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Crime is Predominantly an Intra-Racial Event Essay

Introduction: Society has this perception that it is other races why crime occurs. Some people blame these crimes on black-on-black crimes, or Hispanics-on-Hispanics crimes. Being that crime seems to be predominantly an intra-racial event involving victims and offenders of the same race; will this type of destruction ever come to an end? While interviewing two of my co-workers while we were on break in between our runs, it was very interesting to learn of their intakes on this particular topic. The first co-worker I talked to is Hispanic. His name is Steven. Steven agrees that crime in a way is predominantly an intra-racial event, involving victims and offenders of the same race. Steven relates Hispanic-on-Hispanic intra-racial crime because of economic gaps in society. Steven feels that Hispanics are always given such a hard time when it comes to getting jobs. Hispanics are always first asked if they have a green card and can they legally work here in the United States. Steven says this comes from his own experience in trying to get a job as a mechanic. He felt very offended because of the stereotypes that society put on people of his origin. Steven says that he may be Hispanic but he was born and raised here in the United States. His parents were in the military, where they were stationed in San Antonio, Texas. His parents are from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Steven feels that this intra-racial crime comes from Hispanics having a lack of work and education to support their families. Steven has witnessed his own people killing one another over fearing being deported back to their country. Hispanics cross the border so that they can raise their families in a better environment with better opportunities. The second co-worker I talked to is African-American. His name is Chuck.  Chuck’s outlook on intra-racial crime is very similar to Steven’s outlook. Chuck feels that intra-racial crimes are a choice. Chuck grew up watching black-on black crimes like gangs killing other gangs because of crossing into their territory. Chuck says that society plays a big part in why blacks act the way that they do. He believes that society puts out negative stereotypes about blacks and people run with it. Chuck says black-on-black crime comes from a number of things like kids killing kids with illegal guns found in their houses, drug deals gone bad, young black men fighting in the clubs over females or fighting in the streets over a senseless argument. Crime Is Predominantly an Intra-Racial Event 2 Both Steven and Chuck agree that no matter what the situation may be, these unfortunate intra-racial crimes should not even occur. They both feel that people need to get a better education and obtain some type of work skill which is positive. Conclusion Intra-racial crimes leave families in disarray. Black-on-black crimes can be avoided if they are yes, re-educated and taught a trade to learn a meaningful skill. These crimes can be cut down tremendously and the African-American race can begin rebuilding. Hispanic-on-Hispanic crimes could also be cut in half if those who are here in the United States legally or who have their green cards, could go to school and get and education and earn a degree to help better them. Hispanics could also go to a trading school and get the skills that they need to find decent work. This way, Hispanics do not have to be paid under the table and they can earn a decent paycheck to help in supporting their families. The victims in these intra-racial crimes are the ones who have been hurt and families destroyed. The offenders in these intra-racial crimes just make excuses why they did as they feel that they had to do. Many offenders have no remorse for their actions and to them, it is everyone else’s fault but their own.

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