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Georgia State Troopers

The tabun verbalise patrol state trooper is considered to be the premier uniformed law enforcement job in the defer of gallium. It should be noted that although the Georgia domain Patrol is small, this state law enforcement giving medication is considered to be highly professional. Comp bed to most former(a) states nationally the State cavalrymans are the lowest paid? Unfortunately this impacts retention, but moreover morale. Most cavalryman Cadets are more status conscious than money conscious. The State of Georgia is experiencing one the nations highest unemployment rates.The State is virtually in a hiring freeze. Although the part of unexclusive Safety has made numerous request for additional State Troopers the state legislature has delayed the passage of a 2 percent pay increase for all state employees, including the Department of habitual Safety. The state legislature has further denied the Department of Public Safetys requests for two hundred additional Trooper Ca dets the State of Georgia is strapped for property as tax revenues make believe decreased significantly in fresh years.Even Colleges and Universities have consolidated their administrative functions. Two or three Universities at bottom a hundred miles of one another will share admissions, fipple flute and finance operations. Perhaps on a cursory examination by either a trained professional or a spartan criminal justice student, the Georgia Department of Public Safety constitution hierarchy can provide a pedantic explanation well-nigh the significant recruiting and retention problem areas.The State of Georgia comingles resources and over relies on the Merit System for recruiting and hiring state employees. Every State Department has a Commissioner. For example the Department of Public Safety in the State of Georgia Commissioner is Colonel MarkW. McDonough. Commissoner Col. Mark W. McDonough is a political appointment as is Georgia State Patrols variance Heads and Deputy Divis ion Commissioner. Other examples include Departments of Juvenile Justice and Department of Corrections that have the same organisational profiles.Department and or Divisions have Deputy Commissioners. These higher levels of administrative personnel positions secured through appointments, not elected or necessarily chastity based The most interesting employment capacity is Captain Ronnie Rhodes, the idea of the Capitol Police. Within the Department of Public Safety the organizational flow graph on page four suggests Captain Rhodes is in field operations and serves and protects the legislature and Governor, the Lt. Governor, and visiting dignitaries.They also direct traffic near and roughly government buildings. Regardless, many of these State Troopers are assigned in the capitol area, and altogether in Atlanta, Georgia. Navigating the Departments Web Site and examining outdated textbooks suggested an organizational structure woefully lacking in critical understanding for the non chalant observer. Further investigation into the organization hierarchy revealed that Field Operations, Major Ed Grier possesses the supervisory responsibility.Within his purview and field of operations are the State Troopers and Trooper Cadets, they number approximately eleven hundred men and women law enforcement officials. A majority, of eight hundred, and fifty officers patrol the counties, State, and federal roadways. Most female troopers put up and work in municipalities that have a labor Vehicle Division. clerical and administrative tasks include license issuance, renewals, and Administrative license renewal hearings for private road under the influence suspects.State of Georgia State of Georgia Department of Public Safety Department of Public Safety organisational Chart Organizational Chart ( Georgia State Patrol ) ( Georgia State Patrol )Commissioner Col. Mark McDonnough Special Investigations Angie Holt Legal Services Melissa Rogers Deputy Commissioner Lt. Col. Russ ell Powell zephyr Billy Smith Comptroller Peter Adams Field Ops Maj Ed Grier Motor Ops Lt Gene DavisCapitol Police Lt Ron RhodesHeadquarters Maj Hank FieldHuman Resource Lisa Maier A crucial section of the Department of Public Safety is Human Resources. Lisa Maier is the Supervising individual that reviews applicants who apply via State of Georgia Merit Systems.The State of Georgia funnels from the pool of applicants specifying in their respective(prenominal) generic State form the State Trooper or Trooper Cadet Job position. The Trooper candidate must pass a Georgia Merit System written examination before Lisa Maier reviews the application. The State of Georgia does not have an Assessment/Training Center, consequently other than thorough background and credit history, polygraph examinations, and psychological examinations may be undertake to an outside agency. These assessments are not required.

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