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The Most Common Cause Of Dementia Essay Example for Free

The Most Common Cause Of Dementia Essay By not giving a person a person centred approach you may be taking away a person human rights , in some cases families and care environments have made decisions for an individual , not taking into account the may still be able to make certain or all decisions for themselves . Behaviour changes in someone with dementia may not be so noticeable a first ,they may start to repeat words and sentences for repeat the same question, anxiety ,difficulty in daily routine , more forgetful, More noticeable changes are disorientation as to where they are time of day ,recognising familiar people, unable to follow instructions or retain information, impaired judgement , you may also notice that there body gait can be effected finding it hard to balance, hallucination’s . A person personality may change with dementia, you may not see the personality that they have had before this could be agitated, anxious aggression, quieter, depressed. it is important to record any changes in a person’s behaviour , as this could be an indication that the person dementia needs have changed and progressed although we should never assume it is a progression in the dementia as changes in behaviour could be an indication that there is an underlying health need e.g. UTI . Support may still need to be access but with the relevant professional. Having a diagnosis of dementia can affect people in different way ‘s, for some people it is a long awaited explanation to the changes that they have been experiencing , they may feel that they can now start to move forward and that someone has listened to them .It is obviously a emotional experience having a dementia diagnosis for the individual and their families ,they may have disbelief if and put it down to general aging they may also feel a sense of loss ,and that the plans that they had made for the future will change, Individual families may have been aware of One important point to remember is when working with service user with a disability or impairment that they may need different aids to communicate. When working with individuals with dementia they may need to be prompted or given time to understand the question; different types of communication need to be used depending on the individual. Trevithick (2012) highlights the difference forms of communication; one of them is active listening. Active listening is when the professional listens to the service user and repeats parts or the entire sentence to show understanding, the same vis versa for service users. www.wbmd.com/alzheimers/guide/alzeimers/guide/alzheimers-dementia (07.11.2014) www.nhs.uk/conditions /dementia-guide/pages/cause-of-dementia (01.11.14) www.alzfdn.org/aboutdementia/defintion.html (29.10.2014) P, Trevithick (2012) â€Å"Social Work Skills and Knowledge: A Practice Handbook† Berkshire; open university press.

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