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A Problem Statement Of Wireless Networks Information Technology Essay

A Problem Statement Of Wireless Networks Information Technology EssayA hunt club adjoin in un organized wireless interlocking generally employee whole web due to this it leave generally carried out implosion therapy problem. Existing formation contains deluge algorithm to represent seem process but this system address lack of search problem and inefficiency factors. The flooding algorithm needs to search on each node on over unstructured network to find out property which consumes an extra time. Energy Rate allocation and flooding problems be main aspects in unstructured networks. It leads high gear computational problems and which consumes extra processing time. To improve any wireless network environment performance it necessary to accessing structure in wireless network. The energy consumption is a key aspect in wireless network according to the random walk process will unbalance the energy and active call into question search process. A native approach of flooding random walk algorithm will lead flooding problems and unbalanced energy rate allocation will be lead to network life time problems1.2 Aim and ObjectivesAimThe aim of this hear is to plan a distributed activity to improve search efficiency in unstructured wireless network by reducing transactional costObjectivesTo design a distributed application in unstructured wireless network utilise NS-2 simulatorTo take an advantage of biased random walk algorithm in on going distributed search application for avoiding lean of transmissionsTo exploit a network model by using NS-2 simulator by representing uniform nodes and determine search protocol for calculating number of packets needed to represent search processTo calculate time taken to cover the entire network after initiation of a search from a randomly selected initial node in designed network.To calculate the number of search items found after certain time steps from initiation of a search.1.4 Proposed MethodologiesThis project mai nly deals with unstructured wireless mobile network. An unstructured search has to potentially explore the whole network as such, it is generally carried out by flooding. This project will improve a search process in unstructured wireless network by reducing flooding configuring uniform nodes using NS-2 simulatorTo analyze dynamic search and route discovery problems in several(a) networks. To reduce number of transmissions during searching any property by establishing uniform nodes network using simulation methodologies. To reduce hitting time to the target node and expect number of transmission by implementing biased random walk by constructing uniform nodes in unstructured wireless networks. To evaluate a dynamic search efficiency by configuring uniform nodes for unstructured wireless network by wearing simulation methodology.1.5 Expected Artifact and outcomesTo design a distributed application to improve search efficiency in unstructured wireless networks and will evaluate this project results using NS-2 Simulator which will show dynamic search on over uniform nodes.2 Research2.1 General background to the subjectThis research addresses the dynamic search problems in unstructured wireless network environment. The research considers search oriented problems and query computational problems in distributed dynamic applications. The high level entropy accessing could lead energy consumption issues. This research review the background study of location based spatial query processing on and snap supposition query processing. The specified query processing supports only limited information level. To over come this difficulties here it need to review index method for managing smooth and dynamic data. This index process operates on over spatial query as intimately as snap shot which will be applicable on both data level.This research grasp knowledge of query process in unstructured wireless network environment. Background knowledge of query supervise in wire less broadcast environment . The background study will be conducted by reviewing various research papers, journals, books and websites. I will accomplish the relevant information by considering key words. Which might be use full gathering an appropriate data2.2 Study on specific issuesThe main aim of this project is to tackling dynamic search problems in wireless networks and to improve path discovery in wireless network during promoting dynamic search on over unstructured networks. To achieve efficient search on over unstructured network, it needs to review back ground study of various search algorithms such as flooding algorithm, random walk algorithm and dynamic search algorithm. This research mainly focuses on over unstructured wireless network by considering dynamic search problems2.3 Technologies for implementationThe implementation of this project will be divided into various modules and layers. The entire implementation work will be carried out using NS-2 simulator. The simu lator will design a wireless network with group of nodes. To configure network in terms of client- server architecture. Enhance the talk by promoting ad hoc protocol and compute energy rate level and consumption level by distributing message across client nodes. The entire calculate will be designed in Tool command language (TCL), C++ language and with combination of OTCL2.4 Analysis of Existing WorkThe problem contestation address the search problem in unstructured network environment, to analyze the search process problems and flooding problem during evaluating dynamic search process on over unstructured network. To addresses such kind of problems by conducting an experimental review on over static and dynamic search process and evaluate various search process algorithm to measure performance factors. In this analysis which shows the resource consumption problems and computation problems during evaluating dynamic search.3 Technical RequirementsThe proposed study analyzes the te chnical foul requirements by considering the problem statements and proposed study issues and which defines the functional requirements of proposed system. The functional requirements of proposed system should be classified into different processes these processes have been configured in terms of input, transactions and output. The system should be capable to reduce energy consumption level and which is capable of distributing data across different sensor networksProposed technical requirements are as follows software program Requirement Ns2,Network Animator NAM, XGRAPH, TCL C++ programming.Hardware Requirement P4 processor with 2.4ghz speed, 80GB hard disk, 512 MB RAMCommunication protocol requirement DSDV, AODV, DSRUser interface requirement NAM (network animator ) for dynamic visualization4 Design/ Structural information4.1 Development model To develop this project here I will employee volute life cycle model, I will classified this model into different phases, this model is u seful for recycling purpose, this life cycle model basically upraise new requirements with out distributing previous work, this model is most appropriate for distributed applications.4.2 Design and implementation model To analyze the problem statements by reviewing existing system processes and locate the functional requirements of proposed system, these functionalities will be consider as a case studies. These case studies will classified into modules and sub modules. To design modular diagram and high level design diagram for representing project process. It classify the design into high level and low level design pattern, it contribute entire process by considering spiral model project life cycle.5 Data AcquisitionI will gather relevant data to develop this project by referring various web sites, books and journals. I will refer relevant tutorials for referring more data structure and I will refer various search algorithms for reviewing search problems. The most of the informat ion i will get from websites, forums, journals6 Testing and analysis of Results To test the project results by generating various test case reports and organization the process by giving data inputs. I will conduct functional testing for checking functionalities of system. The unit test and integration test should be apply for finding errors in system code and integrate all modules and verify operation by evaluating integration test case7 Improvements To improve the data Acquisition part by configuring entire network components. To determine processes in data acquisition by simulating data access8 Overall ontogeny The overall report evaluate the basic structure of project, here it schedules entire work by representing various task structure, the specified task should need to pass with flying colors in given time, the overall structure should be organize end to end project structure. To employee dynamic distributed search application in unstructured networks for monitoring dynamic search process9 Conclusion and RecommendationsThis report demonstrate various search process problems in unstructured network as well as this report represent entire project process by classifying various project functionalities. Which also demonstrate project requirements and technical usage strcture for growing distributed dynamic application and classify proposed method for resolving spatial queries problems by establishing dynamic network model using network simulator, the proposed model will send problem statement in existing system and reconstruct entire network by accepting dynamic search process.

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