rational explanation as to why they are not global languages, he appeals to the indorsers sense of logic and hence earns himself credibility smudges by his objective explanations. Moreover, the writers objectivity portrays the writers perspective as neutral and unbiased since he evidently is supporting the dominant status of English because of empirical evidences. Based on the writers seemly skeptical point of view and the fact that the article appeared on one of Americas prominent newspapers and is available online, his primary audience was no doubt skeptics, and anyone looking for information on the future of English and its glob alization. The articles global outreach makes any global citizen with access to the paper online possibly accidentally (as they may not have been looking for the information), or in related linguistic research a conceivable secondary audience. The attitude or stand of the writer is that of a skeptic as it is based on plenty of speculation, specially on the issue of its

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Iran Nuclear Deal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Iran Nuclear Deal - analyze ExampleIn as much as the Iran thermonuclear deal has raised a standoff of debates on the implications of the deal on transnational platform, it is evident that the deal is a great milestone achieved regarding international relations and diplomacy. America and the international community have for many decades put measures including international sanctions and freezing of the Persian assets as a means of averting the Iranian intention of making nuclear weapons, but merely with immense level of failure. It is thus obvious that the Iran nuclear deal framework is a diplomatic appearance of solving the nuclear issue (Bremmer, 2015). With the agreement towards the Iran nuclear deal, the deal would help in the reduction of Irans stockpile of enriched uranium. This is an important step since uranium is one of the major nuclear elements mandatory in the compensate of an atomic bomb. A reduction in the stockpile of uranium is thus a peaceful means of ensurin g Iran does not manufacture the bombs. Additionally, the deal through the limit of the nuclear facilities in Iran would profit the time required for Iran to process a nuclear bomb from two to three months to at least one year. The increase in duration is very crucial as it gives the international community time to monitor Iranian nuclear activities ensuring Iran does not manufacture a nuclear weapon. Being that Iran agreed to international monitoring of its nuclear activities with robust level of transparency, it would be difficult for the country to use its nuclear stockpile for military purposes

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American law enforcement organizations Term Paper

American fair play enforcement organizations - Term Paper ExampleObjectives together constitute the main aim of this research. All impersonals need to be studied in detail in order to fulfill the aim of this study and to answer the research question. Research design will profuse on all the methods that have been used during the course of this research. Each objective requires a slightly distinguishable research approach and thus for each objective research methods have been used accordingly. There ar two main methods of research, primary and vicarious. Generally for the research purpose researchers start with the secondary information which has been already undisturbed by someone else for some other research purpose. Such info can be used again and again for diametric research purposes. In this case, research has been conducted mainly using the secondary data. The sources of secondary data that have been used throughout the research include internet articles, reports, boo ks, journals and the official websites of different law enforcement organizations. Secondary data has an favour over the primary data collection. Primary data is collected for the first time and may contain some loopholes. In the case of secondary data collection, data has already been collected by another entity and has been used for different research purposes. This provides with a satisfaction that the data available is authentic as it is used by various people for the research purpose. Another advantage of the secondary data is the time restraint. The time period for this research.... Local or democracy police, federal agencies, topic police force, commerce bureaus, trade agencies and criminal justice organizations are some of the law enforcement agencies that form the hub of the states disciplinary activities. truth enforcement organizations are like departments and need to be well managed. Poor perplexity of these departments results in poor law enforcement and in skill. The world is changing every day and is creating more and more challenges. Law enforcement agencies need to cope with these challenges by remaining up to date with the managerial procedural innovations so that they do not lack on their efficiency. The study focuses on these innovations and how they help in improving the efficiency of the law enforcement organizations. The study will not just discuss about the challenges faced by the law enforcement agencies, still will also ponder over the structural features of these organizations and what causes the law enforcement agencies to fail. The managerial aspect of these agencies will be the main focus. 2. Research Question Are federal law enforcement agencies better than the national law enforcement agencies when it comes to efficiency and meeting the 21st century challenges? 3. Aim and Objectives 2.1Aim The aim of this study is to find out the three near important ways through which the law enforcement organizations can improve on thei r efficiency. 2.2Objectives 1) The first and foremost objective of this research is to find out the main role of the law enforcement organizations in dealing with the daily personal business of any country. 2) The second objective is to study the challenges faced by these law enforcement organizations in the 21st cytosine and how do these law enforcement organizations

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International Relations (The Caspian Sea Dispute) Essay

International Relations (The Caspian Sea Dispute) - Essay ExampleThe amuse encompassing oil extraction in Caspian percentage are commonly existent in several(prenominal) countries of the world in view of its signifi nookiece to each(prenominal) individual countrys benefit. For instance, the Caspian states regard the extraction of oil as a bonanza of future riches, potency and control. However, Caspian states are not the only ones to conceive these purviews, beside these interests are too cherished by the giant global oil companies such as BP, Amoco and Exxon etc with a view to boosting profitability. Besides, countries give care United States, Russia, China, Iran and Turkey. All guided by the objective to gain maximum possible geopolitical advantages come to the fore of the regions oil exploration and exploitation.Hence, this paper sharpens the significance of this region for several interested parties and also explores the arousing international aim conflicts concerning the geographic expedition and utilization of Caspian Seas abounding oil resources.The internal and external politics in the Caspian region have led to the enormously growing contention among several countries. The internal importance of oil reserves in the region arises in Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, where the oil is expected to free the countries from the claws of poverty, stinting backwardness and Russian influence. The opposite country having substantial concerns for the region is Russia, which regards the exploration of oil in the region to be severely yoked with Russian internal security matters. Finally the Caspian region is of international interest because of the regions potential to have ample reserves of unexplored oil, which can shape the fortune of several countries connected with it. As Frank Viviano (1998, pA1) propounds, The oil boom in the Caspian water parting promises to alter everything in its path- to erect a new El Dorado in desert wasted, fuel the economies of US and Europe, and re-order the global economy. It will also imperil thousands of years of tradition, setting its defenders against the tide of a glittering provided deeply uncertain future. The foremost problem with the Caspian Seas oil resources is that these reserves are not distributed equally crosswise the sea, which has inseminated conflicts among the countries bordering it on the issue of maximum access to amplest oil. The major dispute held by the countries bordering the Caspian Sea i.e., Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Iran is the application of international law for the usage of Caspian resources, arguing on the treatment of Caspian as sea or lake. Brice Clagett (1998, p4) illustrate that if the Caspian is to be handled as sea, the eminent beneficiaries would be Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, as the resources of the sea would then be utilized by each country to the extent of a qualify zone off the seashore under the international law. two Russia and Iran, who had been historically sharing the Caspian Sea reserves, do not contain sufficient oil resources within their specified limits off the seashore. Therefore, they prefer the Caspian to be treated as a lake, enabling the countries to equally share the resources downstairs the sea. Besides Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and other Caspian States, the most evident interest in Caspian Sea reserves is that of the Russian. Ozden Oktav (2005, p21) illuminates that Russia has many economic and

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Contextual Analysis of Rodney Graham's Halcion Sleep Term Paper

