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Quality in health care administration Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Quality in health sustentation administration - Essay Example good maintenance management strategies (Upshaw, Kaluzny & McLaughlin, P192) The Process Component involves a faultfinding assessment of the factors required for the delivery of effective patient care that is individualized to meet the needs of for each one patient, and the effective management of resources and professional associations required to address patient needs. Primary Outcomes addresses issues such as whole step care from the perspective of patient and health professional. Strategic Outcomes involves a broader perspective of outcome in coitus to health organizations and healthcare consumers.The passkey Model has a more(prenominal) restricted counsel than the Transformational Model as it concentrates on the professional health care delivery system from the vantage point of the caregiver (Upshaw, Kaluzny & McLaughlin, P193). The focus is more traditional, based on the autonomous decision-making role of the individual caregiver. The Transformational model is collaborative and reflects the increasing organizational complexity of the healthcare delivery system. This model incorporates many aspects of professional development that are critical to flourishing health care delivery, and many aspects of the Professional Model are included in the Professional design Component of the Transformation Model. The major areas of focus in this area of the Transformational Model overlap the Professional Model, including Professional Growth, Transformational Leadership, Collaborative Practice and care Delivery. The Professional Practice Component is the most burning(prenominal) area of the Transformational Model, and is more dynamic and expansive in its professional goals and overall global perspective on health care delivery than the Professional Model.The Transformational Model contains many elements that are central to CQI. Continuous Quality Improvement is an important management concept that has been applied to the delivery of health care services to achieve the most effective practices from

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