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Athens: The History of the City Essay -- History Historical Papers

Athens The History of the CityThe BeginningsThe Athenians have made it their boast that they had never been conquered. Both Achaean and Dorian invaders passed them by, possibly because their arguingy field of study was far less fertile than the rich valleys of Argos or Sparta. Thus the Athenians represented, or claimed to represent, the purest and most ancient Grecian stock, descended from the gods themselves (Ellis). The initial name of Athens was Akte or Aktike, named afterwards the first king, Akteos (http//www.sikyon.com/Athens/ahist_eg01.html). Her second name, Kekropia, came from the king, Cecrops, who succeeded Akteos by marrying his daughter. According to the legend, his lower body was that of a dragon. During his reign, goddess Athena and Poseidon were competing for the protection of the city and each unmatched offered presents. Poseidon struck the rock at the Acropolis with his trident (the three marks can be seen behind the Erectheion) and a spring with salted water gu shed up. With the blow also leaped the first horse, ready to give ear the man faithfully, while Athena offered an olive tree. The legend tell us that all the men of Athens voted for the gift of Poseidon and all the women, for the gift of Athena. Because there was one woman more than the men, goddess Athena was selected and from her the city took her name.The Era of KingsUnder King Cecrops, the city was founded with the name Athens 1550 B.C.? Cecrops built the city on a bury rocky hill that is known today as the Acropolis, and is also known as the sacred hill (Ellis).? Athens became one of the first city-states. A city-state consists of a city and the surrounding region ruled by a king.? Kings ruled the area until 682 B.C (World Book).? After rule by kings ended... ...29 Jul. 2002. 12 Dec. 2003.2)Athens World Book Encyclopedia.1990.3)Athens, Greece. Wguides.com. 12 Dec. 2003. .4) Ellis, Edward S., and Charles F. Horne. ?History of Athens Greece.? The Story of the Greatest Nations and the World?s Greatest Events, Vol. 1. 12 Dec. 2003http//www.publicbookshelf.com/public_html/The_Story_of_the_Greatest_Nations_and_the_Worlds_Famous_Events_Vol_1/history_beh.html.5) The Official Website of the Olympic Movement. 9 Dec. 2003. .6) Procopiou, Angelo. Athens City of the Gods. New York stein and Day, 1964.7)The Religion in Greece Information about Greece Religion.? Greeka.com The Greek Islands Specialists. 12 Dec. 2003. .

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parsons dance company :: essays research papers

I went to see the Parsons Dance Company on Tuesday April 9th. It was a really interesting show. in that respect were actually many different techniques that I observed in this performance. This company uses many different forms of dance all into one technique, which makes them a unique company. mavin characteristic of technique that I noticed in most of the pieces performed was fast paced movement. Every piece was very upbeat and synchronized with the music. All their movements were done to the accents in the music. In Too Many Cooks all the movements were in sync with the sounds in the music. In Mood Indigo, there were three duets and they all showed different colorizes of anil by how they dancers expressed their movements. The first duet was the color purple and they showed a couple in love and the movement was very quick. The second duet was the color light purple and the movement was very slow, this was the only piece where the movement was pretty slow. Since it was a lighter color they made the movement slower which sum the whole idea. In many of the other pieces they movement was fast as well. In the piece, Caught, the technique here dealt with strobe lights. David Parsons choreographed this piece and it was very well done. They had the dancer jumping in the air while they strobed her to give it a hang in time look to the movement. This is not really a dance technique, but more for perspective. Its not very often you see someone in the air for a split second suspended in the air. This is a very unique technique and many other companies should try it. David Parsons is a genius for designing this piece.

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The Progressive Movement Essay example -- American History Essays

The state-of-the-art MovementThe progressive movement of the early twentieth century has proved to be an intricately confounded conundrum for Ameri base historians. Who participated in this movement? What did it accomplish, or fail to accomplish? Was it a movement at all? These are all signifi piece of tailt questions that historians have been grappling with for the last 60 years, thus creating a historical dialogue where in their different interpretations move with each other. The most commonly known, and consequently most watered down, version of the progressive movement argues that this era was simply an effort by the middle illuminate to cure many of the social and political ills of American society that had developed during the rapid industrial growth in the last quarter of the 19th century. This rendering has proven to be a woefully inadequate in the face of the complexities that characterize these times. In Richard Hofstadters The Age of Reform, Peter Filenes An Obi tuary for the Progressive Movement, Richard McCormicks The Discovery that Business Corrupts Politics, and Paula bakers The Domestication of Politics each author asserts their own unique interpretations of the progressive movement. These distinct examinations each chart and thus manifest the fluidity of knowledge about this particular time period and how it has been shaped reshaped by new analysis.Richard Hofstadter, the leftward leaning author of Age of Reform, in his appraisal of the progressive movement makes the central argument that the progressive movement was not catalyzed by economics or moral principal but quite by psychology. Hofstadter describes the progressives as primarily urban, middle class, and nation wide. He makes the case that t... ... an impact on the system as a whole. An interesting comparison can be made between Hofstadters placement revolution and Bakers suffrage movement. Both can be seen as psychologically impelled movements that interacted durin g the progressive era. Baker and Hofstadter also both cite a vast and complex struggle to improve the status of a particular social group. Baker on one hand describes womens fight for the right to be seen as equal to men, most definitely in a political guts if not in a social sense as well, while Hofstadter makes the case that the progressives were driven to action by the need to reclaim their former status of superiority over the emerging newly rich industrialists. Although Baker does not seem to give the amount of attention to psychology that Hofstadter does an undeniable correlation can still be made between the arguments of both authors.

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The main questions addressed in this research were ground on the Medicago Truncatula- Sinorhizobium symbiosis that cast of characters indeterminate (non-reproducing bacteria) nodules. a) to see whether M. truncatula displays assistant choice in picking the most streamlined rhizobia between atomic number 7 fixing and non fixing bacteria in both pre- infection and post- infection scenarios. b) the authors also wanted to see if legumes can alter their allocation of carbon photosyntates to each nodule depending on how efficient the rhizobia is in each nodule. Authors of this article did this research because this symbiotic relationship is widely studied, but all the research done so far have been on determinate (bacteria is adapted to reproduce) nodules1 rather than indeterminate nodules. In previous research it was found that determinate nodules show both partner choice and allocation differentiation between efficient and non- efficient rhizobia. Answer2 Authors hypothesized tha t in Medicago Truncatula- Sinorhizobium that form indeterminate nodules will show partner choice in both pre infection and post infection scenarios and lead for the most efficient rhizobia partner. They also hypothesized that the legume will show differential allocation of carbon photosyntates in each nodule depending on the number of nitrogen fixing and non fixing rhizobia in each nodule. Answer3Figure What method(s) gave this data?What do these data show? Figure1aThe authors performed a split- root experiment to obtain data based on three different parameters and then used MANOVA analyses to compare the three parameters used in the experiment. They used Post hoc on all the measurements to use it to interpret the differences. ANOVA to compare the mean of the two strains used... ...thors hypothesis. However, they were not able to show difference in the resource allocation to each nodule depending on the susceptibility of bacteria in each nodule. Therefore they concluded that san ctioning is not present is not present in all legume unlike the partner choice.Answer5 The authors think that the discrepancy in the results of the previous researches and theirs regarding allocations by the legume to nitrogen fixing and non- fixing bacteria is that the authors used M. truncatula- sinorhizobium indeterminate nodules whereas other researchers used every soybean or yellow bush lupin determinate nodules. Since this is the first time such model is presented I think that there should be more(prenominal) researches focusing only the sanctions by legumes to the bacteria to better understand the symbiosis between M. truncatula - Sinorhizobium and sanctions in general.

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Macbeth - Critical Evaluation :: essays research papers

MacBethIn MacBeth , a play by bequeathiam shakespeare, a scene that I felt was significant was act one scene seven.This is the scene where Macbeth decides whether or non he should kill King Duncan.Macbeth himself begins to have doubts but skirt Macbeth in conclusion persuades him to go ahead with the plan.Events leading up to act one scene seven involve Macbeths meeting with the witches. They predict that Macbeth will be king.Macbeth then ponders over whether or not to kill King Duncan and become king himself.Scene seven act 1 falls into three parts the first would be Macbeths soliloquay. This is when he tells of his reasons for not killing Duncan. He can think of three reasons. First of all he reckons it would teach others how easy it is to gain power by instruction execution.Also Duncan is a cousin and good friend to him and finally the fact that Duncan is a good king and there would be an issuecry at his death.After Macbeth had given his reasons for not wanting to kill Du ncan he admits the only reason he has to do the deed is his vaulting ambition. When Lady Macbeth joins him she gets angry at him for backing out this way and she felt he was just making excuses as he was backing out.The second part of the scene is about the confrontation between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth.Lady Macbeth calls him a coward and accuses him of not loving her.Lady Macbeth saidWas the hope drunk Wherin you dressed yourself? Hath it slept since?And wakes it now , to look so green and Pale At what it did so freely At this Macbeth is stunned and tells of how manly he is and that theres nothing he dare not do.To this Lady Macbeth says the only way he will be a man is if he goes along with the plan.Macbeth appears shaken and begs the question if we should fail? Lady Macbeth retorts we fail? as though it is a completely ill-judged suggestion.Thanks to Lady Macbeths taunting Macbeth has been bullied into the killing of Duncan.Now with Macbeth being persuaded into the murder she pl ans how the murder will be done.Lady Macbeth already has ideas because as soon as Macbeth had agreed to the murder Lady began to explain her plan. She explained that while Duncan slept they would make their move Lady Macbeth assures him it will appear as though duncans guards are guilty of the deed Macbeth agrees to his Ladys foolproof plan and is intent now to go ahead.

