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The effect of terrorism since September 11,2001 to the present day on Term Paper

The effect of fearism since September 11,2001 to the present day on the cordial reception industry - Term Paper ExampleThe cordial reception industry felt the impacts more than any new(prenominal) sector or industry in the country. The attacks posed long-term repercussions that continue to reflect in hospitality industry. This essay will give scrutiny on the effects felt in the law, economic and tourism sectors.Tourism activities are reported to have decreased majorly owing to the fact that many passengers reduced travels to the the States. This is because when tourists tittle-tattle the country they rely on the hotels and restaurant for accommodation, food and general upkeep. The image of the nation having been damaged by terrorist attacks caused visitors to fear for their security at the hotels since they are aware they are being targeted by the terrorists. For instance, cities like the USA as well as New York suffered10-27 % decline in revenue with regards to hotel room occup ancy (Lin, 7). This was deepen by media-led concerns about the terrorist attack that was heard all over and received worldwide attention reservation governments of other nations to givetravel advisory to their citizens. The tourism sector has been damaged by terrorism since even hotels situate at the airports faced economic recession by 20% for fear of terror attacks (Lin, 7). Moreover, the hotel industry has suffered deeply and mischievously from the 9/11 attack. Owing to the fact that hotels are usually one of the main targets of terrorists, this has resulted to decrease in hotel occupancy and average daily rate.Therefore, the hotel industry as pertaining to restaurants, lodging facilities, and guest houses experienced more ban effects as the bookings have greatly reduced (Prideaux 117). This is because the visitors avoid residing in the hotels in fear of terror attacks and hence they prefer remaining at their homes because they fear about their own security and safety. This ha s caused a pregnant negative impact on the countrys economy due to reduced revenues from guests room facilities. Terrorists

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