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Jealousy and Self-Love in My Last Duchess by Robert Browning Essay

Robert Brownings spectacular poem My Last Duchess defines how extremely a person may lose touch with reality, as a result of jealousy and self-love. This central fantasy is achieved through an aristocrats conversation with a visitor concerning a painting of his ex-wife indoors the conversation, the aristocrat--Alfonso II, Duke of Ferrara--reveals that he has been a key figure in the murder of his new-fashioned wife. The Dukes sense of reality and his misuse of power stand as alpha facets within the fabrication of the central idea.The Duke almost seems to be encouraging the proofreader to focus on the fact that his sense of reality is defective. He begins press this notion to the reader within the early stages of the poem, while talking to the visitor about a portrait of his murdered wife I cancel that piece a wonder now Fra Pandolfs hands worked busily a day, and there she stands(Browning 695-696). Upon reading this so early in the Dukes conversation, the reader is taken ba ck how could an individual be more interested in the smell of work in a piece of art than his dead...

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