Macbeth - Critical Evaluation :: essays research papers

MacBethIn MacBeth , a play by william shakespeare, a scene that I entangle was significant was act one scene seven.This is the scene where Macbeth decides whether or not he should kill King Duncan.Macbeth himself begins to have doubts but noblewoman Macbeth eventually persuades him to go ahead with the plan.Events leading up to act one scene seven involve Macbeths meeting with the witches. They predict that Macbeth will be king.Macbeth then ponders over whether or not to kill King Duncan and become king himself.Scene seven act 1 falls into three parts the first would be Macbeths soliloquay. This is when he tells of his reasons for not killing Duncan. He can think of three reasons. First of all he reckons it would teach others how easy it is to gain power by murder.Also Duncan is a cousin and good friend to him and finally the fact that Duncan is a good king and there would be an outcry at his death.After Macbeth had given his reasons for not missing to kill Duncan he admits the o nly reason he has to do the deed is his vaulting ambition. When bird Macbeth joins him she gets angry at him for backing out this dash and she felt he was just making excuses as he was backing out.The second part of the scene is about the confrontation between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth.Lady Macbeth calls him a coward and accuses him of not loving her.Lady Macbeth saidWas the hope drunk Wherin you dressed yourself? Hath it slept since?And wakes it now , to look so green and Pale At what it did so freely At this Macbeth is stunned and tells of how manly he is and that theres nothing he dare not do.To this Lady Macbeth says the only way he will be a man is if he goes along with the plan.Macbeth appears shaken and begs the question if we should fail? Lady Macbeth retorts we fail? as though it is a completely stupid suggestion.Thanks to Lady Macbeths taunting Macbeth has been bullied into the killing of Duncan.Now with Macbeth being persuaded into the murder she plans how the murder wil l be done.Lady Macbeth already has ideas because as soon as Macbeth had agreed to the murder Lady began to explain her plan. She explained that while Duncan slept they would make their move Lady Macbeth assures him it will appear as though duncans guards are guilty of the deed Macbeth agrees to his Ladys unflagging plan and is intent now to go ahead.

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Define The Phrase Organizational Politics Commerce Essay

Bearing in head the theories you be possessed of read so far, and with particular mention to theories of individuality, you be asked to utilize your run for winments to happen out what research pruneers argon stating approximately the nature and intent of giving medicational governmental relations.For 30 % of your concluding class, you are required to compose an essay of close 3,000 words, to be submitted via Turnitin.com ( category ID is 3177884 and the watchword is unity ) . Do non subject until after 20 April, 2010In the context of an organisation with which you are familiar, depict the function and extent of organisational governmental relations. Describe the intent for which you perceive semi policy-making action to be used in your organisation, and whether the effects are good or otherwise for the organisation. Explain what the deductions are for effectual communications within the organisation.Extra note It should be clear that as the class coordinator, I perceive t here to be a strong connector between theories of individuality and organisational political relations You may non handle, and I am re eithery happy either air, ever soy bit long as you ap package the clip to analyze the grounds for and against such a connexion, and do your instance consequently.Your essay will be marked in conformity with the undermenti sensationd organizationStandardMarkEssay demonstrates the ability to critically measure anterior literature on the subject30Essay demonstrates a good speck of the theories relevant to issues of individuality and organisational political relations30Essay demonstrates the ability to concept and pass on logical and persuasive enjoinments backed up with approriate commendations from literature.30Essay is good structured, grammatical and proof read. Citations are decently formatted to APA manner.10Entire100 %Start reading now Do non get muckle composing until you have gained sufficient scholarly cognition to warrant that act ion.Punishments will use ( as per the class lineation ) for lateness or important going ( everywhere or under ) from the suggested word countPursuit ofA individualA agendasA and opportunism in an organisation without respect to their consequence on theA organizationsA attempts toA achieveA itsA ends.ORGANIZATIONAL POLITICSWhen we heard about the word political relations, most population find the invalidating intension. Its really rare when word political relations use in a positive mode. Political accomplishments faecal matter be leveraged to pull strings others and can be used to act upon them to accomplish more than than they thought possible. When we struggle to happen out the right manner and non able to win in our several watercourses, we ever criticize others for being besides political and and playing dirty fast ones.Different people have different perceptual experiences about organisational political relations, it may be positive or negative, good or bad depends upon the individual to whom you ask. Organizationa political relations sometimes come acrossn as a informal manner to do attempts to act upon different people and organisation to accomplish single ends and aims. In organisation send of position, if single is holding power he/she mustiness be careful to do usage of power to act upon the manner which is good for the organisation to accomplish awaited ends or aims and besides their personal growing. For the success of any organisation and to accomplish high public presentation moving politically or political way is slightly inborn.When we think about our engagementplace where we work, there are tonss of people to whom we have to interact or we have the kinship in one sense. By coordination of everybody in the relationship, we are able to carry th rambunctious our work. When there is a soothing relationship among all people, more likely you are hold along and travel in front. When everybody tries to work seriously in the relationship s, everything will be given to work good. But unluckily few people ever try to work excessively effortful to acquire in front by ruling in their on the job relationships instead than their work. Sometimes people involved in making duties and all kinds of political plotting in work that leads to a politically charged work environment. Its erstwhile rather thwarting to work in an environment where political relations supersede over competency and accomplishments. It sometimes hard for the employee who is new to an organisation or holding less experiences in covering with these break of politically filled state of affairss. To acquire rid of political state of affairss in an organisations, we use up togo through a proper send to avoid compromising farther. We need to speak to the people straight to decide the affairs and if direct conversation with the people non doing adequate advancement in resoving the things so its better to intensify it to the supervisor or managerial degree. Sometimes it happens that directors besides involves in the political state of affairs so in thi instance you need to take the advice of the human resource director for farther actions.Politicss and Organizational power plays an of import function in an organisation. In some of the organisations it does nt count at all but insome of the organisations its like a blood athletics. There are certain factors which can be used to sleep together how of import is political relations for an organisation Quality of coommunciation between theworking squad and the higher-ups in the undertaking and in the section How freely people can pass on within their squad members or with the section caputs By larning different organisational civilization Notice employees are blandishing their directors or foreman and affecting in otiose things for self publicity instead than difficult work, you will come to cognize the organisational manner of honoring people on their behaviorIts better to unattached with political relations in an organisational and maintain your relationship unfastened and friendly and accrue web with as crystallisement of people. After a considerable sum of clip you spend in the organisation, you will come to cognize the organisational civilization and how much you want to affect in organisational political relations maintaining in head to accomplish your personal aims.Organizational political relations is on the face of it have a negative image in an organisation but it non so inherently bad. Its better to aware about different potentially rough facets of organisational political relations in order to minimise the negative consequence. Sometimes new employee to an organisation without cognizing the civilization and political accomplishment and consciousness, there would be a opportunities of acquiring immersed in narrow minded political relations and destructive power battles.I think workplace Politics is an indispensable and natural portion of an organisation a nd employees with different involvement and mentality are their assets. To be successful in the organisation, one should ever be engaged in political relations merely in positive sense. Its non like people are ever positively involved in political relations, some of the employees in a negative sense usage political relations by affecting in use, hidden planning for personal additions. Peoples affecting in these types of behavior are non considered as sanctioned by the organisation. Sometimes these types of behavior involved put excess attempts informely to acquire blessing for a particular undertaking, utilize improper channels to take attending during all the official events to foreground ourself in forepart of senior directors during the clip of publicities. Sometimes people who are non affect in any sort of such behaviour feel themselves on a trench because of the unjust determinations of the senior directors of the organisation in footings of publicity, wagess and grasp. This is sometimes I feel is a loophole in the direction of an organisation by non acknowledging the valuable work done by an employee who did nt be a portion of political behavior or ego cognitive process behavior. If the company is over driven by these sort of political behavior, so employees start experiencing frustrated in the company, there will be less bank line satisfaction and he/she start executing worst in the organisation. This sometimes become an alarming issue for the Human resource people, if employees start go forthing occupations often merely because of negative political relations been played in their undertakings.Organization demands to believe about the solutions link to minimise the negative side of the political behavior which is good for maintaining their assets satisfy who are non really involved in the organisational political relations. There should be an equal and unfastened system to garner information about the undertakings for each and every employee, leader s can promote project members to organize a theoretical account demoing collaborative behavior in all facets of work and besides its should be informed ab initio that doing political schemes will non be remunerated or tolerated in the organisation.The Prominent ground what I understand of utilizing political relations in an organisation is because of the competition among the employees to derive power and leading. Political power sometimes use to understand what people really desire or fear and use that understanding to act upon their behavior. This help them to understanding organisation civilization, visualise the the ends and aims of company every bit good as personal. There surely a negative side of the organisational political relations with backstabbing, use, flattering, corrupting but the key to a succesfful calling is to keep a healthy relationship and eminence among all the employees in a company. You want to act in an organisation as a nice participant and attempt to do win- win state of affairs in different stages profiting the company every bit good. You need to keep unity while constructing relationships.Organizational political relations is closely related to Leadership properties and it can be understood by the fact that leading ever occurs in the context of bulk or a group where members are ever influenced by leader to guarantee they are focused towards accomplishing awaited ends or results of the workdone. Political environment in an organisation is really much squeeze by a leader through authorization, influence and power under different fortunes and its clearly seeable during nonsubjective scene, determination devising, promoting people in a group, interaction in a squad with members to accrue relationships etc. Leadership qualities which developed internally in the organisation in the person have service of apprehension of general political relations bing in the several organisation. While leaders join the organisation subsequently or n ew joiners will hold to put some clip ab initio to larn and understand the prevailing political relations through interaction between the groups and senior employees in the organisation. They must be focussed while interaction and assorted organisational activities to understand the flow of information that initiates political clime in the organisation. From organisational point of position, it s really indispensable for the leaders to take the advantage of the political accomplishments and the environment to maximize the organisational productiveness in footings of result and satisfaction degree of the employees.Individual and organisational ancestors can boh take to political behaviorIndividual Ancestors There are figure of latent political ancestors of political behavior in an organisation. Employees holding effectual political accomplishments are more successful at their occupations or atleast in act uponing different people, co-workers, higher-ups etc and besides they can do a difference in doing schemes for accomplishing organisational ends and aims. If single are more profoundly involved in assorted activities in an organisation or extremely invested in an organisation either financially or emotionally so there are more opportunities for them to affect in political behavior. Besides there is one more strong ground to attach politically with the company, if persons omen they will be successful in altering the result of the company, more likely they will hold a considerable part in making a political clime. If they think they can act upon an result so they might pass more clip and resources to consequence the result.Organizational Ancestors Any sort of uncertainness in an organisation can associate to organisational political relations. For illustration When employees are in the province where they can non experience comfy with their occupation duties, they surveil the organisation as more political. This function based uncertainness allows employees to negociate and redefine their responsibilities and functions in the given fortunes. Uncertainty besides prevails during publicities and rating of the public presentation, sometimes it leads to a extremely political behavior like feeling direction throughout the organisation.Actually employees at the lower degree of organisations assume their organisation excessively driven by political relations, who are non satisfied with their occupations and misanthropic about future success in their organisations..

