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Electoral college Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Electoral college - Coursework Example The government of the United States is comprised of three branches. The separation of power is provided by the constitution. The three branches are executive, judiciary and the legislature (Campbell, 2004). The executive is comprised on the President, Vice President and the Departments. The body makes up the most superior governmental position. In addition, the branch implements the laws created and stated in the constitution. The legislature is comprised of the House and the Senate. The two bodies are less superior to the executive. However, there are responsible for the creation of laws. Additionally, the two bodies act as supervisors to the functions of the executive (Campbell, 2004). They analyze the effectiveness at which the executive implements the provision of the constitution. The judiciary contains the court system and the Supreme Court. The branch is provided with the responsibility of interpreting the provision of the constitution. The branch also oversees the function of the executive and the legislature as provided by the constitution. The separation of power allows for the effective operation and completion of duties by the three branches. In addition, the separation of power allows for the measurement of the effectiveness of the three branches. Regardless of separation of power, there is the need to create a mechanism that would enable the control and restriction of excessive dominance by one body. Specifically, the dominance of one branch of government should not be allowed. In most cases, the executive may implement policies that depict dictatorship. To avoid such occurrences, the constitution provides for checks and balances (Kilman & Costello, 2000). The provisions are aimed at increasing the ability of each body of the government to effectively carry out its functions. In addition, checks and balances minimize the occurrence of one body having greater power and

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