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Feminism Role in Photography Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Feminism Role in Photography - Essay Example The essay will focus on the roles women play in photography and determine if children sexual photography will ever be ethical. Women are often seen as sexual creatures globally when it comes to some of the roles they play in photography. It is a belief that sex sells, thus the need to portray it more often in attracting male or the opposite sex. Men are chauvinistic on women being behind the camera as it is, and they assume that women are not good at it. The notion has remained since the 20th century, but many women are changing these facts. In the 1950s, female photographers were about 10% in California; this figure, however, increased to about 20% in the 1970s (Warren 2006). Now, female photographers have significantly increased to about 40%. Women, however, have been taking different career roles in photography including final retouchers, print-finishers, camera operators, gallery owners and the most obvious one models (Warren 2006). The major role of women in photography is model ing. They are the people in front of the camera, making poses for the photographer’s needs (Ang 2002). The pictures produced by the photographers are never the real image of the person modeling, and this has often caused many controversies. The images, which portray a thin, tall and flawless woman, are normally not real thus a fairy tale. Edits on the images make women go through many struggles and troubles to lose weight and look flawless including surgeries (Aadland 1996). It is a major problem because of the women, who try to look like their counterparts in magazines, go through all the surgeries to be something that is not real. I recently did a photo shoot with an 11-year old girl who wanted it to be sexy. The poses were controversial and more adult like. My inspiration for the photo session was the shoot of Thylane Blondeau, an 11-year old model who featured in Vogue magazine. The images were deemed seductive, and many people disagreed. Children should be fully clothed when taking photographs like photographs that are commercial. Children should be fully clothed

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