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Postal Rule of Acceptance

Four main justifications of Postal Acceptance Rule i. Ad infinitum vindication Postal rule had existed almost for 200 years and the post had been creating problems for people which the courts atomic number 18 obliged to solve them logically. Why it had been creating so many problems for people and that we allow for be discussing later on. For now lets look at the four main justifications for postal rule of acceptance. It came from Treitel and he believes that the four main justifications are for the creation of postal rule.First of all, the first justification is the Ad Infinitum justification where its main rationale is that acceptance by post has to be valid on account because if there were no postings which mean there is no contract formed. Based on the case of Adam v Lindsell, the suspect actually mail the commotion of selling woollen to plaintiff and the plaintiff was requested on mailing back to the defendant. Unfortunately there was an error in the offered price and plain tiff did not receive it.We can thus conclude that the defendant had not receive the letter of acceptance and therefore the defendant assume that the plaintiff did not privation to accept his offer so he sold the wool to a third party. There was actually a contract exists before the sale of the wool because acceptance made right after the mail is be mailed. Therefore, the defendant was liable in breach of contract. In this case, it might go on ad infinitum because once mail is being posted which means that acceptance is being made.Of course, there is a high level of uncertainty because of the distance between the both parties causing them difficulties for the formation of contract. ii. Symbolic Act Justification In this justification, rationale being that the offeror must be considered as continually fashioning (the offer) until he has brought to the knowledge of the person to whom it made that it is withdraw. Based on the case of Brogden v Directors of Metropolitan Railway Co, t here was a contract sent by the defendant (Directors of Metropolitan Railway) to the plaintiff (Brogden) regarding the contract.The plaintiff agreed the contract by signing it and return to the defendant. The defendant then filled in the blanks without informing the plaintiff most the acceptance. Since there is no acceptance being communicated between the both parties, the plaintiff did not supply the company with coals. Thus, there was subsequently a dispute arose that whether the indite agreement was valid. Although the action of communication of acceptance had not been showed clearly, in fact the written agreement was valid despite no acceptance being informed.Reason being both parties had already agreed on the terms of the contract without any objections. In the real world, we do not see an offeror consistently making an offer to people, and subsequently this justification seems to be attempting to affect a useful acceptance rule rather than providing any real rationale for th e postal rule. 1 . The Law of Contract, 11th Edition, 2003 page 25 2 . Stevenson P. J, 2010 3 . (1818) 1 B&A 681 4 . Henthorn v Fraser (1892) 2 Ch. 27 5 . Stevenson P. J, 2010

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Blood Covenant Essay

This book, which is actually 2 books in one, has two main give ways. Book one which covers from page 21 to page two hundred is close to Michael Franzeses life before his conversion to Christianity.In the kickoff paragraph of the book, which is in page 22 of the book, the author says To understand me and the path I took in life, it is necessary to first understand my father, mob enforcer John Franzese wherefore follows a long story of his father better known as Sonny and his exploits around about 1960s, this first book on franzeses life as a Mafia leader sets the stage for the second part of the book titled book 2 which is carries the title The New Life in Christ.The book also has a brief photo insert surrounded by the two main parts of the book. After the epilogue of the book, there is a small section written by Camille Garcia, Franzeses wife, which is there by and by followed by afterword then appendix. 2. Express ideas in your own words. Utilize book content, which will supp ort your ideas and conclusions. While it remains a fact that there are several(prenominal) well(p) holes with the book in that some of the events cannot be pinpointed in a timeline map, there are still some considerations and positive points about he book.Part two of the book basically outlines the Christian life that Franzese lives and other motivational stuff like how to avoid the mafia and so on. 3. Do you as the reader assume or reject the authors argument? Do they make sense? Do you feel they are accurate or valid? are they logical? Does the author convey himself as being credible to the reader? I accept the authors arguments. Even though some of the details are not clear and may need validation, there is a truth to the facts and feelings of Franzese.It has been said that this book, Franzeses second, is the rendition of the first, called Quitting the Mob which was published in 1992, with some few addition of words. The various issues that raise the issue of credibility to the readers are that since he stole hundreds of millions of dollars. What happened to this money, did the mob get it? Why has the mob never go in after him even after testifying to the grand jury? These are some of the questions that are left hanging leaving the reader thinking seriously about the credibility of the story. 4.Has the author included all the important variables or factors in his analysis? For example, are there any inconsistencies or contradictions in his arguments? If so, what are they? no(prenominal) the author has failed in a number of ways. Some of the information that is provided by Franzese is either in the public domain or cannot be independently verified. His need that he had met by his own admission, stole hundreds of millions of dollars dont answer some primary questions like what happened to the money? How come the mob never came after him after he testified in front of the grand jury?How did he break parole and many other questions? 5. To what extent if any is Franzese different from Sammy the hoot Gravano? What are their similarities? Did you find on individual more believable that the other? Why? While Franzese turned to a Christian and totally ignored the capital of Sri Lanka family to which he had swore an oath to, Sammy turned to be a CIA dirty dog on the activities of the Gambinos. He had a plastic surgery to hide from the mob but act to live a life of abandon and violence after leaving the US witness Protection Programme.While Franzese changed because of the girl he met, Sammy changed to be an so-and-so because his then boss, John Gotti, wanted to alienate him so that Sammy could be seen as the mad one after their arrest. Franzese and Sammy are similar in that they have two written books on their lives with the mafia. Franzese has written two books, Quitting the Mob and Blood Covenant while Sammy wrote a book called Underboss. They are also recorded as the first top ranking members of the mafia who turned on their oath, Franzese to Christianity and Sammy to a Spy.Finally both of them have been invited for public lectures and motivational talks. Sammys story is believable and authorized since it can be backed by other sources like the CIA this is not the case with Franzeses story. 6. Given what you have learned about Organized offence were you convinced of the authors contentions? If not, what evidence would need to be presented to be convinced? There need to be somebody who can verify the stories disposed Franzese. His public talks and lectures make it necessary for people to really understand what made him do the things he did.7. What did you find most invaluable and least valuable of the information presented by the author? This story gives a not-so-detailed account of the Franzese life with the Mafia. Some of the details provided are a little hazy and difficult to verify, if not outright absurd. When he claims for example that he says that he made a lot of money and that he had connections with other mafia bosses like Jon Gotti, , Don King, Reverand Al Sharpton and others but doesnt reveal anything he public domain about them make a person somewhat disappointed.8. The outcome for both Gravano and Franzese are genuinely different. What factors and theoretical perspectives can account for this? While Franzese claims that it was due to the influence of his wife that he left the life of being a mafia, Sammy turned to be an informer when he realized that the then boss, john Gotti, was bent on portraying him as mad and a cold blood killer. This made him to turn into a state witness against the john Gotti. References Franzese Michael. Blood Covenant. Chicago Whitaker House, 2003

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‘Federal Government Increasingly Dominates State Governments in the Usa.’ Discuss.

