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Project program Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Project program - Assignment Example The mortgage company offers a 2 year fixed mortgage, low rate variable and performance plus mortgagee designs. My Mortgage Freedom online mortgage application makes the company’s covers versatile and convenient for most people. All the same, the main challenge of the business is to attract customers to its portfolio. Online Customer Segment One way to attract more customers to My Mortgage Online shops is by maximizing the search engine visibility of the company. People in most cases will make a first stop in search engines when looking for any product or service. Search engine ensure the marketer is at the right place and at the right time. It will be important for the company’s SEO strategist to use specialized tools such as the Google’s Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics in monitoring the baseline metrics, and understanding the SEO health in the company’s website. Such a detailed analysis will showcase areas that need more attention (Brightpearl, 3). T he strategist has to start analyzing the following key metrics once per month to indicate the success of this approach: Sales generated by the search marketing, the number of visits to the page, and the number of new visitors recorded, the number of new visitors converting to paying visitors, the cost per click on all paid search adverts, and the best sources that most traffic is coming from (Bright pearl, 3). In addition, the strategist has to review the keywords used, and how these keywords will match landing on any paid search or SEO strategy. The use of good keywords would be ideal in accessing the competition, and search volume. The Google analytics tool may be used to access the search dynamics, and the keyword-to –search term relationship (Brightpearl, 4). Carrying out detailed A/B testing of the used Keywords and any used text is important in optimizing the paid search pay per click (PPC) campaigns. In the process of building intelligence around the used keyword, land ing on page relevance and search terms, the conversation rates and quality score go up while significantly reducing the CCP, which will save the business significant amount of costs. In addition, there are more platforms available at much reduced rates, or at no cost, though such free platforms may not be solely enough for attracting customers (Pozin, 2012). Strategic company branding will increase customer’s attention towards My Mortgage Online. Currently, there are a good number of such Mortgage companies online competing for customers. To overcome its competitors, the company needs critical rebranding in its website to make the webpage unforgettable. Rebranding may involve embedding real estate video clips or pictures in their websites, or any other photos that may show how people have benefited from their mortgage plans. As reflected in the My Mortgage Freedom Company, the domain name used reflects the name of the company, which makes it unique and easy for the customers to sport online. In addition, the website has to be professional and integrate their web page to social media. Integrating My Mortgage Freedom with social media such as Facebook will attract attention of social media users who will click the leads to the company’s website. This is a versatile way of increasing traffic to the company’s website (Prozin, 2012). The company has then to ensure mechanisms through which customers getting to the website from

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