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Passover Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Passover - Research Paper ExampleThe words uttered by God base the essence of Passover, the Passover recipe and acts. The Israelites were commanded by Yahweh to consume roasted meat, along with bitter greens and unleavened stops with haste, sandals on their feet, their cloaks tucked into their belts, and staffs on their hands (Exodus 12 8-13).According to Murray, the Passover was a celebration, to commemorate Gods mighty acts of salvation for his chosen state (p.4). The word Passover has consequently, the very same meaning with the Egyptian marge for spreading the wings over and protecting. The Passover feast outlined the sacrificial act that Jesus performed with his death, redeeming mankind. In reference to the Passover during the period of the Israelites, the theme of redemption is clearly shown in our everyday life when faced with act moments.As a young man, Moses fled Egypt in disgrace under a death penalty for cleanup spot an Egyptian. When God summoned him to lead the Isr aelites out of Egypt, he had been away from Egypts culture and sophistication for forty years. Moses was to go back to Egypt and confront the successor to the Pharaoh with the words let my people go (Exodus 51-5).To save His people from Egypt, God chose a man who was, in many mannerisms, similar an Egyptian. Moses was born an Israelite, but he grew up adulthood in the house of Pharaohs daughter. His Hebrew mother raised him however, he was tutored worldly experience from Egyptian teachers. He was chosen by God to deliver Israelites to show all people that the manufacturing business makes a distinction between Egyptians and Israelites (Exodus 11-7).Moses heeded Yahwehs command and went to Egypt to plea for the release of the Jews. Pharaoh completely refused to let the Israelites go, the lord showed his might by bringing down judgment on Egypts false gods. Via Moses, he off water into blood, showing the Egyptians that he was greater than the Nile that the

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