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Question: Discuss About The Participation In Finnish Child Care Centers? Answer: Introducation It is recommended that the Toddlers Warehouse should ensure that paediatricians and child counsellors are also recruited to ensure that the care of the children could be taken efficiently. Moreover, child counsellors are essential in order to ensure that the counsellor could counsel any issue faced by the children successfully. The Toddlers Warehouse, might consider expanding in the Asian countries as well. Since the cultures of the Asian countries are changing rapidly, and most of the parents of the children are working nowadays, hence the Asian marketing is a good scope of expansion for the Toddlers Warehouse. The changing culture increases the demand for such day care centres for the children (Lamb 2014). Thus, in order to cater to the needs of the Asian cultures, the expansion strategies could be considered. Another recommendation that could be made includes that the best quality food are served to the children according to the diet prescribed by paediatricians and dieticians (Ve nninen et al. 2014). This will attract more customers and parents to keep their children in the Toddlers Warehouse, as they would be assured of the health and safety of their children. This assurance will increase the customers, thus enhancing the business of the company (Lamb 2014). It is also recommended that the positioning of the Toddlers Warehouse be made near the office areas, such that the office going parents could drop and pick up the children while going to the office or coming back. These recommendations, if implemented in the company will ensure the enhancement in the business of Toddlers Warehouse. Conclusion This assignment highlights the marketing strategy and marketing management of a full service childcare/ development facility that cares for toddlers of the age three to five, named Toddlers Warehouse. The mission and vision of the company has been described in details along with highlighting the various services that are provided to the customers. The unique selling propositions of the company include treating the children with care, along with ensuring that they are engaged in positive extra-curriculum activities. The company also ensures that they children learn the basic numbers and alphabets, while in the day care centre. The market segmentation of the company is done based on demographics, full time working parents, as well as two-income working professionals. The target market has been identified appropriately, such that the company is able to reach their target management successfully. The positioning of the Toddlers Warehouse is good, and ensures high business of the company (Venninen et al. 2014). The competitive advantages of the Toddlers Warehouse include specialised training, innovative learning programs and facility tours. Thus, the company is able to gain advantage over the other similar childcare centres, thus ensuring effective business. Few recommendations have been suggested, that could be implemented in the Toddlers Warehouse, such that the enhancement in the business along with attracting more customers will be seen. Since childcare centres have a key role to play, in shaping the future of the children, hence it is important that the Toddlers Warehouse focus on the overall developing of the children, along with enhancement in their business.; References Lamb, M.E., 2014.Child care in context: Cross-cultural perspectives. Psychology Press. Venninen, T., Leinonen, J., Lipponen, L. and Ojala, M., 2014. Supporting childrens participation in financial child care centers.Early Childhood Education Journal,42(3), pp.211-218.

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