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World war II technology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

World war II technology - Essay Example Hence World War II is characterized by the introduction of modern warfare. It was the peak of the activities, such as industrial development and scientific introduction into machine industry and military field that enabled advancements. The build up to the usage of heavy military machinery and technology was in action and practice way earlier than the World War II set into action. For example, the traces can be seen in late 1920s and mid 1930s where the Germans resolved to expand their military strength by enhancing their military, naval, and air force strength. For example, the usage of nuclear technology and nuclear physics enabled the use of atomic bomb which was an unprecedented event and a single bomb resulted in destruction of the entire city. During the war, the capturing of the iron ore rich areas in Norway and Denmark was similar moves, which were based on the concept of capitalizing on the areas of strength and capturing them before the enemy, so that the military needs cou ld be fulfilled in terms of the heavy machinery needs. (Parker 25) It was rightly said by Churchill that never in the history the battle field had so many owed so much to so few. Referring to the outstanding performance of the Great Britain’s air force, the battle of Britain which lasted over 2 months, resulting in destruction of over 700 fighters of British forces and over 1300 of German forces, speaks of the kind of technology that was adopted and introduced at that time. This technology enabled the battle that lasted for over two months to complete and all through the courtesy of science and technology incorporated into military field and defense purposes. Despite the global recession and days of Depression all over, Germany had focused on establishing military strength and large arsenal that would be used in a few years time against the enemy. Hence, technically it would be wrong to say that the technology and advancements crept in only during the course of the Second Wor ld War, rather it was in force and action for number of years. The German military and air force might which was known as Luftwaffe (Pimlott 141) was famous for its smart and timely work and was nicknamed as lightening fast, since it enabled to reach the targets in no time and over powering them. Aircrafts, counter machines and weapons, such as anti air craft missiles, radar systems, interceptors, use of chemical weapons, atomic bombs, all were the gifts of the Second World War. The presence of large amount of arsenal manufacturing industries in different parts of the axis region was focused and motivated by the sole reason of usage on large scale during the Second World War. Use of tanks was exhibited for the first time in the history of battle fields. The tanks were richly supported to allow moving through the canals, and other marshy areas which were not accessible at earlier times, and in absence of such ability the tanks would become a liability. However, this was not the case in this particular war and owing to the advancements in the military and scientific field, tanks had become a very necessary tool to overcome the enemy and thereby each side invested heavy in this domain. V2 and U2 (Bishop ,323) bombers were another feat that were achieved and gifted through the Second World War expedition. While the First World War was more of static in nature, and relied heavily on the naval strength, since Britain being part of the Allies group had strength on naval front, the convention was changed and both the allies and Axis, resorted to new means and tactics, and thereby expanded their strength in ground and air domain, as a result pressing the pedal over inventions and introduction

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