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Poetry and Ozymandias Heart Essay Example for Free

Poetry and Ozymandias Heart Essay How life goes on: the analyzing of diction and imagery in â€Å" Ozymandias† The poem â€Å"Ozymandias† by Percy Bysshe Shelley is about a traveler telling the speaker about a statue in the desert. This statue is half sunk in the sand and the traveler explains that the â€Å"sneer of cold command† on the statue’s face shows that the sculptor understood the passions of the statue’s subject. This man sneered at the people who were not as powerful as him, but he fed his people because of something in his heart. The Traveler goes on and says that on the pedestal of the statue, it is written, â€Å"My name is Ozymandias’, king of kings: / Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!† But when you look all around the statue for the â€Å"works† there is nothing but sand and a bare desert. In this poem, Percy Bysshe Shelley creates the image of destroyed sculptures to show that nature destroys all and his choice of diction is quite interesting. The diction in this poem creates a strong sense of imagery. The notable diction is combined with alliteration to create even more powerful imagery, such as the â€Å"Sneer of col command†. Ozymandias’-â€Å"ozy† meaning air and â€Å"mandias† meaning King/God, is a sonnet, a fourteen lined poem metered in iambic pentameter. Percy Bysshe Shelley uses words such as, Trunk-less- torso is gone, visage- another name for face, and colossal- which is an allusion of the colossus of roads. He uses this choice of diction to interest the reader furthermore by being more descriptive and letting the readers imagination go wild. The poem Ozymandias has two voices. The first is the speaker, who tells the entire poem. The other is the traveler, who tells the main speaker about the poem. The speaker tells us the traveler is from an antique land,† which is a metaphor for the old age of his country. Antiques are valued mainly for their age and are almost always not modern. The traveler is described as well-traveled, knowledgeab le, and wise. The Traveler’s whole speech is about a statue that he once saw in the middle of a desert. He tells us that the â€Å"trunk† of the statue is gone; The head of the statue lies in the sand at the feet of the legs and the expression on the face is still visible. There is a lot of death in this poem. The figure represented in the statue is dead, along with the civilization to which it once belonged. The Traveler says that the lip is â€Å"wrinkled†, but he says this is not because of old age but it is the â€Å"sneer of cold command†. This leaves the reader with an impression that Ozymandias’ was a cold ruler and had no trouble giving orders. In this  octave though it is suggests that the stone is â€Å"lifeless†, but on it is some â€Å"passions†. The reader, most likely imagines that these passions are greed, conceit, and other passions that are appropriate to a harsh, power-loving ruler. These same passions are said by the traveler to â€Å"survive† the â€Å"hand that mocked them,† which would be the sculptor, and the â€Å"heart that fed† them, which is Ozymandias’.The poem is consistent to a single metaphor: the shattered, ruined statue in the desert wasteland, but another metaphor is â€Å"the heart that fed†. Ozymandias’ heart â€Å"fed† these passions. The heart seemed to be compared to a powerful figure and the passions seemed more like an animal the master throws some food to, but I think the sense is more that Ozymandias’ heart fed on the passions. When you look at it like this, Ozymandias’ heart becomes a killer and the passions his prey. It seems obvious then that the passions kept the heart alive and beating, the passions are sustenance to the heart. The passions don’t seem to be suggested to be bad, but Ozymandias’ feeding on these passions of greed and conceit resulted in evil, the same evil we see on the statue’s face. His image of the broken sculpture shows how things change over time and that human beings and materialistic values are seasonal and are bound to end. They are all prone to be affected by the laws of time.

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Envy of the Procreative Power of Women in Nathaniel Hawthornes The Sca

