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UN Resolution on Israel (assigned Country is Nigeria) 1.15 single Essay

UN Resolution on Israel (assigned Country is Nigeria) 1.15 single spacings - Essay Example ons Human Rights Council of 24 January 2008 and of the United Nations  Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs of 25 May 2010, as well as the statements conveyed by the United Nations Special Rapporteurs present in the Gaza Strip, Fully alarmed that the continuation of the present crisis in the relations between the State of Israel and the Palestinian authorities in the Gaza Strip may undermine the peace process and lead to significant challenges to the regional stability, 1. Calls upon the two Parties concerned to exert all efforts necessary to resolve their differences and to make full use of the instruments of pacific settlement of disputes provided for in Chapter VI of the Charter of the United Nations. Such a settlement shall be conducted under the procedural rules the two Parties find the most beneficial to their common interests, and shall be supervised by the special Commission of the Security Council of the United Nations; 2. Condemns the unjustifiable acts of violence committed by the armed forces of the State of Israel and the paramilitary formations of the Palestinian authorities in the Gaza Strip against the civilians residing both in Israel and Palestine and calls for the objective arraignment of all the persons involved in them; (a) Avoid interfering with independent attempts of international non-governmental organizations to provide humanitarian assistance to the civilian population of the Gaza Strip, invite the States concerned to provide security assistance to the participants in such efforts; 4. Recalls an obligation on both Parties to respect the previous Resolutions of the Security Council with regard to maintenance of the peace and stability in the Middle East and appeals to all Parties concerned to exercise the maximum restraint when faced with mutual disagreements; 5. Welcomes the efforts of the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to enable the relaxation of the blockade of the Gaza

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