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History and Political Science. Examine the roles of men and women in Essay

History and Political Science. Examine the roles of custody and women in fascist Germ any - Essay Example manpower were always superior with male children occupying higher pedestals than their female counterparts. Women in Germany did not hold any property rights and even upon the death of their husbands they could not inherit anything and were requisite to find a male guardian to care for her children. This discrimination was based on the premises that women were more emotional than men and hence their intellectual capacities were restrict by their emotional nature. They were even discriminated by their men counterparts in the church who considered them weak to the temptations of the flesh because of emotions . Though church men felt that the women should be excluded from the church, they were allowed to enrol in some religious ceremonies but were excluded on other activities like singing. Overtime, women gained several milestones and they started gaining little education which men felt allowed them to be better mothers and cooks. valet War 1 thrust women into men roles and they excelled in the home fronts carrying out gender roles traditionally performed by men. Under the Weimar republic (1919-1933), women were given more granting immunity which enabled them to accomplish many goals previously under the male domain. The Weimar republic made secondary requirement a right for women in 1920 where women were officially allowed to vote. ... They believed that men were racy and creative in the spheres of politics and war whereas women were emotional and reproductive suitable for maintaining homes and the family. German women were expected to follow the kinder, kirche und kuche (children, kitchen, and church)4 philosophy. This foundation was the premises in which women conducts were expected to follow, and any deviants were frowned upon. The Nazi regime made women believe that through submissiveness, domesticity, and mother hood they were developing their na tion and their own selves but in reality the Nazi regime wanted the men to completely oppress the women. Though not all women supported their restriction to gender roles, many women welcomed the Nazi regimes move as close for the family. The fascist Nazi regime philosophies and ideals significantly changed the employment landscape, with many intelligent women doctors, teachers, civil servants and lawyers being summarily dismissed leaving very few women professionals. The handle left vacant by women in the professional field were filled by similarly qualified men of German origin and because women and other non German population were not formally recognized as true Germans unemployment in the German states declined sharply. The Nazi regime under Hitler expected all German men to obtain an income through hard work. They organized their finances and funded a large program for work creation. Men were sent through the National Labour dish out to work in public works and conservation p rojects which were primarily focused on building highly networked motorways, railways lines, and reclamation projects5. Through highly developed industrialization plans aimed at rearmament, Hitler introduced

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