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Rhetorical analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Rhetorical analysis - see ExampleThe article is in response to the issue of world(prenominal)ization and the need to for a common style to facilitate it. This relates to the concept of culture and its influence, as well as difficulty in communication exploitation non-standard natural terminology. This is by revealing the need for the global society to communicate with ease whether it is in melody or cross cultural as seen in the case of Sweden. This is also in terms of new(prenominal) languages having increased occurs of native speakers, as Chinese, but the need to communicate on a cross-cultural basis. Ergo necessitating a common language a position slope has proven capable of modify as is demonstrated in the discourse. Concerning ethos, Seth creates credibility in his article by showing absolute command of the topic at hand and citing credible experts in the fields of linguistics and English. The experts include linguists and skeptics such(prenominal) as Nicholas Olster and David Crystal who give expert opinion on issues regarding English as a global language (Mydans). Nicholas Purports that while Latin might consume appeared set to dominate the world in the fifteenth century, English is the language to watch in post-20th century times. Crystal on the other hand agrees that English is no doubt paramount in the world than any other language has ever been nevertheless, he does not commit himself to predict its relevance as interminable. In addition, the author pays attention to other aspects of unalike language such as Hindi, Phoenician, and Chinese to show cultural differences and their impact on English as a global language these work towards building a strong base for making his claims and facts solid. This is because he presents them as languages that could have a claim to global dominance by virtue of the number of native speakers. He however explains that many parents teach their children English as a second language to alleviate them beco me citizens of an increasingly intertwined world. Basic knowledge of linguistics is sufficient for one to understand that a language gains prominence not due to its intrinsic structural or lexical configuration but the number of people accepting and learning it as a second language. By conceding to this fact, and undertaking to bring home the bacon a rational explanation as to why they are not global languages, he appeals to the indorsers sense of logic and hence earns himself credibility smudges by his objective explanations. Moreover, the writers objectivity portrays the writers perspective as neutral and unbiased since he evidently is supporting the dominant status of English because of empirical evidences. Based on the writers seemly skeptical point of view and the fact that the article appeared on one of Americas prominent newspapers and is available online, his primary audience was no doubt skeptics, and anyone looking for information on the future of English and its glob alization. The articles global outreach makes any global citizen with access to the paper online possibly accidentally (as they may not have been looking for the information), or in related linguistic research a conceivable secondary audience. The attitude or stand of the writer is that of a skeptic as it is based on plenty of speculation, specially on the issue of its

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