Contextual Analysis of Rodney Grahams triazolam Sleep - Term Paper ExampleThe contraceptive pill has been presented as the leap from the societal wardrobes that an individual takes to escape the pressures of hostelry, which is certainly inappropriate for him. In the film Halcion Sleep, Rodney Graham has been filmed on the backseat of a car in the state of unconscious due to the pane of drug. The whole film is a sequence of Grahams journey in an unconscious or sub-conscious state from the room of the motel, where he has consumed the drug, to his apartment in the center of Vancouver city. In the film, the city lights and life of Vancouver is creation focused through the rear windshield of the car. The total length of the film is twenty six proceeding in which the journey of sleeping Graham has been presented however, the production of the film is contained with deeper interpretations which will be explicated in the hobby paper (Graham 001-2621). Halcion Sleep is metaphoric repres entation of the average human individuals who bears significant and painful societal pressures to survive in the federation. ... Although these problems be diverse and multilateral in nature, but it can be categorized in multiple dimensions from which the pressure on individuals builds up. The most significant and grave problems, which develop pressure in individuals are social problems which are further correlated with political problems (Sterba 103-114). The political structure of a society determines the quality of life, economic conditions and stability and individuals status and roles in a society. These determinations are necessarily coupled with several responsibilities for each individual to survive in the society. In the traditional or modern, that is capitalist system, systems, every individual cannot be pertained to be considered on similar grounds. These grounds are existence measured in terms of social economic status of individuals. As this dissimilarity among the individuals of society is developed, the society becomes divided into formes in which individuals belonging to lower or middle classes are pertained to struggle more than the higher(prenominal) economic class. These struggles are largely focused on the acquisition of better economic status by which there social status can be raised (Sterba 120-126). These striving life of individuals make them mentally fatigued and pressurized due to the political and social structure of the society. It is the class difference, which inevitably creates the divide in individuals of the society. It is because of the class difference, there is status divide and with this discrimination, individuals are brought to mental and physical pressures. Lifes struggle which is real futile in a sense has to be made by each member of the society, because the society sets a tradition that every man is part of this competition. Consequentially the

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History of selfie & self portrait Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

History of selfie & self portrait - screen ExampleIn picture taking history, the ancient and initial portrait of Robert Cornelius taken in 1839 outside his line remains as the low selfie ever photographed. Robert Cornelius portrait taken in Philadelphia remained indispensable in advance(a) studies and development of selfie3. Robert processed his selfies using chemical knowledge and photography techniques. As a renowned lensman and chemist, Robert made his selfie by placing film removed from the lens cap on camera. Robert then waited for a slender before the camera before processing his final picture using chemicals. Roberts photo remained as the first ever selfie in history. It is imperative to understand that making ancient selfie involved tedious and long procedures compared to contemporary technology that takes photos at a glanceRemarkably, era of selfie developed proportionately with advancements in photography technology and introduction of modern applications. It is impe rative that introduction of portable Kodak camera in the market spurred alteration in selfie and international spread of photography. Portable Kodak camera box technology, introduced in 1900 also promoted photographic self-portraiture. It is interest that portable Kodak camera box technology that hugely spurred selfie development involved use of a mirror and a stabilized camera on tripod stand. In enabling production of clear and admirable selfie, photographers frame in viewfinder of the camera on box top. It is imperious that in 1914, Russian Grand Duchess teenage called Anastacia Nikolaevna became the first person to use Kodak Camera box in taking selfie.It is vital that technological advancements in genial media spurred development and emergence of modern selfies. Selfie usage first appeared on Flickr in 2004 and later advanced when Myspace establish programs for sharing photos within social platforms in 2006. In

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The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne by Da Vinci and the Virgin by Term Paper

The vestal and churl with fear Anne by Da Vinci and the unadulterated by Roger avant-garde der Weyden - Term Paper ExampleThe paper The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne by Da Vinci and the Virgin by Roger van der Weyden compares two pics, The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne by Leonardo da Vinci and St. Luke Drawing the Virgin by Roger van der Weyden. The compare and compare study of the drubs The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne by Leonardo da Vinci and St. Luke Drawing the Virgin by Roger van der Weyden prove that Leonardo da Vincis work is symbolic of the origin of reincarnation art and Roger van der Weydens work is symbolic of the growth and development of art. In this essay, the subject chthonian discussion is divided into two compare and contrast study (visual egress, content) and discussion (significant bends on the artists painting bolts). one(a) can easily identify that the work The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne is visually rich beca wont the similar deals w ith life. Joanne Mattern pointed out that, The painting depicts the Virgin Mary, the baby the Nazarene, and Saint Anne. The work is visually attractive because the same is interconnect with the events that can be seen in daily life. Comparing with Leonardo da Vincis work, the visual effect of the work St. Luke Drawing the Virgin by Roger van der Weyden is not much attractive, but the same deals with a Biblical theme. For instance, St. Lukes heraldic bearing in the painting is symbolic of religious significance, not motherly go to sleep. merely in the painting The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne, St. Anne enjoys her grandchilds playful office. ... On the other side, Roger van der Weyden selected religious iconography as the theme of his work and it influenced the visual effect of the same. Fred S. Kleiner stated that, The panel depicts the patron holy man of painters drawing the Virgin Mary using a silver point (a sharp stylus that creates a fine line) (406). In the painting St. Luke Drawing the Virgin, both St. Anne and the Virgin Mary symbolize motherly love and affection toward humanity in general. In Leonardo da Vincis work, infant Jesus attitude towards the lamb is symbolic of the hardships to be suffered by him in future. So, Leonardo da Vincis works content is interconnected with the Holy Bible. Similar to Leonardo da Vincis work, Roger van der Weyden made use of Christianity as the theme, but he altered the content to a different level. For instance, Saint Lukes presence in the work is symbolic of artistic creativity. On the other side, Virgin Mary and infant Jesus are symbolic of Christian faith. So, one can easily identify that Roger van der Weydens work is an amalgamation of artistic creativity and Christian faith. B. Discussion Leonardo da Vincis painting style is deeply influenced by his master Verrocchio. At the same time, his interest in sculpture and architecture influenced his painting style. Besides, his paintings are symbolic of the r elationship between human beings and Mother Nature. Frank Zollner stated that, Besides studies of the models normally found in artists workshops, Leonardo also made equally important studies from temper (8). For instance, Leonardo da Vinci made use of the background of his works to portray nature. At the same time, the influence of science can be seen in his artworks. His works are

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Iron Mineral - Essay ExampleThe canvass should be conducted when symptoms of either an overload or deficiency of iron are noted. Iron-deficiency (anemia) symptoms include weakness, headaches, dizziness, tiredness (chronic fatigue) and lividity/pale skin. On the other hand, iron-overload symptoms include loss of sex drive, weight loss, and abdominal pain, loss of remains hair, fatigue, heart problems, and joint problemsIt measures the iron-binding capacity. It is not a commonly used method because it requires immunologic measurement, a pricey and time-consuming procedure that most clinical laboratories cannot afford.It arises when there is an iron overload in human macrocosms body. Ferrous iron has toxicity effect that varies largely in line with the integrity of gastrointestinal lining. The amount consumed gives clue on the potential of toxicity. If a person takes an elemental iron ingestion of more than 50mg/kg, severe toxicity is bound to arise. When blood values are taken, l evels exceeding 1000 g/dL are a clear indication of severe iron poisoning while those between 350-500 g/dL are considered toxic.c) After a length of more than two weeks since poisoning, damage to stomach, liver and rudimentary nervous agreement may occur. Adverse effects of iron poisoning include diarrhea, constipation, gastrointestinal irritation, nausea, and vomiting. To forfend iron poisoning adhere to the following tolerable levels.Reference/Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) is a system that outlines the daily intake levels of nutrients, minerals and vitamins to match the requirements of 97-98% of healthy individuals (National Research Council, 2009). RDI recommends intake of sufficient amount of iron like to 18 grams per day based on diet of individuals because iron is a crucial element in the body.RDA (recommended dietary allowances) and AI (adequate intake) are reference values provided by RDI. RDA gives the daily dietary intake level of a mineral/ nutrient that

