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Romeo And Juliet- Emotions :: essays research papers

Images of Emotions in "Romeo and Juliet" One of William Shakespeare's most famous plays is "Romeo and Juliet." I believe the reason for this is its sense of reality and idealism. This paper will present images of human emotions in "Romeo and Juliet," which make this tragedy so believable. Youth and family play a big role in this tragic story. "Shakespeare delineates the hold of the patriarchal family on its children" (Kahn 18). This statement is true both then and now. Parents and elders will always have a hold on the children, but only to a certain extent. The two "noble" families of the play feel control and protection over both Juliet and Romeo; yet in the end, the only effect they have on the two lovers is that they have pushed them to the drastic measure of self-slaughter. Others say that the relation between the two time periods is in the children's disobeying of and misunderstanding of rules set before them. The youth of society tend to question and then possibly disregard the rules that are important to their parents if they do not have a good reason to believe in these rules. The rebellious actions of youth can eventually cause their own untimely destruction. (Justin K.) Although some feel that way, others say that idea is incorrect because teenagers who have been either purposely forcefully kept out of society tend to fear society rather than their own families (Bradbrook 99). I agree with Kahn, parents do have a certain magnitude of authority over the youth of society, but it will only have a limited effect. Just as the aged people of today eventually gained or were allowed their ability to make their own decisions and others, so must the younger generation be able to do. This opportunity was one never given to Romeo or Juliet they were left in a position of the second type of connection, where their only option was to go against the rules and concepts set before them. Two of the many other emotions used in this piece are prejudice and hate. They are intertwined and effect each other in ways so noticeable to us that we tend to forget that they even exist at times. "From examining 'Romeo and Juliet,' it is evident that the play shows how prejudice leads to escalating violence" (Justin K.). This, to most people, is common knowledge especially in society today, where many actions are based on racism or sexism.

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