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Mechanism for leading and managing change Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Mechanism for leading and managing change - Essay Example t be evidence of improvements in or an intention to improve the effectiveness of the client system.† In this regard, organizational development is the comprehensive change made within the corporation as well as the follow through to see that it is enacted effectively. The client represents the aspect of the corporate system that is experiencing the organizational development, a process that is enacted by the organizational development leaders. This essay considers these aspects of organizational development in relation to mechanism for leading and managing change within the Apple Corporation. When considering these factors of change with regards to the Apple Corporation it’s important to consider the corporate structure and leadership model that is currently in existence at the company. Apple, Inc. is vertically integrated in regards to their business model, with their hardware and pre-installed software. The company follows a traditional corporate model with Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) leading the organization, followed by the directors, executives, and a variety of lower level employees. They select candidates from the campuses of the various educational institutes of repute or higher through the website of the company and the department of human resource of the company. The company is divided into five distinct management divisions that function in conjunction to develop products; in addition there are four distinct departments that function to promote these newly developed products, as well as advance the already established Apple, Inc. merchandise. The bu siness contract with Apple, Inc is primarily based upon ‘Short Term Purchase Agreement Request’ that remains valid for six months and becomes due for further renewal. Since the company’s inception there have been significant and frequent levels of organizational development, with various times throughout the 1980s witnessing drastic shifts in corporate differentiation, and in the late 1980s

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