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Passover Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Passover - Research Paper ExampleThe words uttered by God base the essence of Passover, the Passover recipe and acts. The Israelites were commanded by Yahweh to consume roasted meat, along with bitter greens and unleavened stops with haste, sandals on their feet, their cloaks tucked into their belts, and staffs on their hands (Exodus 12 8-13).According to Murray, the Passover was a celebration, to commemorate Gods mighty acts of salvation for his chosen state (p.4). The word Passover has consequently, the very same meaning with the Egyptian marge for spreading the wings over and protecting. The Passover feast outlined the sacrificial act that Jesus performed with his death, redeeming mankind. In reference to the Passover during the period of the Israelites, the theme of redemption is clearly shown in our everyday life when faced with act moments.As a young man, Moses fled Egypt in disgrace under a death penalty for cleanup spot an Egyptian. When God summoned him to lead the Isr aelites out of Egypt, he had been away from Egypts culture and sophistication for forty years. Moses was to go back to Egypt and confront the successor to the Pharaoh with the words let my people go (Exodus 51-5).To save His people from Egypt, God chose a man who was, in many mannerisms, similar an Egyptian. Moses was born an Israelite, but he grew up adulthood in the house of Pharaohs daughter. His Hebrew mother raised him however, he was tutored worldly experience from Egyptian teachers. He was chosen by God to deliver Israelites to show all people that the manufacturing business makes a distinction between Egyptians and Israelites (Exodus 11-7).Moses heeded Yahwehs command and went to Egypt to plea for the release of the Jews. Pharaoh completely refused to let the Israelites go, the lord showed his might by bringing down judgment on Egypts false gods. Via Moses, he off water into blood, showing the Egyptians that he was greater than the Nile that the

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Outline and Analyze the Challenges Facing Mellon Investor Services Essay Example for Free

