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parsons dance company :: essays research papers

I went to see the Parsons Dance Company on Tuesday April 9th. It was a really interesting show. in that respect were actually many different techniques that I observed in this performance. This company uses many different forms of dance all into one technique, which makes them a unique company. mavin characteristic of technique that I noticed in most of the pieces performed was fast paced movement. Every piece was very upbeat and synchronized with the music. All their movements were done to the accents in the music. In Too Many Cooks all the movements were in sync with the sounds in the music. In Mood Indigo, there were three duets and they all showed different colorizes of anil by how they dancers expressed their movements. The first duet was the color purple and they showed a couple in love and the movement was very quick. The second duet was the color light purple and the movement was very slow, this was the only piece where the movement was pretty slow. Since it was a lighter color they made the movement slower which sum the whole idea. In many of the other pieces they movement was fast as well. In the piece, Caught, the technique here dealt with strobe lights. David Parsons choreographed this piece and it was very well done. They had the dancer jumping in the air while they strobed her to give it a hang in time look to the movement. This is not really a dance technique, but more for perspective. Its not very often you see someone in the air for a split second suspended in the air. This is a very unique technique and many other companies should try it. David Parsons is a genius for designing this piece.

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