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History of selfie & self portrait Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

History of selfie & self portrait - screen ExampleIn picture taking history, the ancient and initial portrait of Robert Cornelius taken in 1839 outside his line remains as the low selfie ever photographed. Robert Cornelius portrait taken in Philadelphia remained indispensable in advance(a) studies and development of selfie3. Robert processed his selfies using chemical knowledge and photography techniques. As a renowned lensman and chemist, Robert made his selfie by placing film removed from the lens cap on camera. Robert then waited for a slender before the camera before processing his final picture using chemicals. Roberts photo remained as the first ever selfie in history. It is imperative to understand that making ancient selfie involved tedious and long procedures compared to contemporary technology that takes photos at a glanceRemarkably, era of selfie developed proportionately with advancements in photography technology and introduction of modern applications. It is impe rative that introduction of portable Kodak camera in the market spurred alteration in selfie and international spread of photography. Portable Kodak camera box technology, introduced in 1900 also promoted photographic self-portraiture. It is interest that portable Kodak camera box technology that hugely spurred selfie development involved use of a mirror and a stabilized camera on tripod stand. In enabling production of clear and admirable selfie, photographers frame in viewfinder of the camera on box top. It is imperious that in 1914, Russian Grand Duchess teenage called Anastacia Nikolaevna became the first person to use Kodak Camera box in taking selfie.It is vital that technological advancements in genial media spurred development and emergence of modern selfies. Selfie usage first appeared on Flickr in 2004 and later advanced when Myspace establish programs for sharing photos within social platforms in 2006. In

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