muster in and Analyze the Challenges Facing Mellon Investor Services EssayAssignment TaskOutline and analyze the challenges facing Mellon Investor Services in their organizational plan and esteem how well the company develop dealt with those challenges in how they are get downing and managing the interpolate.Delong, T. and Vijayaraghavan, V. (2002) Mellon Investor Services (ECCH case reference 9-402-036, Harvard Business School)IntroductionMellon Investor Services (MIS) is an investment funds commission and investment services company, focused to help clients manage and move their financial assets and succeed in the rapidly changing global marketplace. Between 2000 and 2001 MIS under(a)went a substantial organizational redesign, which will be critically considered in this essay. Wittington and Mayer (2002) suggest that organizational performance is driven by the companys ability to redesign structures frequently, even the modify requires participation of the great unwa shed leading the intensify i.e. agents, organizational structure that welcomes the careen and confiscate managements styles.The Chief Financial Officer of MIS, Jim Aramanda led the company for few very sure-fire years, during which MIS was providing cutting offerings for transfer of training agent services including issue services, employee plans and direct services, broker / dealer services. The company had five years of happy turn outth and MIS was meeting and exceeding its financial goals.In Autumn of 2002 Aramandas became concerned for the successful futurity of the company and he recognised few areas that required closer forethought different line of telephone line units were non consolidating their offerings and taking advantage of various results, which resulted in two Requests For Proposal coming from one client whereby twain RFPs were replied to separately, as opposed to a combined and unified response, current successful offering of core products did not gua rantee that MIS would grow in future, MIS staff were not building long-term affinity with the clients indeed telephone circuit opportunities may not be spotted in good time, requirement for refreshing measures of performance and progress, overlook of focus on hiring and rewarding talented people, deficiency of focus on product development, which was manifested in product being offered by the sales department without confirmation that the product may actually be delivered to the clients, any(prenominal) of the groups, such as technology, were too achievement oriented without being focused.In order to address the higher up concerns and mould the company to his recent vision, Aramanda hired a number of experienced consultants to support his structural redesign of MIS. Aramanda realised that the wobble would also involve a dramatic shift of vision and attitudes to introduce forward-looking systems and subsystems, with the likely result of clash of wills.Buchanan Badham (2008) argue that such a change can be successful if it involves one person influencing the organization according to their values, and Aramanda had the clear vision and skills to gather a team of informal people to fundamentally amend and even up MIS future capabilities. The change that MIS underwent could be classified as strategic or transformational (Buchanan and Huczynski, 2010) and it aimed to redefine the boundaries, methods of problem-solving and doing business in the company.Aramanda acted on his vision in a very organise manner, as he instantly hired experienced, independent and talented consultants, Mary Davis and Jeanne DiFrancesco, and empowered them to accurately assess how the change should be conducted whilst keeping disruption of the day-to-day business activities to the minimum, design a four-phase project that was conformable with Aramandas aggressive deadlines, and work alongside all business units to manage the organizational change swimmingly and efficiently.Alth ough the organizational change instigated by Aramanda and facilitated by the consultants proved a great success, there were sure areas that should adopt been dealt with differently. The main challenges I collect chosen as a topic of this assignment included boilers suit communicating, dealing with resistance to change and managing relationships.1. CommunicationBuchanan and Huczynski (2010) note that many managers do not pay attention to communication when implementing change, which may increase employee absenteeism, turnover and low productivity. Further much, some of the reasons for employees change magnitude expectation during the change care for are availability of information through the internet as well as employees anticipation to stick out ideas and be kept informed. If these expectations are met, employees feel valued and therefore are more likely to be committed to the company and perform better at their work.Aramanda wanted to be supportive of a certain degree of open communication culture, which was manifested by a requirement for the employees to nominate their colleagues for new-fangledly created job posts. This approach was also constructed to represent Aramandas interests and to manipulate employee attitudes and behaviours.The nomination process aimed to begin advantage of knowledge in the network or informal skills that perhaps could have been difficult to be evaluated by an outsider. The outcome however proved to be different than anticipated, as it created a negative feeling amongst the employees. Furthermore, one of the reasons for hiring consultants in the showtime place was to take advantage of their impartiality and independence from office politics.Insufficient communication was also unambiguous in Phase whiz of the organizational change, during which key services, products and activities of the business were analysed. The result was anxiousness amongst the employees, who being acrophobic of job cuts, would feel that they were disregarded and forgotten, which in return lowered their productivity until the process was complete.As depict by Buchanan and Huczynski (2010), many companies operate within a range of open and closed communication climate. promiscuous and honest communication leads to employees having rea hearic expectations, and closed and defensive communication creates an atmosphere of distrust and secrecy.Although Aramandas relationship with his superiors was commendable, as he had a very open working relationship with the consultants and his direct reports, the communication with his employees was not as successful. One of the reasons for this situation was a wishing of Head of Corporate Communications, whose post was vacant until June 2001, therefore all information during the process of a change was not communicated to the staff. Kotter and Schlesinger (1979) confirm that communication of ideas assists employees see the logic and need for change. The implication for MIS was that em ployees did not understand what was happening, therefore they were more unlikely to follow management decisions.Issues of communication also affected real relationships with clients. One of the objectives of the organizational change was to evaluate every job campaign and employee in line with the new business strategy. This resulted in initiation of new key groups, including new business development team focused on growth and return on investment in new clients and client management team whose assignment was growth and return on investment in existing clients.The new groups comprised of employees that had to move away from the relationships they took time and effort to establish with their clients. Before the change these relationships lead to more sales and generated more business through word of mouth. Furthermore, strong relationships improved the internal organization, morale, increased work and lead to greater satisfaction at work. By creation of new groups the above relat ionships were damaged or broken, which could have lead to a possible revenue loss caused by the impact that the organizational change had on the client satisfaction.2. Resistance to changeBuchanan and Huczynski (2010) confirm that change implies a positive experiment and creation of something new as well as a negative confrontation with the unknown through the deconstruction of familiar arrangements. Some of the MIS employees demonstrated unwillingness to accept the proposed changes, as they perceived them as threatening to the individual. The main causes of resistance to change were as followsLack of facilitation and supportKotter and Schlesinger (1979) outline facilitation and support as roughly helpful, where terror and anxiety lie at the heart of resistance. At MIS some of the managers were not supporting their employees in new roles, as people were expected to continue to take care of their old responsibilities, therefore the new responsibilities had to take second priority. They employees were not given sufficient time to adjust to new jobs or recover subsequently demanding period.Low tolerance for changeBuchanan and Huczynski (2010) stress that that people differ in their ability to cope with change and uncertainty, which may lead them to oppose even potentially beneficial changes. Kotter and Schlesinger (1979) agree that if the change is significant and the employees tolerance for change is low, he might begin to actively oppose the change for reasons he does not consciously understand.Misunderstanding and lack of trustBuchanan and Huczynski (2010) argue that employees are more likely to resist the change if they dont understand the reasons behind it. As outlined in the section above regarding lack of communication, it blends transparent that MIS employees were not told what are the positive implications of change, therefore they believed the change might cost them much more than they would gain. This could be characterised by having a low level o f trust in the midst of employees and managers and result in misunderstandings and increased perception of threat when change was introduced.3. Networks and relationshipsAnother challenge facing the organizational change of MIS was managing existing relationships and creating new networks.One of aims for the reorganization once MIS services and products and market needs were analysed, was to break down capabilities into building blocks and accordingly to recompose the blocks to fit within the new strategy. In practice this meant changing the divisional structure of the organization from service-based to customer-based. The change from squares to squares and triangles caused a large power shift and a felling of unrest and injustice to many employees.In the new organization chart the triangles comprised of market-facing professionals and were perceived as the winners. The triangles included new business development, client management, product management development and business man agement analytics units. A triangle holds its place as a symbol in the mathematics of ideal proportions and in the MIS reorganizational design employees chosen to become a part of new teams were deemed as drivers having a superior status.This formal status was closely related to the leadership, generally accepted by the others with a power to yield and control other groups. On the other hand, the squares represented all other employees in the company and were perceived as the losers and followers and deemed to have an inferior status. Buchanan and Huczynski (2010) note that lower status groups have less power and tend to be less influential, therefore employees actively seeking status in order to fulfil their self-esteem may experience personal dissatisfaction.Buchanan and Huczynski (2010) note that this method of implementing organizational change can cause confusion and increase employees level of stress. The MIS consultants hoped that by dismantling of social networks, new netw orks would grow very quickly. The presumption was made that the existing social networks used to compensate for the inefficiencies in the old system, so now they should accelerate the efficiencies of the new system.Some employees viewed this as a positive move, as it allowed transitioning some people to other teams to build communication and continuity based on their prior experiences in other business areas. This however had a more political aspect as many managers when switching roles from triangles to squares in their self-seeking wanted to take the good people with them. In practice, whereby poor communication was also a bestow factor, the new social networks were not created as rapidly as anticipated and had a negative influence on employee engagement and work performance.Another reason for changing the divisional structure of the organization was MIS lack of integration. Child (2004) stresses that integration is a vital product of good organization, whereby different activit ies collectively create value. One of identified reasons for change at MIS was to consolidate their product offering to create more value for the customers.Although it is relatively easy to state the requirement for integration, it is not so straightforward to achieve it. The problem of integration presents itself closely noticeably in the relations between functions that are responsible for producing services according to predetermined parameters established within the company, and functions that have to continuously adapt to the external environment.The organization cannot remained viable without this integration. Teams are one of the most commonly used means for achieving integration, however during the implementation of change at MIS these were taken apart under conditions of uncertainty and pressure. One of the signs that the integration needs were not sufficiently met by the new teams was conflict between departments, mainly between triangles and squares. This situation wou ld require ongoing monitoring to ensure that the conflict does not become persistent and threat overall teams performance.SummaryAs outlined above, the main challenges of the organizational change instigated by Aramanda included overall communication, dealing with resistance to change and managing relationships. The organizational change was possible due to a great contribution from the consultants, who appreciated that an organizational change is a complex process to dramatically adjust organization vision, structure and culture in a continuous effort to improve the performance.Reference list1.Buchanan D., Badham R. (2008) Power, politics and organizational change Winning the turf game, p. 9. 2.Buchanan D., Huczynski A.A. (2010) Organizational behaviour, pp. 329-330, 562-564, 570-573. 3.Child J. (2004) Organization modern Principles and Practice Chaper 4Achieving Integration, p. 81-82. 4.Kotter J. P., Schlesinger L.A. (1979) Choosing strategies for change Harvard Business Review, March April pp. 108-109. 5.http//www.bnymellon.com/about/index.html, accessed on 18 June 2012.

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Dance is a sport Essay Example for Free

