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Project Management Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Project Management - Case Study Example The project is to be completed within one month and has a budget of 50,000 dollars. The marketing team at Nigel Longford would be responsible for the marketing and launch of the website across various mediums so as to expand the reach of the website. The marketing team would consist of a team of 10 people. The project scope does not include designing and programming the website, which has already been conducted by the companys design and development team. The domain name has also been bought. In this phase, the project contract is developed. This contains the scope of the project, the Gantt chart, selection of team, risk planning and identifying deliverables. The scope of the project is to market and launch the website of Nigel Longford and to reach the maximum number of customers. The team would be based on 10 people. One of these people would be the team leader or the manager of the project. Three of the team members would work on the testing of the website. This includes checking and proofreading content, testing website and its link, user testing and also launching the website on the given date. This team would work closely with the design and development team. The other team, consisting of 6 people, would be responsible for marketing the website. A creative designer and an art director would be responsible for designing the marketing campaign. Two team members would be responsible for overseeing print and outdoor advertisement while the remaining two would be responsible for submitting and marketing the website across search engines, social networking websites and business directories (Barbara, n.d.) In the end, the team would be responsible for a workable website that should be launched on the given date. Also a marketing campaign, both print and digital , should be delivered as a project outcome. In this stage, the team would work in mostly pairs to achieve their objectives. Daily meetings would be conducted where all team members would be required to

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