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International Relations (The Caspian Sea Dispute) Essay

International Relations (The Caspian Sea Dispute) - Essay ExampleThe amuse encompassing oil extraction in Caspian percentage are commonly existent in several(prenominal) countries of the world in view of its signifi nookiece to each(prenominal) individual countrys benefit. For instance, the Caspian states regard the extraction of oil as a bonanza of future riches, potency and control. However, Caspian states are not the only ones to conceive these purviews, beside these interests are too cherished by the giant global oil companies such as BP, Amoco and Exxon etc with a view to boosting profitability. Besides, countries give care United States, Russia, China, Iran and Turkey. All guided by the objective to gain maximum possible geopolitical advantages come to the fore of the regions oil exploration and exploitation.Hence, this paper sharpens the significance of this region for several interested parties and also explores the arousing international aim conflicts concerning the geographic expedition and utilization of Caspian Seas abounding oil resources.The internal and external politics in the Caspian region have led to the enormously growing contention among several countries. The internal importance of oil reserves in the region arises in Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, where the oil is expected to free the countries from the claws of poverty, stinting backwardness and Russian influence. The opposite country having substantial concerns for the region is Russia, which regards the exploration of oil in the region to be severely yoked with Russian internal security matters. Finally the Caspian region is of international interest because of the regions potential to have ample reserves of unexplored oil, which can shape the fortune of several countries connected with it. As Frank Viviano (1998, pA1) propounds, The oil boom in the Caspian water parting promises to alter everything in its path- to erect a new El Dorado in desert wasted, fuel the economies of US and Europe, and re-order the global economy. It will also imperil thousands of years of tradition, setting its defenders against the tide of a glittering provided deeply uncertain future. The foremost problem with the Caspian Seas oil resources is that these reserves are not distributed equally crosswise the sea, which has inseminated conflicts among the countries bordering it on the issue of maximum access to amplest oil. The major dispute held by the countries bordering the Caspian Sea i.e., Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Iran is the application of international law for the usage of Caspian resources, arguing on the treatment of Caspian as sea or lake. Brice Clagett (1998, p4) illustrate that if the Caspian is to be handled as sea, the eminent beneficiaries would be Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, as the resources of the sea would then be utilized by each country to the extent of a qualify zone off the seashore under the international law. two Russia and Iran, who had been historically sharing the Caspian Sea reserves, do not contain sufficient oil resources within their specified limits off the seashore. Therefore, they prefer the Caspian to be treated as a lake, enabling the countries to equally share the resources downstairs the sea. Besides Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and other Caspian States, the most evident interest in Caspian Sea reserves is that of the Russian. Ozden Oktav (2005, p21) illuminates that Russia has many economic and

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