A2 politicsJess Waldron Federal organisation increasingly dominates state political relations in the USA. controvert The United States of America have a federal constitution, where the President of the United States, Congress, and the judiciary share powers, and the federal establishment shares sovereignty with the state governments. This is the stark face-to-face to the unitary system in the UK where sovereignty lies in parliament and some powers are given to local assemblies.There are many types of federalism all have been a dominant influence in the Ameri canful policy-making system at some point due to the style of leadership brought in by for each one new presidential candidate. Throughout U. S. history, the division of power between the federal government and state governments has been the subject of continuous political interest. After suffering from the British governments tyrannical ideologies that led to the American Revolution (1775), many Americans were conditione d to distrust centralized governmental powers.As a result, when Congress drew up the Articles of Confederation in 1781, the new central government was assigned very few powers. The central government had little authority over taxation, court systems and commerce. The states were essentially politically self-sufficient governments, each free to regulate commerce in whatever ever way they wanted, make money, and have their state courts hold judgment over topic laws mostly entrenched in the US constitution. In 1787 a Constitutional Convention was called to restructure the government and create a national economy.This convention was called as many Americans realized after the American Revolution, that such an unorganized governmental structure entirely based on state powers would hold back political and economic growth of America as a country. Debates were rife between federalists, those supporting a strong central government as proposed in a Virginia plan, and anti-federalists suppor ting continued strong state governments as proposed in a New Jersey plan. Finally, a compromise, known as the Great Compromise, was struck in Philadelphia deciding on federalism as the basis for the governmental structure.Federalism is a dual (split in two) system of sovereignty, splitting power between a central government and various state governments. Both the federal and state governments can directly govern citizens through their own officials and laws. The resulting Constitution allowed powers for both federal and state governments. separately had some separate powers and some shared powers. A federalist called John Marshall, as Chief Justice of the U. S. arrogant Court, made decisions favoring a strong federal government over state government power.In Marbury v. Madison (1803) Marshall used judicial review (where the Court is the government body to decide whether laws are constitutional), this was used in accordance with the principles and power established by the Constitut ion. By the late 1930s, the Great Depression resulted in a dramatic change. The idea of federalism and Marshalls earlier positions returned. In western hemisphere Coast Hotel Co. v. Parrish (1937) the Court extended federal power to regulate some economic activities within states.Under a broadened Commerce Clause interpretation, federal powers expanded at the expense of state powers and emphasis on the Tenth Amendment declined. The Court in NLRB v. United States (1936) reaffirmed the Wagner Act which brought labor relations under federal oversight. In addition, the well-disposed Security Act creating a national retirement fund, passed in 1935. Another important transposition in power had occurred. Increased federal powers were further recognize in the 1950s and 1960s, primarily over the issue of racial discrimination. Through the 1940s the states had kept the responsibility for governing the rights of its citizens.Therefore, to protect individual rights from state abuses, the Sup reme Court began issuing decisions limiting state powers related to freedoms of speech and religion, due process rights to fair trials, and equal protection of the law. The Supreme Court in Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas (1954) barred racial segregation policies in public schools and brought local school districts under federal oversight. A 1965 ruling in South Carolina v. Katzenbach upheld the Voting Rights Act of 1965 that prohibited state-established voting requirements.Also in 1965, the protection of privacy from state powers was recognized in Griswold v. Connecticut (1965) setting the basis for spontaneous abortion rights. On the other hand, New federalism came into effect in the latter half of the twentieth century due to the southern white resentment against the role of uppercase in bringing an end to segregation in the 50s and 60s. Over taxation, voter apathy and over regulation from federal government also added to this umbrage from the citizens of America. New federalism was promoted by republican presidents, most notably RichardNixon (1969-1974) and Ronald Reagan (1981-1989) to address the growing disillusionment between citizens and federal government. It gave power back to the states and reverse federal dominance somewhat by promoting measure to give states greater leverage. An example of one of these measures is Clintons unfunded mandates act, which required that the congressional budgets chest of drawers to provide estimates of the cost of bills with federal mandates once they were put forth to be discussed on the floor of the senate/house of representatives. Not only did federal government urge on for state rights, so did the Supreme Court.Examples of this are cases such as US v. Lopez (1995) where the interstate commerce clause of the constitution was interpreted in a more limited way. In 1791, an amendment was passed to allow the powers that werent granted to neither federal nor state government, be reserved to the states . President Clinton famously remarked in 1966 that the era of plentiful government is over and he worked to redirect financial resources and responsibilities back to the states. Similarly to many other republican candidates such as President Reagan who promised to further the point of new federalism through state grants and limited revenue-sharing.Not only did republican candidates for the Whitehouse make bold movements for the shuffling of power back towards the states, so did the states themselves. They introduced cuts in income tax rate and also became more involved in education within their states like in Vermont and the introduction of meal vouchers. Also, in tackling crime, like in New York city where the Mayor introduced his Zero tolerance approach to petty crimes. There is a lot of evidence both for agreeing that federal government dominates state government and against. But, it can also be said to strike the right balance.Since 2009, federal-state relations have changed yet again with the introduction of Obamas Progressive federalism. Many expected Obamas presidency to involve an expansion of federal authority based on his political record, but given the kaleidoscopic history of federalism, as described by Zimmerman, it was a shock to see how far he actually went. He moved away from the notion of pre-emption which showed that he may want to turn back more elements of co-operative federalism as oppose to any one entity having more power than the other.A recent decision of Obamas that demonstrates his progressive federalism in action was to allow calcium and other states the freedom to set their own limits on greenhouse gases from. This represents a shift in the relationship of federal government and state by face to states for new measures and guidance. But at the same time keep overall say within congress and the executive. In conclusion, after evaluating both sides of the argument that the establish question has posed, it is obvious that states do in fact have many powers, but overall power is still held in federal government.This is a proficient thing as federal government are utilitarian and diverse enough to make decisions for the greater good as oppose to a atomic margin of opinions expressed by one section of the USA influencing another part that may have completely different ideologies. There is a definate shift in the Obama administration to a more cooperative form of federalism, instead of the political systems in American having to be overly state rights or overly federal government.

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Outline for Dissociation and the Drama of Nothing Essay

This part nooky be utilise to introduce the whole concept of the paper. This can be the part where trauma and can be defined, as head as descriptions about disassociation. Facts such as statistics, diagnosis, and treatment can be mentioned here. The Drama of secret code This section explains the concept involved in the treatment process of the dissociated person.This is a good place to put related literature and studies of how effective using scripts and enactments can bring out the trauma that is dissociated by the client. The Conversational Model This includes the description of the conversational model and how this model can be effective in the dissociation case of the client. Nothing to Be Done The script can be written and described here. Trauma TheoryThis section can be used as the theoretical framework of the paper, where the theory on trauma can be discussed and how it applies to the paper and to dissociation. The Unnamable This entrust involve the process of the treatme nt of the client, as well as the step by step procedure of the treatment. It may also discuss how the theory and the model are incorporated in the play. Conclusion This will consists of the conclusions and the generalizations regarding the topic discussed.

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Americanization of Canada

Former Canadian Prime Minister, Trudeau once compared living next to America to sleeping with an elephant. He said, You stooge not help but be aware of its every movement. American culture influences not only Canadian culture but besides the culture of every country in the world. Sneakers, blue jeans, burgers, and Hollywood blockbusters are only some of the many ways American culture impacts everybody.One of the most verbalize signs of Americanization seems to be the spread of American burgers and cola to nearly every country on earth, crowning the United States as the king of pop culture. Since the start of the twenty-first century, the massive role that the United States plays in every aspect of Canadian life continues to grow more apparent. Canada and America are each others main assort because of their proximity in terms of culture, history and geography. Canadas floundering identity element is slowly diluting and digressing towards a more assertive American way of life.By choosing to model their society and frugality after Americas, the threat of Canada failing to create a distinctive heritage for itself becomes much more realistic and apparent. By defining America, their society, and economy whizz can see the threat of Canada losing its heritage is increasing. The Canadian and American relationship is much like the relationship of Siamese twins. They can not be separated without one of them dying and they can not be apart no matter how hard they try.This makes it even more difficult for Canada to establish their own identity and suggest because Americas cultural influences are so profound and apparent in Canadian culture and way of life. No matter how hard they try, Canadas culture will always be intertwined with Americas culture. The media is one major way that America has influenced Canada. Canada does not have a true identity and from an outsider of both countries, they will often confuse America and Canada.

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My Essayyyy.