Envy of the Procreative Power of Women in Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne, is a novel about procreation. Though Hester Prynne is the mother of Pearl and the creator of the scarlet letter in the novel, Hawthorne is the symbolic mother of the novel, the letter, and the characters. Careful analysis of the text reveals a pattern of womb envy and an attempt to master it on the part of Hawthorne. The concept of womb envy-- envy of the procreative power of women (Kittay 126)-- has been virtually ignored by both psychoanalysts and literary critics since Bruno Bettelheim first introduced the idea. Though intended as a supplement to the concepts of penis envy and the Oedipal complex developed by Freud, womb envy has not generated the attention that penis envy has. This may in part be due to Freud's interpretation of the desires of the males in his case study to bear children as be "anal, autoerotic, or homosexual" in nature. (Kittay 127). Since Freud ignored the possibility of men's envy of women's childbirthing abilities, most of his followers have as well. The disparity in the acceptance of Freud's and Bettelheim's concepts can best be seen in psychoanalytic criticisms in the literary world. Examples of "penis envy" and "Oedipal complex" readings abound. Hamlet's desire for his mother causes him such guilt that he resurrects his father and goes insane. Gertrude's promiscuous and incestuous marriage to her late husband's brother Claudius is a symbolic attempt to gain a penis. Virginia Woolf's invented sister of Shakespeare is a symbolic penis. At the same time, few literary critics have attempted to explain character or author motivation in terms of womb envy, despite the fa... ...st new mothers, Dimmesdale dies after delivering his sermon and confessing his sins. Chillingworth is unable to survive this loss since his dependency on Dimmesdale is unnatural. Of all the central characters, Hester, along with Pearl, is the one who strong enough to survive. Works Cited Benstock, Shari. "Of Gardens, Gold, and Little Girls." The Scarlet Letter. Murfin, Ross C., ed. Boston: St. Martin's, 1991. (292-303). Kiehl, Joanne Feit. "Re-Reading The Letter: Hawthorne, the Fetish, and the (Family Romance.: The Scarlet Letter. Murfin, Ross C., ed. Boston: St. Martin's, 1991. (235-251). Hawthorne, Nathaniel. The Scarlet Letter. Murfin, Ross C., ed. boston: St. Martin's, 1991. Kittay, Eva Feder. "Mastering Envy: From Freud's Narcissistic Wounds to Bettelheim's Symbolic Wounds to a Vision of Healing." Psychoanalytic Review 82. (1995f): 125-157.

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“Cassablanca” And “Gone With The Wind” Essay

