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Evidence-based Practice Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Evidence-based Practice - Assignment ExampleThis seek will begin with the statement that PICOT refers to a formula that is designed to answer focused clinical questions concerning a given target population or a fundamental issue for nurse look. PICOT was developed to evoke the efforts of establishing an evidence-based practice in nursing. PICOT calls for continued research to improve the body of knowledge and base the current nursing practice on sound scientific research. PICOT will help to maintain the status of nursing as a professional and autonomous career. PICOT is an acronym that is used by clinicians when carrying out clinical research. This method of evidence-based clinical research promotes understanding among the researchers. The letter p stands for the study population. The letter I refers to the clinical intervention and its variables. The letter C is the comparison with a placebo while O refers to the outcome of the process after a particular intervention. The letter T refers to the time taken for an outcome of a nursing intervention can achieve an objective. In a patient with an abscess that has been recurring for six months, does prophylactic antibiotic treatment, compared to no treatment, reduce the rate of takings?The PICO (T) elements areP = Patients with recurrent abscessI = Prophylactic antibiotic treatmentC = No antibiotic treatmentO = Decline in the high rate of recurrence of the abscessT = Six months

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