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World Religions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

World Religions - Essay Example Usually, he owes no official obligation within the society to any group for the position he held. He is actually considered an equivalent among equals and continuously attempts to disseminate any power or authority that can be treated as an outcome of his abilities. This status diverges stridently from the status of priest, who develops power from his office in a recognized religious organization. The powers of shaman are immediate and personal. He directly tackles spirits which is of equal importance to him and his society. The expectations of acquiring prompt response for individual or group needs. On the other hand, the formal religion’s priest is typically concerned with group event’s conduct in which, all the way through ritual practice, a contributing public was brought into contact by him with holy forces which are supposed to seize universal authority. Furthermore, it is quite common in the religious ceremonies, that the priest directly encounters supernatural o r to anticipate instant consequences from them. As an alternative he acts as a mediator for the group which is participating with more remote religion whose holy power exceeds the elite significance of local communities. From religious studies, it is quite clear that in observance organized religions and shamanism are not equally exclusive. Role of Nature in Indigenous Religions The phrase â€Å"indigenous religions† used to refer people who are living in pre-contemporary form of continuation, several indigenous groups survived by selectively accepting modern technologies to safeguard their lands as well as ensuring their culture’s survival and adaptation. Looking at the above, this term refers to an idea that the religious and social lives of given inhabitants are deep-rooted in to a specified place. It can be seen clearly that there is no difference between the concerns of hunter-gatherers and today’s people. Everyone is fully aware of the fact that religion i s an essential part of evolutionary path for human. The practices of indigenous religions are now incorporated into some new religions appearing all over the globe (Fisher, 33-37). Earlier, Onondagas developed their very own food system so that they can survive. The Haudenosaunee were gathers as well as hunters. Beans, corns and squash were the basic food and were referred as three sisters by both Haudenosaunee and Onondaga. These were nature’s first three foods. Corn was used to dry and was added in soup, it was grounded so that flour can be made out of it which can help in making bread. This food was considered as the most essential and important food from the nature. People used to sing and dance while eating these special foods (Venables). For summer and spring the Onondagas consider that nature provide them fishes in plentiful streams. However, the thank nature for allowing them ti hunt rabbit, turkey and deer during winter and fall. They keep themselves warm during wint er by having the ample amount of meat gifted from nature. The hunters in return share their prey with rest of the community members. Strawberries are also considered as a gift from Mother Nature (Venables). Just like hunters, gatherers are also trained to catch only the things required. One should pay more attention to all this and consider it as a important message to learn that not all the resources should be depleted, there should be something left for tomorrow, for future, for our next generation. It’s not always wise to avail each and every opportunity utilizing the resources or opportunities carefully is a wise decision. Adolescent Initiation Rites are Common in All Societies There are some main initiation rites of African which are very

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