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The grooming impact includes three main bills for a new employee 1- Induction individualised line of credit This strain conducted for the new employee to yield him/her familiar with the Meanys basic issues like 1- codification and ethic 2- Safety and health policy 3- Legislation 4- Employee hand reserve 5- Process manual (SOP) All the previous Issues should be summarized In manuals by the HER department depending on the Job description.These manuals should be handed to the new employee to point them and become more familiar with the caller-up codes and procedure Instead of deviation the new employee to ask other employee. 2- Orientation The second step in the prep cognitive process is to make the new employee more familiar with the party run lowing environment which d one(a) at two main aims 1- initiative Program this schedule includes a Job rotation in respectful association sections for short periods, whither the new employee aw arness increased about the fell owship operation. 2nd Program In this program the new employee observe the work in his section to learn how the work is done form his/her colleague, by and by that the new employee handled the new Job under observation. 3- mental process Appraisal (result) In this step the result from action judgment used to assess the efficiency and weakness of the employee and learn what type of educate Is fatalityed to Improve his/ veer weakness and benefit from his/her strength.Type of raising 1- Managerial upbringing 1- clip counselling 2- Problem Solving 3- Leadership 4- Report Writing 2- Technical gibe to technical need 3- conductal 1- Conflict care 2- Dealing with node 3- Stress management Level of Training Organizational take training is needed here to achieve the company strategic 2- Company amplification 2- Task level according to Job description 3- Personal level according to single employee strength and weakness.For manikin if the employee is weak in cartridge clip management, so he/she need time management raining. For example if the employee brace leadership attitude we can benefit from his/her strength by giving him/her leadership training. Transfer of learning into workplace ask 1- Management run 2- Work environment the work condition and tools EDDIE EDDIE is instructional design specimen that can be used to condition training program for the company .Now lets see how we can use EDDIE render in the training process 1- Analysis A good analysis of the company situation and its employee acquaintance, science and force can provide important information about the training needs for the organization at three levels (organization, task, personal) The analysis phase of EDDIE model contain main four steps 1- Instructional designs here we need to decide what is the goal of our training program according to the organization needs?The goal can be at any level (organizational, task, personal) for example at the organization level the goal can be alter the employee knowledge, skills and ability to achieve ISO excellence, or it can be at the personal level better the time management skills, or at the skills level like how to weld iron. 2- Instructional analysis here we need to sterilize all the steps accessory to achieve the instructional goals, if our instructional goal was to learn an employee how to weld iron the steps can be 1. blank and prepare the steel that need to be welded 2. Ware safety equipment 3.Turn on welding machine 4. Weld control stick slowly 5. Clean the Joint after welding 3- Learner Analysis here we need to run into what already the bookman knows instead of give him/her a training that he/she does not need. This can be accomplished by studding the available employee knowledge and skills that they have and decide what the necessary training that they need is. 4- Learning Objectives here we need to build a learning objective of the training, it include what the employee should be able to do aft er taking the training. Suppose that our training was how to weld iron, the objective should be 1 . Scribe the welding process (ability) 2. contestation the needed welding equipment (Knowledge) 3. Ability to weld in three different technique (skill) 4. List type of irons that can be welded (Knowledge) 2- propose 1- Design assessments here we create an assessment tools to assess if the savant and ability has been improved. In other world we need to outfit if the training aerogram has achieved its goal that has been decided in the analysis stage consider the apprentice knowledge, skills and ability, thus the idea is not to trick the learner besides to make sure that the goal has been achieved.And this tool can be used subsequently to check the effectiveness of the training program and decide what aspect of the training need to be improved. The assessment tool can be a paper test (multiple choice) or practical test (demonstration of using a machine). 2- Choose a Course Forma t here we need to decide the medium by which the course is presented to the learner, it can e a programme room, by internet, printed hooey or a combination. 3- Create an Instructional strategy here the instructor has to decide how to deliver the training, thats including the following tools and learning portion Tools learning Component 1.Lectures 2. Reading 3. Projects 4. Discussion 5. Activities 1 . Pre-limitations activity make a motion the learner by furnishing the value of the training(how will benefit them), show the course objective. 2. Content Presentation direct to the objective with examples 3. Learner affaire enable the student to reactive their new information and provide them with feedback. 4. Assessment Quizzes 5. Follow Through Activity review main all the training visible to provide the student holistic view. Develop 1- Create a sample create a sample of the basic instruction hawkish depending to the previous two phases of EDDIE (analyze, design) to make su re that is consistent with the organization needs and objective. 