trip the light fantastic is a sport EssayI. Introduction a) Attention Getter What is the translation of a sport? A game played with a orchis? Is it people in mean(a) pants running around? How about an athletic activity requiring readiness or physical artistic production and often of a competitive nature? That sounds more like it. Football, baseball, and track fit those definitions, but so does another recreational activity that is not typically considered a sport dance. b) Personal Statement I myself am a dancer and have been dancing my whole life. Being a dancer, one of the lather things anyone can say is that dance is not a sport and I want to prove them wrong. novelty Dance fits all those requirements. An athletic activity? Oh yeah Requiring skill or physical prowess? decidedly Often of a competitive nature? You bet Dance is even recognized as a sport by the International Olympic Committee. Then why is this fine art not considered a sport? II. Dance is an athletic act ivity. a) The sport of dance takes years of training and hard work to perfect. Yes, I said sport. Although some believe that dancing is nothing more than tutus and twirling, it is a mentally engaging and physically demanding activity.b) Dance is actually quite similar to one of the most popular sports in the United States football. In both activities, athletes be assigned specific jobs, roles, or positions. Each follows choreographed plays. Both types of athletes travel using reliable steps or passes. Similar, chastise? III. Dance requires skill or physical prowess. a) One difference betwixt dance and most sports is the way the athletes present themselves. During a tennis match, the players grunt and groan when hitting the ball to show everyone how hard they are working. However, dancers must always look graceful and light as a feather. The best dancerscan discover the most difficult moves look effortless. It takes lots of practice to perfect those moves and make them look easy . This is why dance is a mental sport as well. b) Dr. Jill McNitt-Gray, a professor in kinesiology (the scientific study of movement) at the University of Southern California, has worked with national champions and Olympic gold medalists. Through her work with paid ballroom dancers, she found that a dancer doing the jive can reach foot speeds of 15 miles an hour. In addition, a dancer can spin up to 180 times in a turn four times faster than a record player c) Balance is a vital get out of dance.Dancers must have strong core muscles. Men need strong shoulders for lifts, since they must not nevertheless support their own body weight but also their partners. Dancers are some of the toughest athletes in the world, claims Dr. McNitt-Gray. IV. Dance is a competitive nature. a) Many ask, How can dance be a sport? You cant sound out on time and the scoring is subjective Just like figure skaters, competitive dancers are judged on many criteria technique, posture, timing, line, hold, poise, togetherness, expression, presentation, power, and foot or leg action. Dancers have a lot on their minds while performing.They are constantly asking themselves, am I extending correctly? Is my technique right? Is my head facing the right direction? b) Some people think dance involves less endurance than sports like cross-country running. However, these runners work out forces in only one direction but, as Dr. McNitt-Gray said, in dance, your hands, legs, and head are exerting forces in divers(prenominal) directions all at the same time. c) Dance is a cardiovascular, aerobic, and challenging sport. Many professional athletes, including former Pittsburgh Steeler widely receiving system Lynn Swann, dance to improve their flexibility.Dance fits all the requirements of a sport, and has the physical and mental challenges of a sport, as well. V. Conclusion a) Main Points Just like any other sport, dance is an athletic activity that requires skill or physical prowess and is often a competitive nature. b) Ending Statement If you are shaking your head thinking, this girls crazy, get up off your chair and try it yourself. Meanwhile, I look forward to the solar day I might be able to stand on that Olympic platform and receive a gold medal for the sport of dance. Sources and References 1. Professor of Kinesiology, Jill McNitt-Gray.University of South California http//www.worlddancesport. org/About/All/Fit_Through_Dance 2. Pittsburgh Steeler wide receiver Lynn Swann, By Joe Horrigan. Courtesy of the Pro Football Hall of Fame http//www. profootballresearchers. org/Coffin_Corner/23-03-895. pdf 3. The Mayo Clinic, a published medical journal. The health Benefits of Dancing Including Specific Benefits of Different Dances. http//www. sixwise. com/newsletters/05/11/02/the_health_benefits_of_dancing__including_specific_benefits_of_different_dances. htm 4. Santa Rosa High, The Press Democrat. The great debate is dance a sport? http//teenlife. blogs. pressdemocrat. com /11749/the-great-debate-is-dance-a-sport/.

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Regulating Violent Video Games Essay Example for Free

Regulating Violent Video Games EssayAn African sawing machine says, It takes a village to raise a claw. besides in this society the child b arly has a mother or father to truly depend on. When I was I child I was successful to have a family so close that if I did something wrong, it seemed homogeneous the whole world knew. This is what made me the homosexual being I am today. My philosophy is somewhat like a doctors oath, beginning do no harm. With this idea I believe in karma what you send out entrust come back to you. Hate begets hate violence begets violence toughness begets a greater toughness. We moldiness meet the forces of hate with the power of love. (Martin Luther King, 1958)So whose place is it to deal with the problem of violence in flick games? The problem is ours because we have the caused the demand for such games. And without the demand in that respect would be no extremity for them. But since we do have them just as we have guns, the parents should ta ke back visit. Just as you hold outt allow your children to listen to offensive rap music, or play with guns. The same way you dont want your child to look at pornographic material we should censor the games our children play. Why is this, the parents problem?Well you did bring them into this world, and are therefore responsible for their well-being including their mental growth. When a child plays ferocious games, studies show that their brain is stimulated. But dont books do the same thing. existence a parent means you live by example and make up if you cant do that you should make the right choice for youre under age child. By allowing such games to be played, this tells the child that it accepted. Imagine a child that watches porn all day long and no champion could mayhap think that one day he will be a sexual deviant.Of course when asked why he turned out this way, he will say it was the porn. But what of the parents that let him watch tell porn. Shouldnt the parents be the ones to be held responsible? I guess once its reached that point that would be repetitive over spilt milk. So start now, while they are young and pliable. Teach that violence is not fantastic in real life or a game. Our county was based and founded on the freedoms that have allowed our country to be great. The freedom to exist, to pursue happiness if we so choose.We have freedom of speech, expression and purge non-expression taking our liberties one day at a time. So could playing flick games and watching tough movies be a form of expression. And if it is considered a form of expression, I believe that the government should not have a federal agency in the regulating of such things. Except to provide information of the dangers it could cause. Like smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol dont restrict me by taking my choice away but help me to disclose understand the consequences of my choices.If the government did more than just put ratings on video games, like banning them like banning 2 Live Crew it would cause an outrage from the country. People who dont even play video games would wake up and find the error in such banning. This banning would be a form of taking away an Americans rights. Because after all even though we have a black president, we are not so far ahead of times to misunderstand the banning as a form of protection. But believe that we would somehow become a communist state over night.Somehow the liberties we take for granted would become the reason people would fight for the wrongness of such violent images. We should as a nation take responsibility for our actions and our childrens actions. If we did this there would be no need for the government to regulate our lives in such ways as banning the things that allow for self expression. And even though violence may or may not touch our lives sometimes daily there is no reason keep those that like the blood and guts from their idea a fun.If you not line drawing the serial killer yo u are watching or playing there is no need for my perplexity or the governments regulation on such matters. In conclusion, I am against violent video games but I understand the need for others to participate in such activities. I in addition understand that taking away such rights to play these games would cause chain reaction of government control of not only what is played but viewed and voiced. I believe if we are able to have extensive knowledge of the things we bring home, and then maybe we wouldnt bring them home.But if we do then we are prepared for the consequences. In being prepared we find out our children not only what is right and wrong, teaching to them to be aware of what they are teaching themselves. If parents monitor what their children do, watch and play, maybe the question of regulating violent video games would not be a question. Because it should be the parents who regulate and teach the children what is real. By teaching the children what is meant for enter tainment? To teach the children to never let the games they play become their reality.

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Library System Essay Example for Free

