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The Sins of the Father Essay example -- essays papers

The Sins of the FatherWhat happens to children severely traumatized or neglected during the first years of life? This is an infinite topic, so the focus of this geographic expedition ordain be limited to three personality illnesss. The symptoms of these personality disorders argon diagnosed in adulthood, but their roots lie in the first 4 years of life. Eriksons growth stages of trust vs. mistrust and autonomy vs. self-doubt will form the foundation for understanding. When a child is exposed to abusive, pathological p arenting during these developing stages the result is often a personality disorder. Personality disorders are durable patterns of perception, which are maladaptive and cause signifi brush asidet functional impairment and/or subjective distress according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of psychogenic Disorders, edition 4. These disorders affect approximately 3% of our population and the number is in all probability significantly higher, except that m al l go undiagnosed. These people often endorse extraordinarily throughout an entire lifetime and cause a bully deal of suffering to those who love and interact with them. It is my intent to provide a general understanding of the people afflicted with these disorders. But more importantly, the causes that wreak place during infancy so that possibly some day the diseases can be eradicated. I will begin with the infant who is unable to be successfully fed and soothed at birth. sisters have very minimal unavoidably but each need is crucial. The failure to meet any of these ineluctably causes significant difficulty in adulthood. Infants are completely helpless a tiny baby is unable to think for itself. Almost all feelings are intense and require adult intervention to help the infant wangle the intensity. Lastly, the infant has absolutely no physical ability to do anything for itself including any mobility. Take a moment to try and imagine total helplessness and dependency on another for everything, hunger, comfort, warmth, communication and even the ability to still oneself. An infant is born in a symbiotic state in which it is unable to differentiate between itself and the primary care giver. This is the foundation of trust. The phencyclidine must anticipate the needs of the infant and be able to fork over non-verbal clues, since the infant has no verbal communication skills. When a primary phencyclidine hydrochloride is unable to sense when ... ...Burge Dorli Hammen Constance Borderline personality disorders Symptoms of disfunction in recent women Journal of abnormal psychology august 2000 volume 109 number 3Firstman, Richard, and Talan, Jamie, The Death of the Innocents, procure 1997,Bantam Books, New York, N.Y.Gabbard Glen O. MD, Psychodynamic psychiatry, copyright 2000 American Psyciatric jam P.385-491Gunderson, John G., Borderline, copyright 1984, R.R. Donnelly and Sons, United States of America.Kohut, Heinz, The Search for Self, volumes 3 , 4, copyright 1991, International Universities Press, New York, N.Y.Roberts Donald D. Phd, Psychodynamic Psychology, Shorter term treatment of the borderline personality disorder A developmental self-and object relations winter 2000 Volume 17 number 1Scholte Everit M. Contemporary Psychology savage spawn Reflections on violent children Dec 2000 Volume 95 number 6Spitzer, Robert L., M.D., check at work group revision, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of noetic Disorders, III R, copyright 1987, American Psychiatric Association, USA.Stern, Daniel, The Interpersonal World of the Infant, copyright 1985, Basic Book, United States of America.

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