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asp viperAUDIENCE first programmers or web developers.TITLE asp viperINTRODUCTIONASP or ready horde Pages is a powerful server-based technology from Microsoft, designed to cause dynamic and interactive HTML pages for World Wide Web sites. ASP is used to create dynamic or active web pages. driving web pages may change depending on who visits the page, when they visit, or how they got there. Whereas a silent web page will always be the same no matter what. The following report will explain what ASP is, plow how ASP works, outline why ASP should be used ASP, and bear a brief overview of ASP syntax.This topic was chosen to educate myself close where ASP came from and why it is used and to pass what I have lettered on to both one willing to read this report.DISCUSSIONWhat is ASPASP was born in November 1996 when Microsoft announced its design of an Active Platform. It consists of dickens parts, the Active Desktop and the Active Server. The Active Desktop refers to th e client positioning where HTML files are displayed on a web browser. The Active Server refers to the server-side component. This consists of pages that can be interpreted by the server, hence the term Active Server Pages. An ASP file contains any combination of text, HTML tags, and hand commands. A script command instructs a computer to do something, such as assign a value to a variable. The script commands in an ASP file are compiled on the server because the take is move to the client computer for display. The actual ASP code or script commands in an ASP file are not move to the client computer. The code is first executed on the server, creating HTML. This HTML then replaces the ASP code in the ASP file and then sent to the client to be displayed. ASP code can be any programming language that supports the ActiveX interface including JScript, VBScript, and PerlScript. As people know Microsoft has a tendency to make people use their products. But in the courtship of ASP people simulatet have to. ASP has evolved into an clean-cut technology framework meaning it is no necessary to use Microsofts products to create code in it, although thats the best way to go. You dont have to use VBScript, which is from Microsoft, but PerkScript or JScript can be use, which arent from Microsoft.

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