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What Is My Personal Philosophy Of Education Essay

What Is My Personal Philosophy Of Education - Essay Example Students play a vital role in the education process, wherein their responsibility would be to show whether the educational process has been successful or not. The importance of introducing education as a fruitful and enjoyable experience is a challenge that is needed to be overcome by the school, as well as the teachers themselves. If the students were able to have positive experiences with regards to taking their first steps in school, then it is a good thing that happened to them because their instinct of absorbing information has been triggered. However, if these students had the unlikely chance of getting a negative first impression in school, it would stay with them all throughout their lives, and could even affect their attitudes toward education, learning, and life as a whole. In a way, schools become institutions that are able to affect and mold the mindset of the young. Learning institutions as well as the people behind them therefore have the overwhelming task of not just providing education to students in general, but also instilling a set of core values into the young ones, as well as jumpstarting their sense of a continuous se arch for knowledge. Being the representative of the academic institution to students, teachers play a vital role in how students would be responding to the learning process, as well as to education in general.... iding the students with hands-on activities, getting them involved in classroom discussions, as well as giving clear directions and prompt feedback (Martin & Loomis, 2007). By combining the attributes that are exemplified by excellent teaching personality and instructional skills, this makes a teacher effective both in teaching the academic things as well as building character and instilling values among students. Doing so makes the teachers essential components in the effectiveness of the school as an institution that helps in developing the younger generation. Aside from the organization of the school and the traits and characteristics of the teachers, the student also plays a vital role in the education process. While the school could select what and how to teach, it is up to the student on retaining the information that was given (Martin & Loomis, 2007). Students shoulder the responsibility of affirming the effectiveness or lack of it when being taught. At the end of the learning process, the success or failure of this process is dictated by the students’ actions towards education as a whole. For example, in elementary school, students are taught the basics of reading and writing. In order for them to fully understand, the students must also be proactive in retaining what they have learned. They could do this by reviewing the lessons taught for the day, asking teachers for things that they wanted further clarification on, or even trying to answer the study questions found at the end of the chapters of their books. Teachers mostly give examinations in order to assess whether the learning process has been effective or not, and the students have the responsibility of doing their best in examinations, not just to get good grades but also to confirm or disprove the

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