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Book - The Police in America 8 edition Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Book - The Police in America 8 edition - Essay ExampleConsequently, college-educated uprightness enforcers exhibit less abuse of their authority. On the contrary, they support compliance to the set rules and regulations of police practice.Police abuse authority of authority can take varied forms ranging from brutality, verbal attacks or legal abuse. Legal abuse refers to violation of constitutional rights of citizens, for instance, conducting a search without a warrant (illegal search). Empirical studies offer varied kinds of explanations link to education, which include psychological, sociological and organizational factors (McCoy, 2009). Empirical research depicts police officers to be flexible, adaptive, open-minded, receptive and empathetic. College-educated officers depicted higher intelligence, greater motivation and greater self-esteem. Moreover, they portrayed greater academic excellence, efficiency in police training academy, improved assessments and appraisal ratings.Wel l-educated officers score high grades in promotional examinations and were accorded more promotions. In price of behavior on duty, these officers had lower confrontational and absenteeism rates (Steverson, 2008). Moreover, they took less sick-time off, depicted few disciplinary cases, and showed less constant complaints. In terms of service to citizens, college-educated officers enter fewer cases of police brutality and excessive use of force (Walker, 34). In addition, insignificant portions of the population pressed charges for harassment. In all their duties, college-educated officers received few dismissals, if any. adverse to less-educated officers who received more disparagement from youths, college educated officers cope well with the youthful generation.Perhaps citizens accord fewer complaints to college-educated officers. Actually, locals are more expressive of pride in services offered by these officers. During operations, college-educated officers

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