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Case study on the Hoover Dam :: essays research papers fc

Before vacuum block afterwardBy- Balaji.T.K, CE02B011CONTENTSNoDescriptionPage no1. vacuum close up an door12.Requirements constitute by structural design23.Requirements posed by other details64.Type of top of the inning75.Guidelines for Mix design96.Fabrication and Installation107.Formwork118.Cooling of concrete129.Temperature control of Mass concrete1210.Quality Assurance1311.Bibliography14Hoover Dam- an IntroductionIt still stands tall as an engineering marvel high higher up the Colorado River between Arizona and Nevada. Hoover Dam attracts over 7 billion visitors from around the new world every year feed vast tourism into the Las Vegas Nevada and Arizona economy.The building of Hoover Dam took the sizeableness of over 200 engineers to pull-off what many deemed as almost impossible. And it was the resolution of over 7,000 dam workers that endured amazingly harsh conditions and extreme dangers to complete Hoover Dam almost two years ahead of scheduleThe relegation of t he Dam 1.Flooding along the Colorado River as it made its mien to the Gulf of California had to be controlled. 2.The water-flow had to be harnessed to provide lots needed water to the fertile, yet arid agricultural areas of California and Arizona. 3.hydroelectric energy was to satisfy the requirements of millions and millions of people in adjacent regions.Some Statistics well-nigh the dimensions of the damHoover Dam is 726 feet tall and 1,244 feet long. At its base, Hoover Dam is 660 feet thick which is 60 feet longer than two football fields dictated end-to-end. Combined with its top thickness of 45 feet, there is enough concrete (4.5 million cubic yards) in Hoover Dam to build a two-lane highway from Seattle Washington to Miami Florida. Or imagine a four-foot full(a) sidewalk around Earth at its equator.A scenic spin-off of Hoover Dam is the gigantic reservoir of Lake Mead, a stunningly handsome water recreation wonderland. This boating, sailing, fishing and house-boating par adise attracts over 10 million visitors a year. Lake Mead covers 550 miles of majestic shoreline and 247 square miles of area which is twice the size of Rhode Island. Its efficacy of 1 1/4 trillion cubic feet of water would cover the entire state of Pennsylvania one foot deep.Requirements for concrete posed by Structural designThe Hoover Dam is an arch dam. stiff dams transmit most of the horizontal thrust of the water stored behind them to the abutments by arch action and hence thinner cross sections are fitting (compared to the massive cross-sections of the gravity dams). Narrow V-shaped trampyons(just like the Black canyon where the Hoover dam was constructed) will be suited for locating arch dams since they can withstand the thrust produced by the arch section.

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