program program library agreement EssayIn todays rapid growth of industries, engineering science makes our lives much easier and does things with accuracy. Computer is perfect example of techno lumbery that was make a great impact in the society. after(prenominal) the effectiveness of the techno registery had recognized, it caught the attention of divers(prenominal) industries. The technology had utilized to help students and competency to perform much better on what they do. One contingent r outine of this technology was library wariness corpse that could provide necessary carry data in acceptation and travel withstands. This strategy in al starowed the management to enter in a bare-assed support disk and retrieved the details of obliges available in the library. Issuing, run of books, and maintaining says were some of the capabilities of this governing body. It show uped on the whole the necessary selective cultivation exacted much(prenominal) as entry, number of books borrowed and the available books left in the library. This trunk provided a concrete performance regarding library re showtimes to ensure the efficiency of the make for.It clear offer to its borrower through providing functions that help the management to organize all the data involve in executing in the transactions like breaking and get of books. It has an inventory put downs for books for the assurance of its availability. Statement of the Problems Managing a library was definitely a disfranchised task and had guideed a lot of time especially when all the transactions were inserted manually like in subroutine library Hub Gapan parting. A borrower should fill up a slip when borrowing and travel books in the subroutine library Hub. librarian or assistant librarian eternalizeed it on the log book.In this kind of military operation, the borrowers experienced impediment in produceing books beca habit at that place were gigabyte boo ks on the list. Through the trunks look function, finding for a particular(prenominal) book became a simple task. It also inevitable more efforts for both staff and borrower to know if there were enough books to borrow. The library management dodging provided the number of exist books to ensure its availability. The staff found it hard to make reports and record all transactions because they needed to update all(prenominal) transaction manually. This was eliminated by victimisation the forms print functions that provided the printed reports in righteous a click.Objectives General Objective The general neutral of this spew is to create a depository library anxiety System for depository library Hub Gapan plane section. Specific Objectives program library guidance System should be able to * provide book reference and its location through a search engine function for the library staff and borrowers * provide computerized transaction such as borrowing and returning of bo oks and * print book records such as borrowed, unreturned, and masters list of books. Scope and Limitation This study certain a program library Management System for Library Hub Gapan Division in Gapan Nueva Ecija.This Library System automates the underlying library functions to aid in the day-to-day operations of the library. It has different graphic symbol of lines like the executive and drug exploiter business relationship. The system has log history, backup, and restores function. It allowed the borrowing and returning of books, as puff up as printing the records of returned and borrowed books. It had a readjust function for sexual conquest password and could change log in info if necessary. The system provided the book situation such as total number of replaced, repaired, and damaged books.The system had no transaction fee or fines for the neglectful borrowers. The substance ab exploiters could non create their own account. Only the administrator has the full cont rol in the system most especially when modify all the records. In printing of reports, sorting of record is d maven monthly. It is not capable of printing records with different months at the said(prenominal) time. CHAPTER II BACKGROUND OF THE CAPSTONE PROJECT In exploration, we find new methods, new familiarity, even develop new substances, processes or procedures, imagination and skill was utilise by the developer.Today, libraries face the challenge of remaining relevant to the users. The concept of a library staying in one fixed space was slowly evolving. Observation and interview argon conducted to understand the Library Hub Gapan Divisions existing system which is a manual process. When users borrow books, the staffs check all the book records to find what users need and check the bins if there argon enough books to borrow. Borrowers fill up the borrowers slip to borrow books and proceed to the librarian or assistant librarian to record the transaction and to issue the boo ks.after using the books, borrowers return the books by filling up return slip and surrendering the books to the assistant librarian. bibliothec or assistant librarian records it manually in the log book. On the last day of their office hour, they tally all the transactions for the week, manually. The staffs of the library encodes the records for making reports such as the book circumstance, returned, borrowed and master list of books. To fully understand what a Library Management System is, a research for the existing system was done. This research was used as a basis in creating a Library Management System.Ken Chad says that Library automation helps not just the library staff but also makes it easier for library users to get tuition quickly. Tasks such as viewing the catalogue, putting books on re dispense or renewing titles bath buoy now be quickly staring(a) from a computer. This give an idea that a Library Management System could help the Library Hub to do their day to da y transaction, so Library Management System is created to solved the problem of Library Hub Library Management System made by Rolan Alga for Saint Vincent High School was similar to the process of Library Hub. The system of Mr.Alga has book inventory which assures the availability and number of books and compute fines for the overdue books. This allows the user to search, borrow and return book by just entering the book discipline needed in a specific transaction. The system also allows publishing of reports, restoring and having data back up to secure the records of the library. Tthe exclusively difference of Library Hub to St. Vincent High School is that they dont set about fee or fines for the overdue books it serves as a pattern to create a Library Management System for Library Hub. This helped a lot to decide where to start and to the interface of the system.The general functions of this proposed library system are beneficial to e really school that borrow books in the Hub. It message that the intended audience for this project is not only for mortal borrower, but it is also for both library and to the schools who uses the system. This system has all the book transactions needed in the Library Hub. It offers computerized transactions like borrowing, returning books, printing of book reports. CHAPTER III TECHNICAL BACKGROUND visual Basic is Graphical Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool that aims at providing the user with a vivid interface that was intuitive and easy to use. opthalmic Basic was a popular programming tool that fuck be used to write any kind of visual application ranging from a game to a database management application. It was a powerful drag and drop tool that empennage be used in developing project. Now-a-days Visual basic was universe widely used for developing different types of applications because aside from being user-friendly, it has a wide range of support available. Using My Structured Query Language (MySQL) for the back end, with Visual Basic 6. 0 they were known to be a dynamic duo. MySQL was pronounced either My S-Q-L or My Sequel, was an clear-cut source relational database management system.MySQL offers secured data basing which make it popular to public. Aside from being secured, MySQL was open source software, user-friendly and also has a wide range of support available. The Operating System exit serve as the most important software application that depart be used. An operating system (sometimes decrease as OS) was the program that, after being initially loaded into the computer by a iron boot program, manages all the other programs in a computer. The application programs make use of the operating system by making requests for services through a defined Application Program Interface (API).In addition, users can interact directly with the operating system through a user interface such as a command language or a graphical user interface (GUI). Computers are needed to develop the proje ct and the available computer that was being used has the specification of 2 gigabyte RAM, 320 gigabyte hard disk drive, Intel core duo for processor and other peripherals such as mouse. The operating system used in developing the project is Windows 7 Ultimate. The Library Management System of Library Hub Gapan Division used four (4) computers in implementing the project.To establish connection to these computers, the topology used to network the computers is star topology which uses hub to connect all those computers. Two (2) of these computers was used by the decision maker, one go away be used by the librarian and the other one was for the pay heedant librarian who was in charged of updating and monitoring all the transactions in the library. The other two (2) computers were used by the borrower in searching the books they want and in filling on the computerized slip for borrowing and returning books. CHAPTER IV METHODOLOGY Locale of the StudyThe proposed Library Management System was for Library Hub Gapan Division located at Gapan, Nueva Ecija. The proposed Library System of Library Hub Gapan Division was beneficial to thirty-three (33) Elementary Schools and seven (7) High Schools with approximately 10,000 students. Organizational Chart LIBRARY HUB GAPAN category HIGH SCHOOL ELEMENTARY Figure 1. 0 School under Library Hub Gapan Division Library Hub Gapan Divison was a library facility under Department of education that allows all the schools in Gapan to borrow all the resources of the books available in the library.The schools as shown in Figure 1. 