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Cause-Effect Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Cause-Effect Analysis - Essay ExampleThrough the emergence of these technologies, the sources of reading have increased to include e-learning, e-mail, e-papers, chat rooms messaging and blogs (Miedema, 2009).Majority of the instructor educators, classroom teachers and look intoers in the field of education have agreed that engaging in voluntary and school-related readings is essential for all the students. They include those pursuing reading for knowledge of academic motion purposes (Miedema, 2009). This essay focuses on establishing the effects of the emergence of internet and television as examples of current trends in technology to the reading behaviors of students. Additionally, the paper explores whether the age spent by the students on the internet and watching television interferes with the time the students uses in both academic and recreational readings. Lastly, the essay offers recommendations on how to avoid the new forms of technology from interfering with individua l reading habits and skills.Several researches have been conducted in America to determine the cause of declining statistics of American youths and adults who participate in voluntary and achievement reading. The intriguing study resolved that most american youths and adults have ceased from the active participation in reading as compared to others in the previous years. Further to that, the research showed that very few American youths are engaging in reading helpful literature. The statistics are alarming since they have negative implications on the civic, social and sparing status of the country. Additionally, most people are unable to recall what they read in a given period. Consequently, it results to downgrading the aspects of good reading habits (Programme for International savant Assessment., and Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, 2010).Many researchers have been conducted

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