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Dream for Case Study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

Dream for Case Study - Essay Example erst I am up, everything in the room appears in clarification, and perhaps even gets smaller as I struggle to find my teach uniform.When I eventually find my school uniform it is, of course, too small. I tuck it under my arm and leave my bedroom - only honest managing to fit through the door. I call out to my get, telling her that my clothes get hold of shrunk. I opinion as though my mother moldiness have done something wrong the last time she washed my uniform, and expect her to somehow be able to fix the problem.As I walk down the hallwayway of the house that leads to the eat room, the hall begins to shrink, and it seems to get longer and longer. The hallway stretches out for about 800 metres, and at different times I know tired and disillusioned and smell as though I may never reach the completion. As I walk I continue to call out to my mother. At first I am angry, then sad, then pleasant, trying different strategies that I feel migh t get her attention. I feel aw atomic number 18 that she can hear me - but is just ignoring me.There are wild cats running natural covering and forth across the hallway in front of me, going from rooms on one status of the hall, into rooms on the other. The cats are mangy and feral and look very startled to see me. At one time I can see around five of them gathered at the land up of the hallway in the distance - but by the time I am near to the end they have scurried away. I am glad they are gone because, even though they seemed afraid of me, I was equally wary of them. I notice clumps of cat hair on the floor and think that the cats must have had a fight in the hallway. I feel even more relieved that they are gone.Eventually I reach the dining room door and squeeze through. Once inside the dining room, everything appears relatively normal. I am still fully grown, but the room is its normal size, and so are my parents, who are both at the table eating their breakfast.I hold up m y tiny school uniform and try to tell my mother it has shrunk - but cant speak. She looks up and sees me holding the uniform and looks angry. She stands up and slams her move on down on the table, saying What have you done, misterMy father looks up disapprovingly and shakes his head, then returns to eating his breakfast. He is eating sausages and eggs, and I notice he is trying to cut them up using a tiny, miniature knife and fork. I look down and notice his right hand shrivel. I think Oh no, hes shrinking too - its starting again. I look away and try to pretend I didnt see it. I am scared my mother will blame me for shrinking him.My mother grabs the uniform off me and throws it in the garbage disposal. When she turns on the garbage disposal it makes a loud shriek - like a cleaning lady screaming in agony - but noone seems to notice the sound except me. My mother says You will just have to go to school bare-assed - again. I look down and realise that I have no clothes on and pani c and feel embarrassed, then I notice that she said again - and feel even more humiliated.I start struggling to recall when I had previously been to school naked - but cant remember any such incident. I start to feel compelled to correct my mother, and explain that I had never been to school without my clothes on - but she refuses to listen and gets angry - telling me to hurry up and eat my breakfast. I steal a glance at my father and his hand is back to normal, I feel relieved and start to eat my breakfast - which is also sausages and eggs.As I start to eat, it

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