From the great scientist Thomas Alva Edison marks the birth of the most brilliant inventions of all time that has changed the lives of the human race over time. That [is] the debut of the photographic equipment that can record and play series of shots accompanied by sound, popularly called motion picture. By motion picture we mean, films or movies. However the real definition covers the television media as a whole, starting from movies, commercials, TV series, to news and the like. For centuries, motion pictures have portrayed a great role in influencing the lives of the human population which are dominating in the mainstream culture. Decades after decades or maybe year after year from its birth, the transition of motion pictures has evolved as technology continues to reach its infinite summit. From black and white to colored films, blasted with computer generated special effects nowadays, this has become a form of entertainment that is continuously patronized. Not only do motion pictures provide entertainment, but also it can provide education to the audience. For the great Thomas Alva Edison said that motion picture is going to revolutionize the educational system. Because of this extensive array that films provide this has mark the advent of the film industry. There has been no doubt that films are continuously patronized by its consumers. And as the economy film industry booms, there has also an increase in the category or the variety of films from which consumers can choose. The types of movies classified by the Motion Picture Research Bureau in 1942 includes: Comedies (which can have subtypes such as sophisticated, slapstick, family life, musical), war pictures, mystery and horror pictures, historicals and biographies, fantasies, western pictures, gangster and G-men pictures, serious dramas, love stories, romantic pictures, socially significant pictures, adventure, action pictures, musicals (serious), child star pictures, and (Wild) animal pictures. Others have classified motion pictures according to function. Such classification includes: feature films, animated films, documentaries, experimental films, industrial films, and educational films. When movies are classified according to type, this becomes more beneficial to most of the film producers. This is because they could sell out their films easily for their audience knows what to look forward to because it is much easier to familiarize generic films. This types of pictures use a series of repeating visual themes which allows the viewers to understand the collective information regarding characters, situations, and overall message of any film. Since audience always expect that there is some element of novelty in any film. Technology paved its way to allow innovation for such films to have generic consistency. In many ways, for historians, thinking about genre can expose what might have been ideologically `familiar` to viewers in a time period, and also what they might have perceived as daring or unfamiliar. Every film documents the historical accounts in a genre where people can relate themselves because this is what is happening in their society. Such example is the motion picture during the period where the renowned scientist Thomas Alva Edison lives up to the present genre of motion pictures in computer age. Films indeed mark every course of the world’s history. Contemporary films starting from the 1930’s up to the 1960’s were films which covers the historical events that took place during those times. Films like Casablanca (released in 1942) and Gone with the Wind (released in 1939) retells the history of the Nazi invasion (in Casablanca) and the American Civil War (in Gone with the Wind). These two films reflect the social condition of the people during the Nazi-invasion and during the American Civil War. Casablanca The people living between 1930’s to 1960’s can easily relate to Casablanca for the setting of the story was during the Second World War. Casablanca is a story that revolves around Rick Blaine who is a bitter, cynical American, owner of â€Å"Rick’s Cafe Americain†. The nightclub/casino attracts a mixed clientele of Vichy French and Nazi officials, refugees and thieves. Although Rick professes â€Å"not to stick out his neck to everybody†, he still manages to help those who are in need and involves himself to people like Ugarte. Ugarte killed two German couriers to get the letters of transit which is a passport to travel freely around German-controlled Europe and to neutral Portugal, and from there to the United States. And because everybody wants to escape the hostilities of Europe, Ugarte plans to make a fortune out of the letter. However, before he tries to do so he was arrested and was killed under the command of under the command of Captain Louis Renault. Not knowingly, Ugarte had entrusted the letters to Rick. All the bitterness in Rick’s love affair would flashback when his ex-lover Ilsa arrives with her husband Victor, a Czech Resistance leader, to buy the letters. The needs to go to America so that Victor can continue his work. However, Laszlo is eyed by German Major Strasser. Laszlo as advised by Signor Ferrari, meets with Rick privately to get the letters, however Rick refuses to give the letters and request for Ilsa instead. Interrupted by Strasser’s group who led to sing the German patriotic song, Laszlo was infuriated. Then Laszlo tells the house band to play the French national anthem. Rick allowed the band to play the song which lead Strasser to order Renault to close the club. Rick refuses Ilsa to give the documents even though he was threatened by her. And then Ilsa confesses that she still loves Rick, explaining why she had left Rick without explanation that day in Paris and Return to Laszlo. After hearing the whole detail, Rick agrees to help, leading her to believe that she will stay behind with him when Laszlo leaves. From the story alone it appears that Casablanca was really loved by many people because the movie shows the hardships of the people during World War II. The film also tries to show how people desperately want to get out of Europe to seek an orderly life in America. The film also shows that because the Nazi ceased all trades in Europe, these people living in Casablanca have to resort to black market in order to survive. Moreover the film centralizes its theme to the myth of sacrifice. The idea of sacrifice reassures the audience of this time who were caught in distraught during the war. The love triangle in the movie represents the emotional struggle of a woman caught between two men has given an entertaining value for the film. Gone with the Wind Another contemporary movie that is another prototype of Casablanca is Gone with the Wind. Gone with the Wind is a story of a difficult woman Scarlett O’ Hara who is supposed to be an heir of a large cotton plantation until the American Civil War came. Scarlett falls in love with Ashley Wilkes however Ashley is hopelessly in love with his cousin Melanie whom he proposes to marry. When Scarlett heard the news she also got married to Ashley’s comrade but then she became widow as her husband died in the war. On the other side of the story Rhett Butler, a businessman and a visitor in Tara was attracted to Scarlett however Scarlett never entertains the idea. During the war Scarlett serves as a nurse in the refuge of soldiers who gets wounded in the fight. And as things get worst, Rhett Butler was there to help and sends Scarlett to her home in Tara together with Melanie. As the life in Tara gets harder because of the Civil War and Yankees try to get all the pieces of land they could get in the South. Scarlett decided to go to Rhett and ask Rhett to help her. However Rhett turned Scarlett down and so Scarlett went to the rich lover of one of her sisters and professes her love. Soon she remarries and got rich again. She started managing a timber business together with Ashley. Not long enough Scarlett became a widow for the second time and soon she got married to Rhett. They have a child named Bonnie, but still they were fighting for Scarlett was so insistent on not having a child again. Rhett thought that all of this has something to do with her love for Ashley so they became separated for a while. A tragic incident happen when Scarlett lost her second child and Bonnie. Scarlett realized how much he loved Rhett and professes her love to him. But Rhett still decided to leave her. Gone with the Wind was loved by many people for they can relate to War movies at that time likewise with Casablanca. People were entertained because they could easily put themselves into the character and into the situation where they live. The element of love story in the film tries to show that we should still be hopeful amidst tragic event for as Scarlett O’ Hara said in the finale â€Å"tomorrow is another day†. Love can never be lost in every war for it is where sacrifices and hopes come from. People enjoyed watching those films that time for film is the only form of escape from the reality of life. Despite the war people can think that they can still love no matter how hard life is.

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Understanding International Trade Essay - 2213 Words

