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HUM310_LU2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

HUM310_LU2 - Essay Example iest way is to make our government entirely consistent with itself, and give to every loyal citizen the elective franchise, - a right and power which will be ever present, and will form a wall of fire for his protection’. In the eighteenth and nineteenth century, racial discrimination was rampant and the whites maintained a racial divide within the society through deliberate use of powerful lobby of the whites and financial advantages that they enjoyed over their less privileged counterparts. Racial differences were very apparent in southern American states whereas the northern American colonies had considerably moved forward in terms of black population enjoying more rights and privileges. The slavery was motivated by the human selfishness and vested interests. So despite bill of civil rights and constitutional promulgation of abolition of slavery, the ground reality remained bleak for the blacks till the rebellion which forced the government to introduce more efficient and effective tools so that equal rights could be enjoyed by ever American citizen. The rebellion brought out the blacks in the forefront of American polity. It made Congress notice the continued oppression of the blacks and take appropriate action through legislative rights. The article is very succinct in claiming that ‘If with the negro was success in war, and without him failure, so in peace it will be found that the nation must fall or flourish with the negro’. The reconstruction of society that provides equality and basic human dignity of life has become vital for peaceful co-existence. The elected government must ensure the same. Indeed, the values have tremendously changed. The blacks are no more looked down by the hitherto privileged class. Equal opportunity has provided the masses with education and employment, considerably raising the living status of the blacks and the minority. Indeed, as the article asserts that ‘They want a reconstruction such as will protect loyal men,

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