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IPhone Customer Satisfaction Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

IPhone Customer Satisfaction - Assignment Example The purpose for research into iPhone customer satisfaction of service and functions is to investigate why has it fallen from the number one ranking within the USA and UK market place. This research is crucial to the academic field as it will provide relevant information to the future researchers related to the satisfaction level of customers with iPhone. The research will help in providing information on the impact of customer services of iPhone on enhancing customer loyalty, thereby, enabling companies to be able to enhance the customers’ satisfaction level by designing and developing highly innovative and attractive products. In addition, this research study will help in identifying any other key factor responsible for the decline and if the causes are from the macro or micro environments or if they are frequent. This will help Apple and other companies in coming up with strategies to tackle such declines.The research methods that have been adopted for this project include t he use of questionnaires and the secondary method in the form of literature review as well as face to face interview with the potential/current customers and potential clients.  An investigator has an obligation of ensuring that the subjects receive a full disclosure of the nature of the study, the risks, benefits and alternatives, as well as an extended opportunity to ask questions. As a result, the research took into account ethical considerations towards the respondents as well as the company researched. This was made evident in the questionnaire within the opening paragraph, to ensure the individual was immediately aware of the considerations and that the company was not harmed in any way with regards to the research undertaken.

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