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Evaluation of the Queens Head Hotel Strategy Essay

Evaluation of the Queens Head Hotel Strategy - Essay modellingFuture recommendations for food and beverage operation will be provided and then advice Cullum about converting the other hotel eaterys in the group to a Giuseppes using the situation analysis as well as pedantic references to support the findings.Queen Head generates high re locale from providing food and beverage services to their customers. Ofallon and Rutherford (2011) remark that food and beverage is a term that is used in the hospitality industry to describe items in banquets and outside catering services. The department of food and beverage consists of kitchens, internal and impertinent catering, eating houses, room service, and internal and external banqueting. The hotel requires a huge quantity of various staff members to cater to the needs and services of the customers outside and inner(a) the hotel in order to facilitate the smooth running of the business.Developing a positive image on Facebook and other s ocial media activities strengthens the food and beverage operations, as they are able to target many customers curiously the middle-aged who frequently need to meet friends and hang out in the best restaurants.Giles-Gash family who operates about ten-spot ventures in Southwestern part of England own Queens Head hotel. The hotel has a 50-cover restaurant, 50 bedrooms, a unemployed complex, and a bar. Cullum is the younger son of the Giles-Gash who joined the business after completing his hospitality degree. Strianese et al. (2012) noted that the hotel provides a spectacular setting with its 16th Century fireplaces and bespoke chandeliers. They have a live performance venue where their customers can dance all night during the DJ nights. Cullum made a lot of money after taking over Giuseppes businesses as lots of profits were made during the first few months when the restaurant was new and it developed loyal customers during that period hence hope for more productivity.Hill et al. ( 2010) defined the trade position as the number of securities borrowed or owned by dealers or individuals. Queens Heads mainly deals with the hotel and restaurant business where they provide different traditional British cuisines to their customers and hold various events such as weddings and funeral teas.

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