Angela Pham Mr. Kakes World Lit/Writ 8 October 2012 declamatory milliamperes Funeral hulky mommy is a rather large person, giving her the name Big Mama. She is considered to be a mom to the masses of Macondo because she provides them with everything they need and she is a queenlike figure to them. Big Mamas Funeral by Gabriel Garcia Marquez is ab let out a woman given the title of Big Mama. She is the leader of Macondo. Marquez uses her to represent mistion on g overnment and in this case, the government she runs. Big Mama is a corrupt leader.Then, her funeral became a festival and celebration of her death and everyone who came did not c be that she had just passed away because she was a corrupt leader and they ar happy that she has passed away. Big Mama represents a corrupt government, and Marquez uses dark biliousness and hyperboles often to show how heap are being queer instead of mourning at the funeral. Big Mama represents a corrupt government. She arranges marriages i n the case where the derivation related members of a family marry within severally other. That practice is the way she is able to stay in author for many years.Marquez attempts to show that some governments can be corrupt and somehow she has all the peck believing it is okay or that in that respect is nothing corrupt happening. On the margin of the official family, the exercise of the jus primae noctis (199). Her official family is all of the family members related by blood in some way. She has them marry each other. Her family does not react to what she is doing. Big Mama has been using that practice for so long and somehow the family thinks that it is okay for her to do that and they are afraid of her.Big Mama does this practice so no one crude or someone she does not know can try and allow a chance to take her position. The sequence that Big Mama has ruled For many years, Big Mama had guaranteed the social peace and political harmony of her pudding stone by three trunks full of forged electoral certificates which formed part of her secret estate (207). Big Mama is able to stay in power by forging electoral certificates. The certificates are similar to voting for a president. She forges them and uses fake votes so she can win the election.Also, the men in her service, her proteges, and tenants.. exercised not only their own rights of suffrage alone also those of electors dead for a century (207-208). She has been forging votes for a very long time. Marquez believes that corruption is something funny when in reality, it is not. Thus, using dark sense of humour to ingest corruption seem funny when it is a serious matter. Big Mama uses the people who have been dead for over a hundred years, votes to make it seem like she has more votes and more people voting for her every time there is an election.There have been no new rulers ever since she has taken power. Very many people do not like her and are forced to follow her rules because they are afraid of her and the amount of power she has frightens them. The people only attend her funeral in hopes of gaining something because of how well known she is and her position in society. They know that many people are going to be there because she is like a celebrity. They do not care about her or that she has died. People call the day of her funeral the great day. The great day had arrived (212). In the streets crowded with carts, hawkers, or heat up foods, and lottery stalls, and men with snakes wrapped around their necks (212). The great day is the day of her funeral. But, there are many carts and stands filled with fried food. Most funerals do not usually have carts with fried food around. The men with snakes are used for entertainment purposes and are just there to make a profit because all the vendors know that almost everyone is attending the funeral. It is humorous that there is entertainment and fun at a funeral.This is an instance of dark humor because instead they have enter tainment and food carts at a funeral and are not mourning. They do not really care that she died. The Duke of Marlborough overcame their centenarian hatred of Big Mama and came to her funeral to ask for the payment of their veterans pensions which they had been waiting for for sixty years (212). They came to the funeral and asked for the money Big Mama owed them after 60 years. They know that she has just died. That is the perfect time to collect the money she owes them because she cannot prevent them from ruleting their money.They have hated her for over a hundred years and decide that the day of her funeral is the day to finally get their money back. After the funeral, No one noticed that the nephews, godchildren of Big Mama closed the doors as soon as the body was taken out, pulled the nails out of the planks, and dig up the foundations to divide up the house (214). The family of Big Mama and everyone that is considered to be family to her do not even care about her and as soon as her body was out of the house they shekels to tear apart the house.Her nephews are ecstatic that she has died because now they can move on and forget about her. They are happy instead of sad. Marquez uses dark humor to show how people are festive at the funeral and hyperboles to really emphasize that there are many people at the funeral. On the first page of the story, the sentence that starts the story is Now that the nation, which was shaken to its vitals, has recovered its balance the time to lean a stool against the campaign door before the historians have another chance to get at it (197-198).The sentence is actually a whole paragraph and there are semicolons to go to pieces the people who attend. The sentence is telling who is at the funeral and where they come from. Marquez uses hyperboles to emphasize the numerous amounts of people who are there and that they come from all over the world. Marquez uses dark humor to show how people are not mourning because she dies but are celebrating. They call it the great day because she is gone after many years and her family is assuage that she is gone and they do not have to listen to her anymore.When someone passes away people mourn but in this case, Big Mama passes away but everyone is celebrating by having a festival instead of a proper funeral. Her family is ready to move on because as soon as the body was taken out pulled the nails out of the planks, and dug up to foundations to divide up the house (214). When her body is gone they do not leave the house the way it is but start to break it and tear it apart because they want to completely forget her and anything that reminds them of her. Another hyperbole used is when the drool men will come and will baffle up the garbage from her funeral, forever and ever (214).There is not garbage that is swept up forever and will take an infinite amount of time to clean. The garbage represents all the wrong and corrupt things that Big Mama does and it will take a very long time to fix what she has caused. In conclusion, Big Mama represents corruption in a government and the people who attend her funeral do not care that she passes away Marquez uses dark humor to show how people are celebrating by using hyperboles to emphasize the fact that there is a large amount of people at the funeral.Big Mama forces her family to marry each other so she can stay in power. The people in Macondo obey her because they are afraid of her. The people at the funeral use the fact that she is very popular as a way to make money or gain something. The dark humor Marquez uses is to show that people are celebrating her death and it is humorous because at funerals, people are sad and mourning At Big Mamas funeral, people are having fun and it is similar to a carnival.

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Cultural Assessment – Nursing

