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Delegation Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Delegation - Research Paper Example Proven through the example of three rural hospitals that are administrated through one person, effective delegation is essential in creating a strong organization. As well, innovative techniques can provide models from which an administrator can develop a good organization. This literature review will synthesis the information provided by five resources in order to demonstrate why delegation is vital to the health care industry. Creating solid leadership means leading the employees, rather than doing all and then becoming stressed and incapable of creating a meaningful sense of task and goal orientation. Through looking at five pieces of relevant literature, a sense of the importance of delegation in this goal can be observed. This review will expose the way that confidence and trust are key to successful team building. In creating teams that are able to perform tasks that can be delegated and distributed, an organization can build a solid foundation for successful operation. way they think it should be done, rather than utilize the skills of an employee who may not do the task the way the managers things it should be done. According to Nefer (Dec. 2008), one of the biggest mistakes a manager will make is to not delegate authority and take on too much work, thus lowering the efficiency of the department (p. 19). The manager or supervisor must remember that part of their job is to make sure that employees are delegated a sufficient number of tasks in order to create a well run department. In order to look at the way in which a manager or supervisor approaches delegation, several questions must be asked in regards to the way in which the work is being distributed. Nefer (Dec. 2008), asks the manager to examine their own performance and decide if they are delegation-phobic. The delegation phobic manager will exhibit a

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