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i-o Review Essay Example

i-o Review Paper Essay on i-o The first four stories in this collection have become the best that I have read this year. Then there were people Simon Logan young British writer who writes in the genre of industrial music and it seems specially invented for him, but it accurately describes the -. Fetish-core. How can see already from the very names of genres this literature is the flesh and blood of modern mass culture of the sub-subcultures, partly involved in the music, but later it The collection io -. This eleven dark and damn beautiful stories told in the entourage of perverse industrial worlds. Stories about the mechanisms, technologies and rusty, sometimes unfortunately, people in these non-human worlds. In general, fans of the cyberpunk and kiddies fotkat respirators should enjoy. All lovers of high-quality modern prose should like it too, because word Logan has amazing The first four stories, opening the collection, and completely captured me are called. Prism: mechanization and beauty deconstruction, Coaxial creature [up there], Netadetal and Flash . The rest Embryonic camera, Technique pulsed discharge, The chamber, Like insects, Upset feelings, Desolation and Kroveobmen just on your good, but, unfortunately, strongly lose and pale look on the background of the first furious foursome We will write a custom essay sample on i-o Review specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on i-o Review specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on i-o Review specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer the best part of the stories of Simon Logan what they like trying to distance itself from the usual archetypes (despite the fact that the most common theme in them the killing of god hello Borges). due to the fact that do not tell the story of the plot, and increasingly shows us the world. This description. Very bright, but passively contemplative. Sealed, though emasculated strong acids (which are at least equal the heroes of stories), distilled painting, by means of expressive language. And the beauty of these descriptions ravnouveshivaetsya disgusting of what we have to look at:. Worlds of rusted metal and rotting flesh The main theme of the first four stories can be called a clash with the divine beings, expressed in beauty. So Engineer (half-flesh, half-mechanism), who lives and works on a giant landfill, finds in the garbage Prism: Perhaps the world itself lasts only as long as it is reflected in the faces of her. The first manifestation of a wonderful and ideal rust in a world of perpetual smog, vital oxygen tank behind him, and the cruel gladiatorial fights. She taught me the beauty of whose existence I had never suspected Netadetal tells us about some huge factory, which is perfect because:. The machine [] manufacturers produced an endless stream production of the gods, who are also their own creators and destroyers of their own. So the nameless worker conveyor, once almost accidentally gets a chance to feel like a creator, solve mesmerizing signs engraved on the conveyor belt to grasp the essence and to be deconstructed. In particular, the stories Logan has a certain irony, encased in how a mechanized industrial shell he says is quite familiar to us things and only refracted through the prism of his stories, they are of interest, as if seen from a new angle. Vsypyshka - the story, which is close in spirit to the novels of Amà ©lie Nothomb, that most of all we want to destroy that which is dearer to us all. Luxury bombings, ordered chaos of pyrotechnic entertainment and a crazy couple of lovers: girl-demolition of Shiva and her invulnerable partner, passing through the crucible each arranges her attack. Page after page of the burning alive. Perhaps, this is the strongest, the most beautiful and lyrical story collection. Well, how can there be a strong, beautiful and lyrical napalm Coaxial creature [up there]. a story that I like the most telling of vysokovoltya world, a world in hundreds of meters above the ground, inhabited by engineers serving giant power lines. At regular intervals along the lines pass electrical pulse monstrous force, at which time all personnel must be in special shelters. But the main character dream of seeing the beauty of clean energy, for which he created a clever device glasses. What he sees behind the lightning current will never return to his old life. Basically, if you know of such an old film like The Man with X-ray vision and enjoy the story as I do, that story you will certainly enjoy. I still wear welding goggles and face of the deity ever crashed into the retina of my eyes. As I said at the beginning, there were more people -. Ie heroes of the stories are bags of bones, vprotivoves mechanism using other than homo sapiensa logic that was so attractive, fascinating and charming. The remaining stories will not be described in such detail, mentioning only that Technique pulsed discharge must love those who liked anime Akira and Like insects fetish and perversely funny story about the sect hunters for rock idols. A sort of sexual maniac groupies. Kurt Cobains sperm and another murder God. And the story of Desolation amazing Victorian ghost story, well, except that in the industrial surroundings, with fittings and high rafters. The cover story Kroveobmen I liked the least. But only because of my personal characteristics. This vampire story high-tech, to try on the dress Shakespearean drama, too unpleasant relish pictures of open wounds and blood sucking. I think thereof fans there, I just, once seen too many of his own blood, the thick edge of the open wounds and whitened bone depth. Since then, from the very savory descriptions blood it is to me a little uneasy. A dismemberment approx. Another minus stories a stupid ending, because it was not Nescafe kroveobmen. Dialysis there and does not smell, but the spreading cranberry yes. But, for all that, this story is one of the most beautiful collection of phrases: She was lying on the oilcloth-covered plastic hospital bed, and flowers of infected blood virus flourished around it. Well frazochka: This woman can not be called in the full sense of the word love of his life - but the feeling that he felt for her, almost drawn to this definition, it is also ver y personal To summarize. Storybook i-o is a luxury in boskhianskih colors, canvas, which will take great pleasure to all who are able to experience the beauty of the industrial landfill, perfectly straight line factory chimneys and chemical saturation of colors. Places the rough, sometimes idiotic grotesque fetish, it is still very beautiful prose. And it is worth noting, honestys sake, that such beautiful dumps, rusty skeletons and factory sheds, as described in Logan, all of you will never find anywhere else except in this book. And the main charm of Logans book does not fantastic, but phantasmagoric works.

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