We know that, international relations or affairs among nations could mean many things. It certainly is managed and achieved, through different means or set of rules. There are negotiations, world crises, humanitarian intervention, global warfare, globalization, nuclear arms races and money/economics. Money or international trade to be more specific certainly plays a major role, among the relationships that nations form. In addition, it has a huge political and economic impact, on those decisions that governments chose to engage in, for the betterment of their citizens and country. Money makes the world go round. Alternatively, as the famous ABBA song goes, Money, Money, Money, must be funny in a rich mans world. That is precisely what†¦show more content†¦Portugal could make both wine and cloth with less labor than England, but England was better at cloth making. Therefore, it was natural for England to export their cloth and import the wine from Portugal. This is the key to how businesses and trade in general functions competition, is the key to any countries success and so is good negotiations. The Ricardian Theory of comparative advantage, named for the eighteenth-century classical economist David Ricardo, holds that the general welfare of two or more countries will be higher for all; if free trade among them is permitted than if each attempts to restrict trade or trade produce only for itself. This will be true even if some countries are absolutely more efficient in the production of all goods than the others are and even if, hypothetically, each country could produce everything for itself. (Jones 289) The theory of comparative advantage is the capability of a business/individual to manufacture goods/services at a lower opportunity cost than its competitors. This means, a country can generate a product that is fairly cheaper than other countries. For example, Albania can manufacture either 100 pairs of plastic flip-flops or 200 pairs of leather shoes in two hours. If it chooses to make 100 pairs of plastic flip-flops in any given hour, it forgoes the chance to manufacture 200 pairs of leather shoes. The 200 pairs of leather shoes, as a result, are the opportunity costShow MoreRelatedUnderstanding The International Context Of Business Trade And Logistics947 Words   |  4 PagesThere are many benefits of understanding the international context of business trade and logistics. To achieve competitive advantage, even within small firms, it is necessary to gain expertise in the international logistics activities which are much more complex than what domestic trade involves. The worldâ €™s economy is increasingly global, and the logistics sector designates a significant fraction of that economic activity, the estimated total stands at $7. 4 trillion dollars (David, 2013, p. 53)Read MoreInternational Institutions, Treaties, And Sanctions Essay1647 Words   |  7 PagesInternational Institutions, Treaties, and Sanctions and Their Effects on International Business International institutions abound in the realm of international business. As globalization increases, disputes multiply. The responsibilities of these organizations can vary due to the needs of its members, such as monetary or trade issues. Moreover, the support these institutions provide may come in the form of various agreements to include the negotiation or enforcement of sanctions and treaties whichRead MoreAnalysis Of The Book Stiglitz A Recipient Of The Nobel Prize Economics, And Andrew Charlton930 Words   |  4 Pagessolution to world trade problems – a solution that brings equilibrium to the trading relationships between the poorest and richest countries. The book contains an in-depth, college level understanding of fair trade and its theoretical applications on third world countries. With regards to theoretical applications, the book elaborates on the proposal, which is fair trade, and how it can initiate development in a country. Besides providing a holistic an d substantive perspective on fair trade, the book alsoRead MoreInternational Chamber of Commerce (Icc)1031 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction * The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) is the largest, most representative business organization in the world. Its hundreds of thousands of member companies in over 130 countries have interests spanning every sector of private enterprise. * A world network of national committees keeps the ICC International Secretariat in Paris informed about national and regional business priorities. More than 2,000 experts drawn from ICC’s member companies feed their knowledge and experienceRead MoreThe Golden Age For Technology1135 Words   |  5 Pagessmaller through technology, especially regarding international trading. The internet makes almost free communication possible between people around the world thousands of miles apart, while modern transport allows quick physical access to parts of the world. If you have the Internet, you can put your business online and compete with many companies throughout the world. I believe an understanding of the historical economic forces allows a better understanding of the global trading system we have today andRead MoreThe Importance of International Trade Regulation Mechanisms Has Risen1672 Words   |  7 PagesSince the global power shift caused by the advent of new political a rena - international organization, the importance of international trade regulation mechanisms has risen. Currently, out of dozens of such mechanisms, the World Trade Organization performs its role of the most prominent international economic organization. WTO, established in 1995 as a successor of GATT is aimed at â€Å"helping trade flow as freely as possible† by liberalizing it. It has over 150 state-members and therefore is inevitableRead MoreEssay on International Trade Concepts Simulation827 Words   |  4 PagesInternational Trade Concepts Simulation Abstract The following paper will present information found in a simulation based on international trade concepts. Key points found from the reading will be noted and concepts discussed will be shown integrated in the workplace. International Trade Concepts Simulation International trade has become a very important means of survival for global economies in this day and age. As countries continue to grow and resources become smaller, trade with otherRead MoreThe Rise Of India s Drug Industry998 Words   |  4 PagesThe Rise of India’s Drug Industry and The Rise of Bangladesh’s Textile Trade At first, India’s trade industry was one that was known for being an international outcast in the pharmaceutical industry. The counterfeit drugs that they were producing and selling eventually was revealed by the Western and Japanese pharmaceutical companies. Therefore, they were not allowed to sell their products in any developed markets considering that they dishonored intellectual property rights. Intellectual propertyRead MoreImpact Of International Trade On The United States1294 Words   |  6 Pagesbecome a reality. International trade has enabled countries to exchange goods, services and capital across the border, enabling better opportunities for both producers and consumers. However, in recent years, the benefits of International trade have been questioned by many economists and business experts. There are no doubts that International trade has been a blessing for many countries around the world, but the question that remains unanswered is, how does International tr ade benefit the UnitedRead MoreThe World Trade Organization ( Wto ) And Multilateral Trading System1610 Words   |  7 PagesMany consider the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and the multilateral trading system it supports to be essential for advancing global development objectives. This essay will critically examine the objectives of the WTO and explain how the organisation aims to advance development globally. The essay will explore the significance of trade in the politics of development and how the WTO is central to that agenda. Understanding how the WTO is designed to operate will provide insight into why some believe