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Why Has Apple become increasing popular Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Why Has Apple flex increasing popular - Essay ExampleThe company started as a computer company with the trounce known hardware being the Mac computers, the iPhone, iPod music player and the iPad tablet computer. All of the companys hardware operates on consumer software known as the iOS operating system and for comparison purposes it chamberpot be likened to Microsofts operating system called Windows. The company has gone through a dynamic metamorphosis from a computer company to a consumer electronics company since its founding days in 1976 to present. The incorporations agreeable innovation and inventions I the information technology fabrication has seen it steadily rise to become one of the leaders in the securities industry. This can be attributed to a myriad of factors that have been strategically combined the founders of the company to drive on the transition of the company from just a mere computer company to a giant in the industry. This paper seeks to discuss the fact ors behind Apple Inc.s increasing popularity in the global consumer electronics market.... The advent of the net and rapid advancement in information technology (IT) resulted in globalization and the propagation of mobile parley devices (West, Joel & Mace 2). Steve Jobs was the co-founder and owner of Apple Computers Inc. and his accredited with turning the companys fortunes around when he designed, develop and introduced the iPhone into the companys products portfolio. The company changed its name to Apple Inc. an indication that it was breaking away from tradition and venturing into the consumer electronics industry. The consumer electronics industry is characterized by electronic equipment meant for everyday use in office productivity, entertainment and communication (Gross 3). This can be lauded as Apple Inc.s turning point to profitability after its slump pre-consumer electronics era. This led to the maturation of Apples market share into a global phenomenon changing its pr evious market recess of the US only. The companys venture into the consumer electronics market with the iPhone, iPod and iPad revolutionized the mobile device communication and technology (Bostic 1). The conclave of the introduction of new consumer electronic products and consistent innovation of mobile phones, personal computers and portable music players can be attributed to Apples rise in the industry. Apple Inc. operates in a technology intensifier market that is characterized by cutthroat competition and a constantly changing environment in legal injury of product relevance and market dynamics. Technology is at the core of Apples contemporary market that ranges from commonplace consumer products which is the main focus of its niche market to esoteric products. Apples Steve

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