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A Study in to the Behavioural Aspects of Budgetary Control Process in Dissertation

A Study in to the Behavioural Aspects of Budgetary go steady Process in a Manufacturing Organisation - Dissertation ExampleThe paper tells when the individuals and their behaviour pose started more and more affecting the budgetary control process, there are circumstances in which the changing budgetary control and performance expectations affect the employee behaviours. However it so happens that mevery brasss adopt somewhat a mechanistic arise to the budgetary control process without the requisite consideration of the behavioural aspects of the human beings involved in the all process. Hopewood argues, Ultimately all forms of control must be expressed through the actions of individuals. It is often forgotten that the goals and objectives of the organisation have to be accomplished with the help and support of the human beings associated with the organisation concerned. Therefore it becomes vitally historic that the effect of individual behaviour on budget and the effect of b udgets on the individuals course of action have to be carefully perceived to attain the objectives of the organisation without much pressure on employees and executives at any level of the organisation. The pressure on individuals that is being exerted by the budgetary process for meeting the performance standards has to be limited in its extent. Otherwise such pressure itself will become detrimental in maximise the contribution by the individual employees. Similarly the norms and standards of performance should be so fixed that the employees should be subject to attain them with more efforts. Any unattainable standards fixed by the budgetary process will take in only to frustration among the employees.

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