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Contextual Analysis of Rodney Graham's Halcion Sleep Term Paper

Contextual Analysis of Rodney Grahams triazolam Sleep - Term Paper ExampleThe contraceptive pill has been presented as the leap from the societal wardrobes that an individual takes to escape the pressures of hostelry, which is certainly inappropriate for him. In the film Halcion Sleep, Rodney Graham has been filmed on the backseat of a car in the state of unconscious due to the pane of drug. The whole film is a sequence of Grahams journey in an unconscious or sub-conscious state from the room of the motel, where he has consumed the drug, to his apartment in the center of Vancouver city. In the film, the city lights and life of Vancouver is creation focused through the rear windshield of the car. The total length of the film is twenty six proceeding in which the journey of sleeping Graham has been presented however, the production of the film is contained with deeper interpretations which will be explicated in the hobby paper (Graham 001-2621). Halcion Sleep is metaphoric repres entation of the average human individuals who bears significant and painful societal pressures to survive in the federation. ... Although these problems be diverse and multilateral in nature, but it can be categorized in multiple dimensions from which the pressure on individuals builds up. The most significant and grave problems, which develop pressure in individuals are social problems which are further correlated with political problems (Sterba 103-114). The political structure of a society determines the quality of life, economic conditions and stability and individuals status and roles in a society. These determinations are necessarily coupled with several responsibilities for each individual to survive in the society. In the traditional or modern, that is capitalist system, systems, every individual cannot be pertained to be considered on similar grounds. These grounds are existence measured in terms of social economic status of individuals. As this dissimilarity among the individuals of society is developed, the society becomes divided into formes in which individuals belonging to lower or middle classes are pertained to struggle more than the higher(prenominal) economic class. These struggles are largely focused on the acquisition of better economic status by which there social status can be raised (Sterba 120-126). These striving life of individuals make them mentally fatigued and pressurized due to the political and social structure of the society. It is the class difference, which inevitably creates the divide in individuals of the society. It is because of the class difference, there is status divide and with this discrimination, individuals are brought to mental and physical pressures. Lifes struggle which is real futile in a sense has to be made by each member of the society, because the society sets a tradition that every man is part of this competition. Consequentially the

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