0 were under the Library Hub which are compose of elementary schools and high schools in Gapan Nueva Ecija . Requirements Specification The interview and observation to the lymph node are conducted to understand what are needed to be done in this project. The client was consulted regarding to the process and problems they encountered, what were the functions needed for the project to be very useful to them. The Library Hub is in need of a Library Management System to solve their problems which made their manual process to a computerized one.Based on the interview conducted, this Library Management System shall have the functions of borrowing, returning of books, adding of accounts and books, updating accounts and book records, printing of records, and search functions for finding books. Four (4) computers were used in the executing of the system and these computers were networked using a hub. In developing the project, the developer started to clear the system part by part. He used Visual Basic 6. 0 where designing of system interface and program coding takes place.The developer started to build the system with the log in form which was basically needed to memory main course the system. After dealing with log in, creating the account panels was done that allow the administrator to add new accounts and update the existing records. The next function was book panel where adding and updating of book records are the main concern. Adding and updating of the main records were done, borrowing and returning of books were possible. The developer dealt with borrowed and returned books. The developer placed a confirmation request when borrowing books and this request needs to be confirmed by the administrator.After those functions, the developer started working on inventory which displays the masters list, borrowed and unreturned books. This inventory also displayed the availability of the books. Those records are prin sidestep so that making reports would be easier. After the main functions of the system were done, the developer focused on the minor functions such as (1)search engine which make finding book easy over a list consisting of thousand books, (2)security/ pop-up message, (3)system interface and others. These functions were made especially for Library Hub Gapan Division to assist them in their day to day operation. Requirements polar methods are useful t o understand what must be done and what to touch the client needs. One of these methods is requirements theoretical account which was subdivided into different five processes. INPUT -Conduct an interview to the target client. Gathers breeding that entrust be needed in the project Review the information and process of the manual library.PROCESS Analyze all the information gathers commute all the information gathers in input stage OUTPUT The result of this project is the Library Management System for Library Hub Gapan Division PERFORMANCE -It can add book records and accounts for the borrower-it supports three (3) different type of users -it support saving, updating and printing of library records -keep track all the records of the borrowers CONTROL -The system has a log-in form to provide security.-Creating new user account is done only by the Administrator -It has a two-user level access the Administrator which is sub-divided into two the one is for librarian and the other one is for assistant librarian. The user (borrowers) is the second type of user level. Figure 2. 0 Requirements Model of Library Management System inaugural is the INPUT wherein conducting an interview was done as a preliminary investigation of project to be.The developer found out that this library was in need of a library management system because of the different problems that the librarian encountered. The second was PROCESS. The developer pertinacious to make a library management system for the client after conducting an interview. This library management system replaced paper and pens in recording data transaction because it computerized the process in which they used computers in making those transactions. Having the Library Management System resulted to an output which serves as the third process.As an OUTPUT, the schools were able to borrow, return and make inventory reports easier than performing it manually. They searched and chose books by just clicking and scrolling . The system also helped the librarian and other staff in recording all the transactions and making good inventory. The fourth method of requirements modelling is PERFORMANCE. In this method, the system can identify how the transaction of the library system has been done. It proved how the system can satisfy the needs of the clients. It keeps all the records of the borrowers of the book tracked. Transactions include borrowing and returning books.CONTROL is the last process wherein the librarian served as the Administrator of this project that holds the full access in the system. Assistant bibliothec helped the Librarian to monitor and update the system. The school representative that borrowed books are entered all the necessary data in borrowing and returning books. bibliothec/ ADMINISTRATOR 0. 0 Library Management System for Library Hub Gapan Division athletic supporter LIBRARIAN SCHOOLS/ BORROWER fork up book (s) Borrow book (s) update accounts pot all records Update book recor ds ascertain books information (Status location).View records Update book records book informationprinted reports Transaction reports Inventory Print records Print reports make culture Context diagram shows the system as a whole in its environment. This Library Management System has three external entities (Figure 2. 0). The first one is the Librarian that serves as the Administrator which has the full control in the system.The administrator can update all accounts and book records, borrow and return books, confirmed book request and print records. The Assistant Librarian has all the functions of the administrator except for updating accounts. Borrowers can only view, borrow and return books. LIBRARIAN/ ADMINISTRATOR 0. 0Library Management System for Library Hub Gapan Division ASSISTANT LIBRARIAN SCHOOLS/ BORROWER hold back book (s) Borrow book (s) Update accounts View all records Update book records View books information (Status location) View records Update book records boo k information printed reports Transaction reports Inventory Print records Print reports accommodate Information Figure 3. 0 Context draw of Library Management System for Library Hub Gapan Division Data Flow draw is a means of representing a system at any level. The Figure 3 shows the catamenia of data in the system. The Administrators can update accounts and book records directly in the system.Through the system, they can borrow and return books, generate computerized books reports as well as printing of book records was all possible. In return, the system provides book information, transaction records, inventory, and printed reports. The system also provides book records that used by the borrowers in searching, borrowing and returning books in the system. LIBRARIAN accounting system confirmation 1. 0 Log in accounts Tbl_ACCOUNTS DB depict Confirmation Input Log in information Log in Information account information 2. 0 Update Accounts Account information Account found List of account Updated Account information.Use account 3. 0 Adding books word of honor information Account information List of books Updated make information moderate information DB Tbl_ allbooks make records 4. 0 View record List of books phonograph recording information Book records Use Book information Book record Book information 5. 0 Search books Searched Book information Search book record A Figure 4. 0 Data Flow plot (Librarian) DB A returned book records bribe Books Print record 8. 0 Confirm request Returned Books information All book records Borrowed books Borrowed book records Return books 9. 0 Print infixs 10. 0 Tbl_borrowbooks DB Book supplicate Printed records A.6. 0 Borrow Books Book Record Borrowed books Confirm request Book request Book information 7. 0 Reserved Books LIBRARIAN Book information DB Tbl_ borrowedbooks Borrowed books Tbl_ allbooks Book information DB Figure 4. 1 Data Flow Diagram (Librarian) Figure 4. 0 and 4. 1 shows the track down of data using th e account of the librarian, he/she needs to log in first to access the system which the log in information was retrieve from the database table accounts. When the Administrator log in to the system, it can create account for the borrowers and update these accounts that are saved from the same database table.After having account, adding of books and update record are can be done and saved in the database table allbooks . These records are can be viewed by all type of accounts which used in borrowing books. When they borrow books a request bequeath send that needs to be confirmed by the administrator and this request can serves as a reservation request. If the request were finally confirmed by the admin it saves to the database table borrowedbooks. In returning books, the data in the table borrowedbooks is being retrieved for it to be returned and this was save into the database table returnedbooks with the date returned.For any borrowed books, this were mechanically subtracted to t he total number of books in the database and when the books was returned the number of books borrowed were added to the total number of books. The Administrator can print the records on database tables borrowed, returned and allbooks for the reports of the library. LIBRARIAN 2. 1 Add Accounts DB Tbl_ accounts Inputted account Information account record 2. 3 Update account Book record account Information Updated account record Old account record 2. 2 delay account Input account information Checked information Account status Account Information.Updated Account Information Figure 5. 0 Decomposing Diagram (Adding of Accounts -Librarian) The Decomposing Diagram of adding accounts (Figure 5. 0) shows the process on how the librarian will add or edit account information to the system. The Librarian will input the account information given by the borrowers and the system will check the entered information from the database table accounts if there was an existing record. Then if there was n o record found it will be saved on the same database table. Librarian can update that account information on the database. LIBRARIAN 3. 1 Input book information.DB Tbl_ allbooks Inputted Book Information Book record 3. 3 Update book record Book record Book Information Updated Book record Old Book record 3. 2 Check book record Book information Updated book list Figure 6. 0 Decomposing Diagram (Adding of Books -Librarian) The Decomposing Diagram of adding books (Figure 6. 0) shows the process on how the librarian will add or edit book information to the system. The Librarian will input the book information on the book he/she want to borrow and the system will check the inputted information from the database table allbooks if there was an existing record.Then if there was no record found it will be saved on the same database table. Librarian can update that book records on the database. Book information LIBRARIAN 6. 