2- Develop the Course Material after the management approve that sample of the training build the whale the substantive with depth 3- Conduct a Run-through run a report using all the media and material hat has been created to get a feedback and make sure everything is k. Implementation 1- Training the Instructor most of the time the one who develop the training program is also the one who teach the training, but in case the instructor is different personae than the training developer, the instruct should be trained on the course material 2- Prepare the Learners here the instructor has to make sure that the learner should have the need tools and knowledge to attend the training like prerequisite, material needed, time to attend the training. Arrange the Learning Space room, chairs, tables, and projector. Evaluation 1- shaping Evaluation (at each stage of EDDIE) The evaluation should be done through each phase of th e EDDIE model. 1 . One-to- evaluation This evaluation done one to one between the instruct and the learner to check the effectives of the material to check its 1. Clarity of the material is the material clear and easy to Feasibility of the material how practical is the material. 2.Small Group Evaluation same as the above but for group(Clarity, Impact, Feasibility) 3. Filed trial evaluation here we create real time rehearsal and check if the learners are able to utilize their raining to deal with the situation. (Clarity, Impact, Feasibility) 2- presumptuous Evaluation (at the end of the training) the purpose of this evaluation is to prove the worthiness of the training by evaluation the outcome of 1. Reaction getting the reaction of the learner about the training using agree-disagree. . Learning knowledge (test), skills ( death penalty test ), 3. Behavior test in actual situation to check if the learner using the new knowledge and skills 4. Result how does the training does affecte d the organization in profit, productivity, moral, Job satisfaction Performance management is a set of activities and evaluations that match the company is being effective and efficient in the process of meeting its goals and it is ongoing process that evaluates day-to-day executing.It analyzes different elements inside the company structure, such(prenominal) as the 1- performance of the overall company, 2- performance of a specific department, 3- performance process, product or service 4- performance of employee Managers and supervisors act as carriage by setting realistic goals and encouraging the employee to achieve these goals, then criterion the result daily or weekly Performance management methods are more flexible than Performance appraisal, and its parameters more tangible concentrate on what an employee can realistically achieve in a day of work.Performance appraisal is intended to measure the performance of employees inside the company for a year. Performance appraisa l can be considered as a single step in management performance-a step that focuses on the employees past performance. Managers and supervisors act as Judge for the employee work performance by identifies weaknesses and strengths of the employee and set a mat to improve his knees ability utilizing his strength. Performance appraisal use structured and nominal method in evaluating the employee, these evaluations consist of specific measures at specific discipline and they based on the company goals.Performance appraisal sets a high performance measurement to show employees what is expected and encourage them to meet those expectations. Performance management process is a systematic process that contains the flowing component 1- cookery (Setting expectations) planning means setting performance expectations and goals for groups and individuals to achieve the company goals. getting employees involved in the planning process will help them visualize the goals of the organization, wh at needs to be done, why it needs to be done, and how well it should be done.Also this step measurable, understandable, and achievable. 2- Monitoring performance Monitoring well means continually measuring performance and providing ongoing feedback to employees and work groups on their progress toward ambit their goals. 3- Developing. Developing means improve the capacity to perform and this can be done by addressing the developmental needs of their employees by training and improve the irking process to become more effective and efficient. 4- Rating.Rating meant rating the employee against performance specimen by summarize employee performance, this rating help the manger compare the performance over time or between the employee 5- Rewarding. Rewarding means honor good performance and this can be by day-to-day quotation (like say thank you) or it can yearly like hard cash and time off. It Lifelong, self-monitored process of career planning that involves choosing and setting per sonal goals, and formulating strategies for achieving them. Employer The employer should build a career management program thats meet present and coming(prenominal) needs of the company.Retirement Plans How long I must be employed originally you qualify to participate in retirement plans? Vacation and Paid Time Off How long is the yearly vacation? What is the standard time for the vacation? Disability Insurance Does this company have disability insurance? Does the company have stock options? My benefit package that I will bring off is Medical insurance from the first degree, and it should include my family and my parents. Dental Insurance A bonus at the end of the year that does include at least(prenominal) two months salary. 30-day yearly paid vacation.

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