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Telefonica de Espana. Does your analysis slip by to the same conclusions as Telefonicas autobuss? The text explains bone as an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Strengths Telefonica is a monopoly at this succession because it is state own and this is a study strength for them. The concomitant that Spains finishing and language is corresponding to the food foodstuff in southeast the States is a major(ip)(ip) advantage as well.Weaknesses According to the textbook the prices associated with Telefonicas aid was high. Competitors were looking to knead this by religious offering cheaper service with best(p) technology. Companies who could lower their clams margin atomic number 18 a major concern for Telefonica. Opportunities The deregulating of telecommunications in South America (with the ethnic similarities as I mentioned before) seemed to be the finished opportunity to go far this commercialise and be successful.Threats Due to the som e complaints from their customers Telefonica faces many threats from competitors in this new market. There is a chance that they may non get in this market if they do not provide meliorate service and technology. 2. How would you characterize the corporate dodging adopted by Telefonica? 3. Minority investors in Telefonicas South American subsidiaries are stressed with the conjure up corporation. guess you are a senior manager at the parent corporation.How would you handle the hassle with the minority investors? What would you press to the CEO should be done astir(predicate) the minority investors? 4. The Latin American telecommunications market is growing such(prenominal) faster (12. 6 share in 2007) than that of Spain or Europe, both of which grew at a 4. 9 percent rate in 2007. Should Telefonica have continue to focus on the Latin American market, rather than hit O2 and Cseky? What about its leveraging of a minority position in China Netcom?

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