1 Input book information DB Tbl_ allbooks Inputted account Information Account record Account Information Check book record 6. 2 Borrowed book information 6. 3 DB Tbl_ borrowbooks Submit Borrowing Borrowed book request Request Figure 7. 0 Decomposing Diagram (Borrowing Books -Librarian) The diagram above (Figure 7. 0) shows the process on how the Librarian can borrow books using the system.The Librarian input the book information will be borrowed accordingly the system checks the records in the allbooks if there are available books to borrow and if there are enough books, the entered information serves as a request and this will be saved on database table borrowbooks which need to be confirmed. DB Tbl_ borrowbooks Borrowed Book record 7. 1 Select borrowed books Book information Book record LIBRARIAN Selected borrowed books information 7. 2 Confirmed Request list Approve Request Approved Book request DB Tbl_ borrowedbooks Check book record Figure 8. 0. Decomposing Diagram (Confirm Book Request(Librarian).The diagram (Figure 8. 0) shows the process on how the Librarian will confirm the book request of the borrowers. The Librarian will select a book request of send by the borrower and then click the confirm button. The confirmed request will be saved on the database table borrowedbooks which need to be confirmed. Borrowed Book record Borrowed book information 8. 1 Select Borrowed book DB Tbl_ borrowbooks Borrowed Book information LIBRARIAN Returned Book Information Borrowed Book information DB Tbl_ returnedbooks 8. 2 Complete Return slip Returned Book information Borrowed Book information DB Tbl_ allbooks Figure 9.0 Decomposing Diagram (Return Book -Librarian) The diagram (Figure 9. 0) shows the process on how to return book. The Librarian will select a book record and then click the return button to complete the information needed in returning books. This will be saved on the database table returnedbooks and the numbered of books borrowed is added available books on the table allbooks as part of the inventory.Book information Lis t of books Updated List of books New Book information Book information Searched Book information Book information Log in Information Input Log in information Account Confirmation Account confirmation Bookinformation Old Book information Book record Book records Updated Book record Book information Updated Book record Book records Book records ASSISSTANT LIBRARIAN.1. 0 Log in Account Tbl_ACCOUNTS DB DB Tbl_ allbooks 2. 0 Add books 3. 0 Update Information 4. 0 View record 5. 0 Search books A Figure 10. 0 Data flow Diagram (Assistant Librarian) DBTbl_allbooks A returned book records Return Books Print record 8. 0 Confirm request Returned Books information All book records records Borrowed books Borrowed book records Return books 9. 0 Print Records 10. 0 Book Request Printed records A 6. 0 Borrow Books Book Record Borrowed booksConfirm request Book Request Book information 7. 0 Reserved Books ASSISSTANT LIBRARIAN Book information Input book information Borrowed books DB Tbl_ borrowedboo ks Tbl_borrowbooks DB Figure 10. 1 Data flow Diagram (Assistant Librarian) Assistant librarians account was around like the account of head librarian he/she must log in first to access all the functions of the system. When the Assistant Librarian was successfully log in to the system it can add new book record which save on the database table allbooks. From this table, the book information was being retrieved for updates and it will be saved on the same database table.This account can borrow books and confirmed book request. After the borrowing books and the request was confirmed, it can return the books which will be saved on the database table returnedbooks. The records in the table returnedbooks is retrieve to view the summary of books returned. It can print records such as borrowed, unretuened and master list of books which will retrived records on different database table. This account is not capable of updating account records and reset borrowers password, as well as the view ing the log history of the system as shown in Figure 10. 0 and 10. 1. LIBRARIAN/ASSISTANT LIBRARIAN.5. 0 Return books Borrowed books Tbl_borrowedbooks DB Returned books Request confirmed Borrowed book books Tbl_returnedbooks DB 2. 0 View available books BORROWER Account found Log in Information Input Log in information Account Confirmation Account confirmation 1. 0 Log in account Tbl_ACCOUNTS DB 3. 0 Search books 4. 0 Borrow books Book information books Book records Request book Tbl_allbooks DB Book information 5 Confirmed request Request information Figure 11 Data flow Diagram (Borrower) The account of User can search, borrow and return books which were the basic transaction in the Library Hub.This type of account was capable of viewing all the available books in the Library. User account can search for a specific book to locate, view its availability and information. In borrowing books, the user will fill up the computerized borrower slip and wait for the administrators confirmati on to validate the borrowers request. interlock Topology A network topology describes the arrangement of systems on a computer network. It defines how the computers, or nodes, indoors the network are arranged and connected to each other. Figure 12. 0 Network Topology for Library Management SystemThe topology used in the implementation of the project was star topology which see to the situation because this topology was a server based network. The system needed a server and client computers to be more effective. To establish connection between the computers, hub was used. The server was placed on the table of decimal point Librarian and Assistant Librarian. When the client preferred to use one server for the librarian or the administrator, one computer for the assistant librarian and two computers for the libraries client, star topology is used to establish connection to the computers will be used.Programming Environment Front End Microsoft Visual Basic 6. 0 serves as the front-e nd in developing this project. This is the marginal tool that used to create this Library Management System. Visual Basic (VB) is a programming environment which was called the drag and drop tool because it contains built in tools like the buttons. The proponent decided to use this drag-and-drop buttons on the window directly to the form to design its interface and code the data structures of the proposed system because Visual basic is user-friendly and has a wide support in both text books and in the web.The front end serves as a tool for creating the different forms and interface of the Library Management System. back End MySQL serves as the back-end in developing this project. This serves as the data storage of all the information needed to be recorded in the database. MySQL is very fast reliable and flexible Database Management System. MySQL serve as data or record storage of all the transaction of the Library Management System. For every transactions made in the system, data w ill be saved on the different database table. This database table is where all of the information is stored and retrieved in its operation.To make those database tables, the proponent used WAMP server which has PHPMyAdmin that allows creating and managing the database. It uses a web browser to access it features and manipulate records. Testing In the development of every project, the developer must not commit any shortcomings, problems and/or mistakes. One of the best ways to avoid problems was through conducting a system quizing where in it prisees the system. This helped the project to improve and meet its objective. The twenty (20) individual was asked to test the project through an evaluation instrument provided. The developer time-tested the whole system if bugs exist.If bugs are present, the developer fixed it and makes another test until theres no take in of errors. After the developer test the system, he asked at least seven (7) IT students to test the system because the y have knowledge in this field, at least seven (7) individuals which has a course outside or not related to information technology to ensure its simplicity and understandability. One (1) Head Librarian, one (1) Department of Education prescribed in Gapan and two (2) Assistant Librarian because they were the one who used the system and to get suggestions to improve system functionalities.The evaluation instrument was used to determine what to change and what to add on the system. Lastly, two (2) member of IEAT faculty assessed the whole system and determined the systems performance. The Head Librarian from the Library Hub, Department of Education official and the proponent from IEAT faculty used the administrator account to evaluate the system the assistant librarian used the intended account for them which will be the Administrator 2. And the other respondent used the user/borrower account.In short, twenty (20) respondents are asked to test and assess the system. evaluation instru ment guided/helped the proponent to test the whole system. This helped a lot to evaluate the system for Library Hub. This was trial and error basis, when the respondent find errors/bugs on every question, it must fixed the errors first. The developer 1. Set evaluation instrument and set the units used in the system evaluation and testing. The developer networked the units used. 2. Discussed first all the function of the system and all the information needed to use the system. 3.Actual demonstration on how to use the system by using its every single function. 4. Assist the respondent when they test and evaluate the system. 5. Asked every respondent for their suggestions to make the system perform it full potential. 6. Analysed every suggestions comment and then apply the one that will make the system better. After the system had been assess through the provided evaluation instruments, answers and suggestions have been summarized. Those useful comments and suggestions were applied. T hrough this evaluation the system performed its function to its full potential.After these changes, the developer ensured that the changes made are seen by the respondent to check if it is correct and satisfy them. Through the use of Evaluation Instrument to test and assess the system, data are collected data were analysed to interpret the result of the system evaluation. The evaluation of the system used three (3) sets of evaluation questionnaires that use the different account level which were the account of Head Librarian, Assistant Librarian and Borrowers that had been summarized to use in analysing the results.