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Human Rights Violations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Human Rights Violations - Essay Example This paper shall not address all violations related to sexual orientation or gender identity due to the depth of discussion involved in such areas. However, it shall focus on critical human rights concerns among LGBTs. LGBTs flee their home countries due to serious violations of their fundamental human rights. Violations include executions and other severe violent attacks from state and non-state actors. This paper predominantly focuses on the human rights violations of persons based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. Under these conditions, it would be possible to better understand the reasons why host countries must provide adequate surrogate protection to LGBTs who have fled gross living conditions from their home nations. Homophobic and trans-phobic violence has been recorded in many regions. Such violence may be physical, through acts like murder, beatings, kidnappings, rape and sexual assaults or they may be psychological, and may include threats, coercion, and arb itrary deprivations of liberty. These attacks constitute a form of gender-based violence, mostly driven by a desire to punish those who may be perceived as violators of gender norms. Egregious human rights violations have compelled some lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people to seek refuge in countries with better human rights protection. It is important to assess the current situation relating to human rights violations which have left these individuals unprotected and vulnerable. It is also crucial to evaluate the reason why many of them risk their lives to seek protection elsewhere, where they still run the risk of being subjected to further abuse. Some states in recognition of these violations have afforded protection to these oppressed sexual minority groups. Before proceeding to the procedural hurdles that LGBTs face in host countries, it is important to shed light to the human rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons and the countries which criminalize homosexuality. It is widely recognised that every individual has the right to their preferred sexuality, the Yogyakarta principles illustrates similar the protection of such rights. Today, there are seventy-six countries in the world which have criminalized same-sex sexual acts between consenting adults. In seven of these countries, homosexual acts are punishable with the death penalty. These countries include Mauritania, Sudan, Northern states of Nigeria, Southern parts of Somalia, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Yemen1. These countries typically prohibit either certain types of sexual activity including any intimacy or any sexual activity between persons of the same sex. What these laws have in common is that they are often used to harass and prosecute individuals based on their actual, perceived sexuality, or gender identity2. Penalties range from short-term to life imprisonment, and even the death penalty. People living with their sexuality under a veil are constantly threatened, blackm ailed, and persecuted. There is a need to free these people from the misery of fear and persecution. Ignoring their fate and denying their right to pursue a happy life and to fulfill their sexuality is a disgraceful practice. What is terrifying about the current situa

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