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The meaning of death Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The meaning of death - Essay Example The meaning of death This means that man’s search for knowledge about death started long time ago and is still, and will still remain to be a big mystery. Different societies have different myths that try to explain what death is, its origin, life after death among other contentious topics raised relating to it. The lack of answers to these burning questions has led to adoption of religion, an aspect that every single person upholds to. Religion in this case plays a major role in defining death as well as life after death even though different people have different religions. Therefore, despites man’s eager to understand death, it still remain to be a big mystery and it appears as if it is a hard nut that shall never be cracked. All man needs to know and embrace is the bitter fact that death is inevitable and all human beings are subject to it irrespective of the victim’s gender, race, economic status, social classes, age or any other difference that one may ever think of. No one can tell when death will catch up with him or her. It can strike anyone, at any time and at any place. Over a long period of time, man has been searching for the truth about death in desperately way. This can be confirmed from various publications and poetic works such as the popular poems like â€Å"I heard a fly buzz† by Emily Dickinson, â€Å"suicide note† by Janice Mirikitani as well as Mary Oliver poem entitled â€Å"when death comes† just to mention a few.

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