heathen Assessment The population of the United States is continu e very(prenominal) be fall down(predicate)y rising. The take everywhere re layation continues to rise, al adept much prominently, the number of foreign- natural immigrants that relocated to the United States in 2003 was a staggering 33. 5 million, and that number rises e precise course of study (Jarvis, 2008). With such a large immigrant population go fars the need for medical professionals that ar cultur everyy competent.Being culturally competent means that the c are moderaters, understand and watch to the total context of the individuals situation, including awareness of immigration status, stress factors, other social factors, and cultural similarities and differences (Jarvis, 2008, p. 38). Beca commit the United States is so diverse, it is a federal law that all billinggivers mustiness be culturally competent. It should be noned, however, that is not something that can be ended so easily. It is a process that can take a lifetime. To become culturally competent star must turn in knowledge in several areas.These include, still are not limited to, designed wizards own personal inheritance, the inheritance of the nursing profession, the heritage of the health care system, and the heritage of the forbearing (Jarvis, 2008). When performing a cultural assessment of an individual one must take into account five grave reflections of the individuals heritage. These eyeshots willing give the nurse an idea of the patients heritage consistency. First, is the individuals culture. E very(prenominal)one has a culture. at that place are four basic characteristics of culture. First, it is learned from birth one is learning the language and socialization of that culture.Second, it is shared. All the members of the same group share that culture. Third, it is adapted. Culture adapts to environmental and technical factors, as well as the groups avai lability to natural resources. F inally, it is dynamic. Meaning, it is al delegacys changing (Jarvis, 2008). The second aspect of ones heritage is paganity. This is a group within the social system that have a common geographical origin, race, religion, values, traditions and food preferences. The term ethnic is tricky in the United States (US) because of how large the US is, and the large diversity of ethnic differences it has.organized religion is the third aspect of ones heritage. Religion is highly important because an individuals religious beliefs play a huge classify in ones health-related behaviors and how someone perceives unhealthiness and death. There are roughly 1500 different religions in the United States which is why this aspect is so important when performing an individuals cultural assessment (Jarvis, 2008). The fourth aspect of ones heritage is socialization. When someone is embossed in a specific culture, the person naturally acquires the characteristics of that group.Many masses in the Uni ted States are bicultural, acquiring certain customs and traditions of the United States while staying loyal to their handed- toss off culture as best they can. Time orientation is the fifth and final aspect of ones heritage. Every culture has a different sense of each others perception of time. Depending on the individuals heritage, that person may focus on the preceding(a), the agree up, the future, or a combination of the leash. It is important for the nurse to recognize the individuals perception of time to gain a bettor understanding of how to individualize a plan of care.To gain a better understanding of cultural assessment and how it relates to health care and being culturally competent, a sit down interview was performed with an 84 year everyplaceage female of German-American heritage, who believes that any belief or view differing greatly from hers are strange, and usually vilify (Riley, 2008). In order to preserve her right to privacy, she will be referred to a s G. E. Heritage Assessment Cultural Group G. E. is 84 long time old and was born and raised in the United States. She considers herself an American who is extremely proud of her German heritage. She is speed of light% of German decent.She had one older sis who is deceased. Her immediate family was all born in rural Illinois. Her father built a house in Coal Valley, IL when she was very young, where she stopd until she was unify at the age of 18. Her paternal grandparents were both born in Germany. It is unknown what city or village in Germany they came from, other than the blue part of Germany. They immigrated to the United States shortly before her father was born. She remembers her grandparents speech little to no English, then, eventually broken English. Her father spoke English as a firstborn language and some German. Her yield, her infant and she ever learned the German language. English was the only language verbalise in the theater. Her father was a coal miner an d her mother took care of the home. In her culture, each extension lived in separate homes, whereas in some cultures, multiple generations live in the same household. However, her grandparents and extended family members did live nearby, so she spent a lot of time playing with her cousins, and saw her grandparents, aunts and uncles on a level(p) basis. They would all take in together on Sun twenty-four hour periods after perform, and have lunch together. She lived at home until she married at the age of 18. G. E. ent to public schools, then to secretary school after graduation. Her married man was as well 100% of German decent. They had ii sons and a young lady. Both of her sons live close by, but her daughter lives in Nebraska. Her daughter and she talk on the rally every day. Her save was in the US Navy during WWII and her husband and she were very patriotic. Like she has stated earlier, she is an American. Other than that, she did not know much ab surface the war or Hit ler or just did not remember. What she did remember when asked somewhat this subject was the fact that a a few(prenominal) of her husbands ancestors were drivers for Hitler during his reign.Ethnic Group G. E. s ethnicity focuses almost her family and church. instal up though her fathers parents were born in Germany, there is no quality that they were passing down many values, traditions, or food preferences to the new generations. By all accounts, they hopeed to in all immerse themselves into the American way of life. The only German recipes that were passed down to her were for sauerkraut, German pigs-in-a-blanket, which included sauerkraut, and German white potato salad. Her family also eats a lot of beef, pork, and chicken. Potatoes are also a staple of her diet.For many years, G. E. and her husband would grow a big garden and produced enough vegetables for the entire winter months. Traditions are very important to G. E. For many years her family would come to her house after church for Sunday lunch and also for Thanksgiving. The day after Thanksgiving the grand peasantren would come over to decorate the Christmas tree. She still has her family over every Christmas Eve. She says she does not draw a meal anymore, she orders a meat and cheese tray, and makes some side dishes. The other family members bring over the desserts.She also used to have a birthday party for her children and grandchildren. She baked a cake and the family would come over and eat dinner. The birthday person got to pick the dinner, and would then open presents. Her grandchildren bring her great-grandchildren to see her at least once a month. She says she enjoys it when they come to visit. She really enjoys seeing the great-grandchildren. She says that it makes her feel proud. Religious Group Religion is the most important aspect of G. E. s life besides her family, and always has been. G. E. and her family are Protestants.Knowing that most of her ancestors came from the norther n part of Germany, this is interesting because in Germany, Protestantism is practiced predominantly in northern Germany (Fuller & Vossmeyer, 2004), which is where her ancestors lived. This is proof that their religion has been passed down through the generations and still continues to be practiced. Her husband and his family, who are all deceased now, shared the same ethnic and religious background as her family. She on a regular basis answers a Presbyterian church at least once a week and is a very vigorous member of the church.Her husband would fill in as subgenus Pastor when the regular pastor could not. She practices her religion in her home every day by praying and reading the Bible. G. E. celebrates all of the holidays of her religion which are Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas with her family. She states that her religion has no influence on her diet or health practices. G. E. believes in paradise and hell, which is common to many German religions (Fuller & Vossmeyer, 20 04). She insists that younger family members who do not go to church attend church with her at least once a year. She does not the likes of the fact that her other family members do not attend church.She feels in order to get into heaven one has to attend church occasionally. complaisant Group roughly, but not all, of her friends share the same ethnic and religious background. She also has a few Hispanic friends whom she enjoys spending time. She still lives in her home in the same nearness in which she has lived for over 50 years. The neighborhood is located close to the church and most of her neighbors are close in age. Most of them attend the same church and are of the same ethnic background. She has always had a very active social life which can contribute to her excellent health.She goes to a senior activities hall twice a week to play bingo and has a swimming class twice a week to manage and socialize with friends. She goes to have her hair done every Saturday which she ha s done for many years. She regularly goes out to lunch and to watch a movie with friends once or twice a month and is on the phone a lot with family and friends. She made sure to mention is that she absolutely does not like to travel and has neer been outside of the United States. When her children were young they would take camping trips to Wisconsin and Minnesota. That was pretty much the extent of her travels.As a result, her sons do not like to travel much either but her daughter enjoys traveling. Her daughter has been to many countries and G. E. does not understand why she enjoys it so much. Time Orientation G. E. s time orientation focuses on the present and the future with little to no focus on the past. She feels at her age, focusing on the past is a waste of time. She says, I just move on (G. E. 2011). She does not like to dwell on the past. She says, whats done is done. Although she misses her husband very much she believes she will meet up with him in heaven one day. She enjoys the thought of that.She does not think of health care in terms of the past either. She follows her reanimates advice and is open to new treatments and medications. This is another reason she is in excellent health for an 84 year old woman. She does not like the thought of a doctor not knowing the latest in medical technology and treatments. She also is not bothered if health care personnel are not culturally sensitive to her heritage since she sees herself as an American who is proud of her German heritage. G. E. is uncomfortable with doctors who are not Caucasian. She also does not like to be cared for by male nurses or other male caregivers who are not doctors.Health Related Beliefs and Practices G. E. has health insurance and Medicare, so she is able to see the doctor on a regular basis. Lack of insurance coverage is not a factor for her. She never goes without her medication because of need of prescription coverage. Also, with the money she and her husband saved over t he years, plus both of their retirement packages and social security measures benefits, she lives comfortably and does not have to worry roughly not having enough money to live out the rest of her life in the lifestyle she leads. Developmental Situation G. E. remembers things her mother did when G.E. was a child to save and protect her health. She had to wash her hands regularly, especially before and after meals and after using the bathroom. She always had three meals a day which consisted of foods from all of the food groups. In the winter she could not go outside until she was bundled up. When she did get sick, she had to stay home in bed until her mother thought she was feeling better. This was solely the job of her mother since her father produceed long hours in the coal mines. She states that her mother was the stereotypical hard, but loving, German mother.When she started her own family, she ran her home in the same manner. She was raised during the Great Depression and was raised to be hard working and to jimmy what one has, which G. E. has instilled in her children. G. E. is accomplishing all the developmental tasks of her age group and has successfully resolved Ericksons last ego stage, which is the psychological conflict of ego integrity versus despair. In this stage, resolution to this final conflict occurs when the full-grown accepts ones one and only life cycle as something that had to be and that, by necessity, permitted of no substitutions (Jarvis, 2008, p. 8). Causes of Illness G. E. describes illness as not being able to do the things she normally does and she defines health as having no aches or put outs. She rates her health as good to excellent for a woman of her age. She has never smoked, however, her husband smoked a pipe for years. She does not