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Case study in space flight class Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

In space flight class - Case get ExampleAccording to P.T. Crutzen, humans today argon in a new geologic epoch, Anthropocene, where they are significant and intelligent, possessing the power of reshaping the planets face (Board 2007). shoes plays a major role in seeking to understand the behavior of the earth and the objects in it. The existent phenomena on the face of the earth guide to understanding the world we live. Features such(prenominal) as the sun, stars, and the moon raised the attention of scientists to investigate Space. Prior the substructure of the concept of space in the science world, astronomy played a great role in seeking to understand the ongoing outside earth. The desire to explore Space resulted from the worry of occurrence of sundry(a) catastrophes. Human beings believed that they could alter these happenings and save life and property from damage. In this way, they could also be in a better position in regards to understanding the incidence and existence of phenomena.In regards to Earth Science, Space would inspection and repair scientists improve their efficiency in predicting calamities, such as volcanic eruptions, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, among others. It could help them gain much know conductge, and alter them predict these calamities. Space applies to various fields, as depicted, and its understanding can help eliminate the existent uncertainty among human beings in regards to the world. Formation of physical features was also a vital forecast in the applications of Space. These factors led to the development of an interest to explore space. It would consequently be of many benefits in the future (some of which we enjoy today) (Board 2007).Space has a variety of applications in Earth Science today. The world has been able to tackle some of the more or less hazardous issues, resulting from the endless concern and involvement in space exploration. Space science helps forecast calamities such as earthquakes, eclipses, floo ds before their occurrence. In this way,

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