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What are NGOs How do they help and hinder development Essay

What are NGOs How do they help and hinder development - Essay Examplerity organizations, and while their neighborly aims may have political undertones, or political support, they are non created or run for political purposes (Ahmed & Potter, 2006)NGOs stooge be aimed towards a very diverse array of aims, ranging from environmental benefits, social benefits, poerty alleviations, cognisance campaigns, health benefits, or educational reform. They can be very large, ranging across cities or countries, or they can be small, run by and consisting of only a handful of people. For example, in his book Three Cups of Tea, indite and NGO worker Greg Mortenson describes his efforts at working in areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan, aiming to alleviate poverty and in particular centre on educating young girls. The benefit of NGOs is that they are very easy to set up and do not require government grants or tedious official proceedings in order to set up. Mortenson, who was ab initio a nurse a nd mountain-climber before directing his efforts towards social benefits, managed to educate over sixty thousand children, pop of which more than 50,000 were girls, a remark open feat in a place where women are rarely allowed to get by their houses, much less acquire education (Mortenson, 2007).As a result, one can conclude that NGOs maximize developmental efforts for two reasons. Governments tend to focus on geographically significant areas, that is, either areas that are importantly underdeveloped, or areas that are significantly developed. NGOs, being more personal in nature, can focus over a wider array of areas and subjects, which the government might not otherwise be able to focus on, owe either to a lack of resources or distribution of priorities. Secondly, they can be set up on any scale, and provide help on any level, be it small or big. Because it is the vision of common, utilize individuals, not obligated by their jobs or other responsibilities, yet choosing to do so a nyway, they are able to focus in a more converged environment and seek out greater

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