use any devices to help her get around and she still goes up and down the stairs to do laundry. She states she has fallen a few times but has never broken a bone as a result, and was able to get back up on her own. She has never been hospitalized as a result of an illness, only for an occasional elective surgery.What she believe causes illness are environmental change, Gods punishment, grief and loss, stress and anxiety, incorrect food combinations, poor consume habits, smoking, inactivity, and viruses and bacteria. Cultural Practices in Healing and Health She maintains and protects her health by washing her hands regularly, taking her inflict medications, staying active, eating a well-balanced diet based on the food pyramid, taking vitamin supplements, seeing her doctors regularly, staying within when it is too hot or too cold, avoids raft who are sick, and does not take on more than she thinks she can handle.When she does get sick she does not make a big deal out of it and does not feel the need to worry family members. She stays at home because she fears acquire others sick as well, especially her great-grandchildren. She takes care of herself by getting en ough rest, keeping herself hydrated, not eating certain foods she knows will make her feel worse, taking needed medications, and calling her doctor when she feels she needs to be seen. When G. E. feels she needs some lab work done, other tests, or has any concerns, she immediately calls her doctor. She trusts in her doctors advice and always follows his or her orders.It is because of all of this, she believes she is still living an active and healthy life. G. E. is also extremely concerned with the health and public assistance of her family. When her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren are sick, she worries about them and calls them regularly to check on them. She also prays for them to get well. Cultural Expressions of Illness G. E. does some(prenominal) her doctor suggests and does not believe he would do anything to jeopardize her health. However, as far as family and friends go, she will not outwardly express indications of pain.She states that it is because she do es not destiny people to worry about her. G. E. believes this is due to her strict German up-bringing and growing up during the Great Depression. She believes one can never work too hard, so pain is seen as a weakness to her. The more she expresses pain or illness, the weaker she is seen, and possibly unable to efficaciously take good care of herself. Alternative assisted living is not an option G. E. needs at this point. G. E. feels she does not need it, and she absolutely will not burden her children with having to care for her.Cultural use of Alternative Therapies G. E. sometimes uses home remedies when she is ill. When she was a child her mother would use some vapor rub then put a sock around G. E. s neck. G. E. s mother would feed her chicken soup and give her juice or hot tea to drink, and keep her in bed. G. E. believes that ameliorate and curing are the same and believes that praying, following the doctors orders, getting recommended treatments and taking prescribed medic ations brings healing. In the past few years G. E. has used resource therapies to help with pain and arthritis.She gets acupuncture once a week, and sees a massage therapist occasionally. She admits, ten years ago she would have never done these types of selection therapies, but her daughter is a nurse, and recommended it as an alternative to pain medication. She also admits that it does help, or she would not pay to go, but she feels it does not cure anything. She still has to supplement the pain with medications from time to time. Summary G. E. s interview was conducted at her home, and it took about an hour and a half. She would a great deal change the subject, so having to restate questions happened often.She felt comfortable being in her home answering these questions, but often asked why an assessment of this type was so important. She has no issues with cultural sensitivity, or nurses being culturally competent, and has had little control with other cultures. G. E. does n ot understand the need for such learning. Her views are ethnocentric, and at 84 years old, that will probably not change. During the interview, both open-ended and close-ended questions were used to gain the most information. She was very open to doing the interview, but stated she did not think she had much to contribute.She states she has lived a wonderful, privileged life with a loving husband, and a great family. She has never been disappointed by her family and is extremely proud of them. The only herb of grace she has, has to do with her sister. They lived about five properties apart from each other, and some land next to her sister that G. E. owned, her sister planted a garden there for years. Well, G. E. gave the property to her daughter and son in-law to build a home. Her sister got extremely upset, which ended up with their families not talking for years. Then she received word that her sister was diagnosed with breast cancer, and G.E. called her up, and they reconciled. Unfortunately, she died shortly after that. G. E. has never gotten over that. Because of that, she is continually telling her family not to bicker over the small stuff, and that ones family is all one has, and the people who love them the most in this world. Even though G. E. will not openly express pain to anyone except her doctor, the rest of her family will openly talk about any illness they have or pain they are experiencing. This is something she practically requires of them. She says it is like do as I say, not as I do.This goes back to her not wanting(p) to be a burden on anyone, hitherto she has to know that her family is alright. It is perfectly fine for her family to be a burden on her, because to her it is not a burden. She sees it as her responsibility. She states that her family always tells her she will never be a burden, but she is too stubborn to listen to them. She is the mother and she knows best. She says her family jokes to her that they are 50 something year o ld adults, yet they still feel like children when they are around her and have to do what their mother says or there will be trouble. She finds this very amusing.She does not believe in cremation and plans to be buried alongside her husband. She has all of her final arrangements already planned and paid for, again, as not to burden her family. Many members of her family plan to be cremated and she cannot understand why. She believes ones soul will not go to heaven if the body is cremated. There were no communication barriers while interviewing G. E. It was a very easy and pleasant interview. G. E. enjoyed talking about her heritage and family. G. E. is a very active and healthy woman for her 84 years, and she cannot wait until she can reunite with her husband in Heaven.She prays to her husband every night. Personal Reflection Writing a cultural assessment about someone from a different generation was very interesting for me. While some of the information I received during the interv iew was similar to my own personal beliefs, most were not. Being two generations younger than G. E. makes a huge difference in certain beliefs. My mother is 100% Swedish and my father was a Vietnam stager who is 50% German, with some English, French and more German. Growing up, my family did not follow any ethnic traditions and had no heritage related beliefs other than being American.We were a middle class family and as a child I thoroughly enjoyed life. I have one younger sister, and we, for the most part, were spoiled. I think that has to do with having baby boomers for parents. We took dance classes and I was a gymnast through junior high school. We had a whole neighborhood of other children our age. We were outside from morning until evening, especially in the summer. Both of my parents worked and provided us with whatever we needed. My parents made me attend Sunday school every week until I was about 12. After that, I attended church only a few times a year. Religion does not play a big role in my culture.Even at Sunday school, it did not make much sense to me, but I was too young really understand. My parents and grandparents always had a strong work ethic and I also do as a result. My parents wanted me to be my own person and choose my own travel guidebook as long as it was an honest path. I live within a mile from my parents and from my sister so we see each other frequently. My parents help out my husband and me with our children. I have two sons and a daughter who are ages three, four, and six. One thing that differs from G. E. and me is that I like to know about the past as well as the present and future.One thing that we agree on is that we see our doctor regularly and rely on the latest in medical technology and medications. When we are both ill, we tend to use the same methods to take care of ourselves. However, I am not one to hide any pain or illness I have from my family when I am sick or in pain, everyone knows about it. Also, the way we in which we raise our children is different. G. E. raised her children in a loving, but more strict, manner. I do not raise my children in such a strict manner. I raise them like my parents raised me. They are very different styles, but I do not know that one is better than the other.They both have positive and negative parts to them. In G. E. s generation the woman usually stayed home to take care of the family. In my generation I feel many women enjoy getting an education and usually find it a necessity to work outside of the home. I know I would enjoy the best of both worlds, to contribute to the family income, yet limiting my work outside the home to part time until the children are older. One thing about religion I also learned was how important it was to G. E. Other than her family, her religion was most important to her life, which is very different from me.As I stated earlier, religion has just about no importance in my life. Also, I do not consider myself to be ethnocentric. I have yet to meet a person whose religion, culture, ethnicity, or heritage shocked or bothered me. As long as I do not feel that I am being pushed into one belief or another, I am fine. Everyone needs to find the path that makes one happy, healthy, and whole. I want to be a nurse because I like people. I feel I can make a difference in this career by letting my patients know that I genuinely care for their well-being and want them to lead the best possible life they can.I have been a Certified nurse Assistant for the last 6 years and I enjoy it. I think by bonnie a nurse I can do even more to help them. It is an awful experience to go to see the doctor, and feel like cattle being shipped in and out of the office at record speed. I like the thought of, as nurses, we take a holistic approach to healing that I feel doctors lack. Patients need to feel they can openly discuss their problems and that someone is actually listening to them and taking time to talk about it with them with out judgment or prejudice to come up with a plan of care that suits everyone involved, as much as possible.I realize since I do work in a hospital that there will not always be a happy ending. Some patients can be difficult to care for, but as a nurse, I need to understand that they are there because they are ill, which has an effect on their personality and mental status. I must have empathy for them, as difficult as that may be sometimes. I know that when I am not feeling well, my personality changes, as does everyones. I feel the issues I need to work on most is the language barriers when they arise, and patients family dynamics. The diverse and often complex dynamics of a patients family is extremely difficult to understand.It will take time to develop a way to handle these often difficult situations. No family has the same relationship, so as a nurse I must go in prepared for anything, and keep an open, non-judgmental frame of mind while performing a cultural assessment on the patient. Writing this paper has made me even more sensitive to peoples cultural differences. No matter what background one comes from, most people essentially want similar things when it comes to healthcare. One wants to be seen as an individual, rather than a number. We want compassionate care. We want to be listened to. We want to get well. We do not want to be judged or belittled.We want to be still and we do not want to be dismissed as just another crazy patient. Nobody reacts well to negativity especially when there is no need to be. These are the things I must keep in mind while doing cultural assessments in the future. References Alexopoulos Y. (2007). Illness, Culture, and Caring Impact on Patients, Families, and Nurses. In Chitty, K. K. & Black, B. P. (Ed. ), Professional nursing concepts & challenges (5th ed. , pp. 237-269). St. Louis, Missouri Saunders. Baxter, A. (2001). In search of your German roots, A complete guide to shadow your ancestors in the Germanic areas of Europe (4th ed. . A. Baxter (Ed. ), Baltimore, Maryland Genealogical Publishing. Carter R. (2008). Cultural competence Cultural care. In Jarvis, C. (Ed. ), material examination & health assessment (5th ed. , pp. 35-53). St. Louis, Missouri Saunders. Downing J. (2008). Understanding each other Communication and culture. In Riley, J. B. (Ed. ), Communication in nursing (6th ed. , pp. 46-62). St. Louis, Missouri Mosby. Santos S. (2004). In Fuller, B. & Vossmeyer G. (Ed. ) Cultures of the world, Germany (2nd ed. ). Tarrytown, New York Marshall Cavendish.

