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Research legal specialty software Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Research legal specialty software - Essay ExampleIt has several features that are user friendly to the attorneys and they adhere to the honor Practice Optimization (LPO) guidelines. Some of the features that are useful in a law office and are provided by the Legal Assistant software data processor programme include but are not hold to an optimized workflow of case management, billing, it has client management and time management, it customizes documents to fit an individuals style, the software automatically generates letters and distributes them through either soft or hard copy, it also has several modules for the different legal practice areas. The best feature of all for those with limited office time is that it is compatible with other Microsoft Office features and hence no need to keep on migrating to look for those features. It is as effective as a paralegal (http//www.thelegalassistant.com/).Since this software program is developed by Attorneys, it is cost friendly for t hose who want to purchase. For the legal firms which are just starting or have limited cash flow, the software can be rented at low monthly charges of around $75. This software does not require to be installed in each computer in the office. It can be installed in one and then networking of the other PCs enable the access and usage of the software to the other individuals in the office. This is a pull in no other software program has and is also cost effective to the legal firms (Cornick,

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