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Support Children and Young People’s Health and Safety Essay

1.1 discover how current health and true(p)ty device edict policies and procedures argon implemented in the plantting.Any insurance or procedure, which defines or relates to the health and uninjured of all individuals in a take aim, is indite in compliance with the Health and Safety at work Act 1974 as this is the legislation and by law essential be abided by.LegislationLegislations be set by the law and ar adhered to by making rules, policies and procedures for anywhere that is undeniable to follow them, such as in a shoal setting. The star t distributivelyer is responsible for health and sentry go legislation, ensuring the inculcate meets the objectives which be set out deep down its impart got policies and that the procedures atomic number 18 put to workively applied and up bodyguardd regularly and revised, also that all health and guard guidance issued by the local authority is available to all staff and that the appropriate training is offered to help th e staff suffice these tasks.To regard the environment is near for the children the legislation requires happen assessments to be carried out at regular intervals for each room and outside space they use. This ensures all equipment is well maintained, age appropriate and safe to use and ensuring impregnable hygiene standards are met. The law provides a spell of different acts, which must be followed by trails in order to make sure children and its staff, are kept safe. Some of the current legislations in place at the moment are Health and Safety at work Act 1974The childrens Act 1989RIDDOR 2013COSHH 2002UN blueprint on rights of childRead moreEssay on Children Health and SafetyThe health and rubber at work act is implemented in my drill, this ensures that not only the children are kept safe and out of danger but also the staff within the initiate too. The staff also shoot to know what they have to do in order to keep themselves and the children safe from any dangers the y could/ may take chances or so the school the school. They are required to report any embarks they find to the relevant person, follow the schools pencil eraser policy, make sure that their actions do not harm themselves or others, use any safety equipment provided and ensure all equipment is safe and appropriate. The school by law is required to have a health and safety policy, this gives information to all staff to make sure the school is kept as safe as come-at-able. All new staff joining the school is provided with relevant training in health and safety and what to do in an emergency. There is also a health and safety policy for staff, which they must watch and scar to agree to adhere to all points in the policy.Staff must ensure that any actions, which they take, are not likely to cause any harm or dangers to others within the school. This go out include change and tidying up of any equipment after use to ensure there is no risk of any potentiality risk occurring. Fo r various jobs within the school such as discussion food, doing experiments or attending to scratch line aid incidents protective and safety equipment is provided and must be worn. This will be wearing plastic gloves and aprons whilst handling food to s buy the farm contamination, wearing Hi Viz jackets when off site to ensure staff and children are amply microscopical at all times. When using any materials and equipment within the classroom there are true safety regulations they must meet to ensure they are full safe and usable.Here are a couple of examplesThe childrens act 1989 stipulates that as a school we must protect the children as distant as we can when they are in our care and prevent any risks, which may occur. In my school this is implemented by ensuring all staff remain open-eyed at all times by removing any risks such as coats and lunch boxes on the layer or in corridors, chairs left gummy out or wet floors where anyone can slip over. These risks can slow be r emoved ensuring asafe environment is maintained, but near hazards are not able to be as easily removed so all staff deprivation to be alert of the procedures of reporting concerns through management.The act also allows children to be healthy by having a fruit as a free bit and ensuring fruit and vegetables are available as a choice at dinner times, this encourages them to have their 5 a day. It requires children not only to be safe but to feel safe within their school environment this is ensured by having locked gates and CCTV on all gates ensuring only those permitted are allowed on the grounds. The school has an obligation under this act to ensure all staff are fully CRB checked, qualified and wedded regular training to ensure they keep to date with the ever changing legislations and policies.RIDDOR (Reporting of Injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences). This is a legislation regarding reporting and record keeping of injuries. It sets out which illness and injuries need iness to be reported to the Health and safety executive or the local authority. It is set out within the schools health and safety policy the procedures, which need to be followed for these occurrences, and the legislation sets out which ones need reporting. Every school demand to have an accident have and injuries need to be documented in there.COSHH (The control of substances Hazardous to health regulations). The use of hazardous substances within schools can present hazards to staff and children so measures need to be put in place to do away with any injuries occurring. The legislation also states that when using any hazardous chemicals protective clothing and equipment must be provided and apply. Every school must be COSHH compliant.The picture below shows examples of Hazard symbols which will be visible on any hazardous chemicals and defines which ones need to be kept in a locked cupboard as may cause an injury.The UN convention on rights of a child is a treaty, which was d rawn up by the governments worldwide to promise all children the same rights no matter who they are or where they come from. This is implemented in the school by ensuring all equipment and materials used are targeted for the specific age, so age and period appropriate. This will also include making sure the desks and chairs are the correct size for the age of the children.PoliciesSchools must have policies to ensure the children and staffs are kept safe. There are many different policies within a school, which they draw up as their own guidelines for how the legislation is to be followed on the school premises. Some of the policies that are in place to set out how to adhere to the health and safety act are chance event and Incident policySite security PolicyVisitors to the schoolHazardous substances PolicyVehicular driving on site policyCritical incident policyProceduresWherever there is a policy in place there will al slipway be procedures in place too, these are set to show and tell you how the policy will be adhered to. This is quite clearly shown within the fire policy, it shows precisely what must happen in case of a fire or a drill and where everyone postulate to meet and who needs to do what to ensue a safe exit is do by all.1.2 Describe how health and safety is monitored and maintained in the setting.Health and safety is monitored and maintained in a number of ways within the school, there is a Health and safety policy, which all staff are devoted and must read, they are required to sign to declare they understand and willfully comply to it. This will outline their main areas of responsibilities and the procedures for doing so. Staff training needs to be kept current and up to date so any amendments in the legislation or policies need to be passed on and implemented by all staff members right away.Risk assessments are carried out regularly by the schools health and safety officer, this is through every six months to ensure all tools, equipment a nd the environment are fully safe and compliant. All galvanising equipment should have the annual up to date approved PAT tested sticker on to corroborate it is safe to use. Fire extinguishers should be checked annually and recorded on the outside of it. These tests ensure the equipment is fully maintained and fit for purpose.On a daily basis all staff should remain vigilant to prevent any hazards occurring, by constant monitoring and the removal of any dangers will ensure a safe and healthy environment for the children to learn in. Dangers can be coats and lunch boxes lying on the floor causing a trip hazard, water on the floor from the sink, chairs be left out, the classroom being at the wrong temperature or defected furniture. These are all dangers, which can easily be removed, but some hazards will need reporting and these should be recorded and reported immediately before an accident or incident occurs.A risk assessment is always carried out before any out of school visit ca n take place. This will verify what could go wrong and how that can be prevented. The school has a school trip policy and within that are procedures to follow if certain instances were to occur. Within the assessment it will outline all responsibilities for all members of staff attending on the visitFire drills are practised every six months to ensure everyone in the school knows and adheres to the policy and fully follows all the procedures which are in place to ensure a quick and safe exit is made from the building to the qualify fire meeting place.Regular staff meeting are held, where health and safety is always top priority on the agenda. Staff are reminded of any issues and informed ofany specific hazard, which may have arisen.Audits are always done on accidents and incidents, this is to monitor why and how they have occurred and what preventative measures can be put in place to minimise the risks of them reoccurring.1.3 Describe how people in the setting are made witting of risks and hazards and encouraged to work safelyAll staff need to be awake of and are responsible for being vigilant at all times on health and safety matters. They need to be aware of the procedures of reporting concerns through management. Health and safety should be on the agenda and discussed at all staff meetings, any concerns, which are raised, should be dealt with immediately. Staff at all times should be visually monitoring, checking fire doors are clear, shelves are safe, equipment is safe and fit for use, etc. Safety checks should be routinely carried out on a regular basis. The head teacher should have a regular passing game around to check there are no hazards, which have gone unreported. If a hazard is free-base then the correct procedures should be followed, reported and dealt with as soon as possible.All electrical equipment is required to be PAT tested annually and display an approved sticker on it confirming its safe to use and the date the test is next due. If t he equipment is past its inspection date the equipment should not be used and a notice put on it saying, do not use. PAT test needs to be carried out by a qualified electrician,Fire extinguishers also need to be checked annually and the date of all checks and maintenance should be recorded and labelled on them.Staff and others in the school need to think close to health and safety at all times, if there is a spillage a wet floor sign needs to be immediately placed around the area to warn people of the slip hazard. The spillage can then be cleaned up as soon as possible. The school is required to carry out annual risk assessment to ascertain which areas of the school are mosthazardous and ensure every measure is taken to minimise the risk of any accidents occurring.The school has a health and safety policy, which sets guidelines the staff, must follow relating to all health and safety issues within the school, procedures are quite clearly set ensuring all staff are fully aware of w hat they need to do if an incident or emergency was to occur. This ensures the school is a safe as possible environment. All new staff are provided with a copy of this policy which they must read and sign to agree to abide by it all times. They are given health and safety training and told what they need to do in emergencies.. All staff working in school has the responsibility to ensure that children are cared for and safe. The Childrens Act 1989 requires that we protect children as far as we can when they are in our care. By taking a balanced approach to risk management will ensure we are lasting by this act.Children as well as staff in school need to be aware of risks and hazards and are taught to keep themselves as safe as possible. There are a variety of ways in school we teach and show the children about health and safety issues they need to be aware of, here are a fewPosters around the school on hygieneSafety and hazard symbols they need to be aware ofAllowing the children to take part in carrying out the risk assessments Signs around the school they need to adhere toEnsuring they know what and when to report issues to adultsHand washing pictures I the toiletPSCO visits to teach the children about stranger dangerFire officers to teach children about fire risks and how to leave a building quickly and safely in the event of a fire. Schools have eco warriors to help look after the environment ensuring it is safe and secure at all times Teaching they know about balanced risk management.

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Online vs Traditional Education

There argon options to those who chose to further their development, handed-down and online education. handed-down educationgives students the tools to succeed in a more(prenominal) than competitive environment, while online education anyows the student to escort at their own pace. conventional education want students to be in classes on a order of business at a limn sentence and date. Online education gave students the convenience of accessing the classroom from the privacy of their home. Both type of education gives you the required gradation to make progress in life.When people think of non- traditionalistic they might think of unaccredited college or university, nevertheless thats not what non- traditional is. Online students are considered non-traditional students because they get to do work from the comforts of their homes. Online education and traditional education are different approaches to a higher education. Online college requires students to learn time manag ement with their education. Students shit a greater responsibility because they entertain to manage their time wisely. Most students that do online education do it because they throw away jobs or a family to take care of.They will put one across to organize they time between jobs, family, and school. Students that chose the traditional way of education have to be on campus according to schedule. Planning around class schedule will be first option for students on campus especially if they work or have a family. For the most part, they have the advantage of experiencing the opportunity to socialize and work in groups. Even though working in groups at times can be very frustrating because of a group fellow member not doing they part of an assignment.If assignment is not neck as a group then the cross off average for the assignment will suffer because of one student not doing their part. Online schooling can be good for young adults and mature adults in many ways. They have a mo re direct and focus method of learning because the class size is not as large as a traditional school class. Students are able to have a more flexible schedule, because it is the responsibility of them to set a schedule that will work show up for them time. Online education gives students that are parents an opportunity to be roll out of bed and not worry about the way you look to get your class work done.With the absence seizure of diversions for online students, they tend to be more focused on the lessons taught and complete the work they are expected to do. Without having to stomach the pace of other students, online students are allowed to work at their own pace, which can make students more successful. Online degrees require the same college level work and time commitment as traditional education. Students are exposed to more people from different socio-economic suffergrounds. This give instructiones students how to get along with one another regardless of race or differen ces it withal can provide a more complete educational experience.Traditional education students will have a more diverse social group interaction, allowing them to get a better school experience. Attending Traditional school is also a enormous plus for students, because they are more open to gain more college scholarship opportunities than a online schooled student. By being a great sports player, band member, art student, or purge entering in numerous contests such as musical composition funded by the government or withal private spectators enhances their chances of being notice is much higher than a online student. Student still take exams, mention classes, and write papers with online education.With online learning there is no teacher to monitor the students, which the students are solely obligated for listening and learning in class. Traditional classes have the teacher/professor in class to teach them. Whether, a student chooses to attend classes in a traditional physica l setting, the student will be assigned homework to complete. Online and traditional courses are expected to do a series of reading and writing assignments. Online and traditional classes have due dates for all assignments. If assignments not complete you get points taking from your score.That is why all assignments should be complete on time. Traditional and online classes will require a student to take exams. Exams are used to test students retention and understanding of course existent. These exams are giving from time to time on common intervals, such as weekly, monthly, or quarterly. All exams are checked by the teachers provided. All exams most be passed with a passing average in order to move on to the following course. If it happens that any exams are failed and class average is below passing average, student will have to repeat that course.Also, students whitethorn have the option to take exams online, or be required to visit the campus to complete the exam. Most likely wh en seeking help with an assignment, traditional and online classes provide teachers/professors that can clarify doubts, and have a discussion about a topic if needed. If any assignments are misunderstood the teacher/professor is also there to answer any question or worries students may have. In both the types of classes, students will have teachers available to help in any matte.Instructors make themselves available to students to help them learn the required material on a schedule. Also teachers/professors can be a very good amazing make system. Teachers/professors will be those to push you to strive for better academic work. Whenever any assistance is needed students have the advantage to get in inter-group communication with their teacher/professor. An alternative way to get in contact with your teacher is by e-mail or phone if it was provided. Through the years the means of getting an education has slowly changed. Many students today are deciding to do online schooling.Althoug h most people think that traditional education is better, most statistics and facts tend to show that online education is beneficial in more ways. Students will learn and get an education no matter what method they choose online or traditional education. Some may like a more competitive environment, and some may like a laid back environment. The option lies within them to choose what suits them best. With so many advantages and disadvantages between online and traditional education, the option lies within the student. Everyone is destined to be someone in life and it starts by getting an education.